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Distraction - "Open Your Mind" [Official Music Video]

Introducing Distraction from Morbid Media
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Kid Francescoli - Does She?

"Does She?" is a 11minutes prelude to the "Blow up" video from 2013.

Directed by Hawaii & Smith.
With Emily Wroe, Amanda Merten and David Yow.

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Chris Tall - Duckface

A perfomance video with a crazy crossdresser and dancing ducks in a 80s VHS setting!

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Papooz: Ann Wants to Dance dir: Soko

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Moustache Prawn - Solar - 1 part of 3 (Music video series) drctd by AcquaSintetica

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Two Sheds - "You Get To Me" (Dir. James Niebuhr)

Two Sheds - "You Get To Me" from James Niebuhr on Vimeo.

From their new album “Assembling.”
Explore the hotel at

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Martin Del Carpio - Murmur of the Heart (Dir: Tyler Ham Pong)

"The mouth obeys poorly when the heart murmurs." -Voltaire

Starring Jamie Miller and Jenna Enns
Video by Kill the Pig Productions
Cinematography and Editing: Tyler Ham Pong
Color Correction: Jamie Miller
Camera Assistant: Seth Canterbury

Music created, produced and mastered by Jamie Muffett
Co-produced by Martin Del Carpio
Lyrics and vocals by Martin Del Carpio

Download the track here:


Look around
see all the places
the things you know
the things you wanted
no longer here
a strange design
another cloud
come back around

the murmur of the heart

look around
see all the faces
the ones you know
the ones you wanted
no longer there
you've come this far
come back around
it's been said and done

the murmur of the heart
-the murmur of the heart-

look around
see all the places
the things you know
the things you wanted
no longer at heart
a strange design
leave behind
all's been said and done

the murmur of the heart
-the murmur of the heart-

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Jeff Knabel - She Always Satisfies Me

An original song called 'She Always Satisfies Me' that I recorded with Tim Forsyth in Loveland, Colorado at a rehearsal we had in a duo called 'Glass Staircase'.

Jeff Knabel - Guitar and Vocals
Tim Forsyth - Harmony Vocals

Lyrics -

1V - I called her up and I told her my plans. She just said, 'Baby you don't understand.' So I said, 'Ok it will be alright, you just can't be alone on a Saturday night.'

B1 - And when she makes it, she never takes it for free. The way she does it, it's just because it's for me. Can't you see?

C - She always satisfies me. Uh huh. x2

2V - We turned out the lights and pulled up the sheets. We never had it so good we were barely sixteen.

B2 - And when the time is right and your heart strings play soft and low. You see the magic in her eyes then you will know.

B1 - Chorus x5 - Outro

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Knabel
Video by Jeff Knabel


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Fast Romantics - JULIA

Here's a new gravity-bending video from Toronto-based band Fast Romantics.

It's for their latest single, JULIA, and it features the band performing the song whilst partying with a fairly manic 1950’s-era Fred Astaire.

Watch it here:

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The Prodigy Voodoo People stomp cover by bulldozers

Russian bulldozers covering The Prodigy classic hit Voodoo People.

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Jean Michel Jarre & M83, Glory, director: Ludovic Zuili, produce by Frenzy Paris

Source: Capture d’écran 2015-06-25 à 12.11.38.png

Source: Capture d’écran 2015-06-25 à 12.10.52.png

Source: Capture d’écran 2015-06-25 à 12.26.26.png

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Avant Garden - Apollo

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Broken Links - The Bounty Hunter

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Parks Burton - Ribbon (Oficial Video)

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Jaakko Eino Kalev – Double Talk (Official Video)

Satellite Sky - Next Time (Directed by Thomas R Martin)
Source: C:\fakepath\Satellite Sky.jpg
Directed by Thomas R Martin
Director Of Photography Ira Edelman
First single from the Aussie indie rock duo's new record 'Magnetize'.
Song: Produced and Mixed by Fabrizio Grossi: Sound Of Pisces Music.

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Beach Violence - Dead Arm (Archie Sinclair / John Fitzpatrick)

Debut video by Beach Violence!
Beach Violence

A Caravaggio-inspired slo-mo sex thriller, shot on location at 17th century Stockton House in Wiltshire.

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Polar Bear - Dont Let The Feeling Go (directed by Jacek Zmarz)

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Love Buzzard - Cash / Directed by Youth Hymns /

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evangelistgonny one glorious moment
gospel music video by evangelistgonny

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