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D'SEAN KIRKLAND - NIGHTMARE (directed by Will Thomas)
Not your average love song.

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Chasbo Zelena - $3 Brown Rum Shop (Wallace)

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Phantoms "Broken Halo" (Ace Norton)
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Depeche Mode "A Question of Time" dir. Anton Corbijn 1986

Their first video
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Hibernation Over directed by DulceVisions
Hibernation Over (official music video)canon video: Dezzo still shot
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Dezolini "Give Em MO" directed by Dulcevisions
Dezolini "Give Em Mo" (Official music Video): youtu.beGive mo still
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TIGER X "Strange Fruit" (Official Music Video)
Grammy Award Winning Producer Tiger Roberts, steps from behind the boards and into the spotlight as TIGER X. releasing his debut single "Strange Fruit" from his debut album "By Any Means Necessary" TIGER X. blends Rock, Soul, R&B, Funk, and Blues in a way that is very refreshing, pleasing to the ear and has given him a very unique sound that he like's to call "Rock&Soul", or the return of "Electric Church Music"
Reminiscent of artist such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Sly & The Family Stone and Jimi Hendrix TIGER X brings you "The Return Of Electric Church Music" and has created a modern day genre of "Rock&Soul"
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Clark "Winter Linn" dir. Christopher Hewitt
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Pipe Villaran - Sinnerman (Dir.: Gustavo de la Torre Casal)

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Jay R Da Star "Man Up" Directed by DulceVisions
Jay R Da Star ft Pretty-Kee Screen shot of video
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Ain't No Love PUSSY DOWN (Directed by Aaron A)

New video from Ain't No Love for PUSSY DOWN, from their forthcoming EP "Plummet" to be released by Warner Music in February 2015.
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Con Men feat. Kaya "All This Time" (edit: Tom Ehrhardt)

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The J Evans Band- 'Lady Doctor' directed by Ashley Belgrave

The official video for 'Lady Doctor' Taken from the album 'Good To Be Alive', available to buy via iTunes here:

Band's Website:

Music video shot and produced by Shiftwork Productions.
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Caddywhompus - "Company" (Dir. Derek Beck, Jono Foley)

Caddywhompus - Company from Caddywhompus on Vimeo.

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Jeff Knabel - Labyrinth
My first Demo recorded with Dave Hinton and Rob Serrano by a band we had called 'Surge'. This was one of the 4 tracks we laid down at 'White Trax Studios' near Banbury, England in late 1983.

Credits -

Jeff Knabel - Vocals and Bass
Dave Hinton - Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Rob Serrano - Drums and Percussion
Keyboards - GI Joe

Jeff Knabel and Dave Hinton - Music/Lyrics 1983
Remastered by Jeff Knabel 2014
Music Video by Jeff Knabel 2014


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KINDNESS – WHO DO YOU LOVE FEAT. ROBYN - Directed by Daniel Brereton

Watch it here->
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BRYAN FERRY – LOOP DE LI - Directed by Aoife McArdle

Watch it here ->
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LORDE – YELLOW FLICKER BEA - Directed by Emily Kai Bock

Watch it here->
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METRONOMY – THE UPSETTER - Directed by Encyclopedia Pictura

Watch it here ->
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Watch it here ->
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