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Lorn - All Corrupt Everything (Dir. by Joseph B Carlin)

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Lorn - Acid Rain (Dir. by Joseph B. Carlin)

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Nano Stern "Vapor" (dir: Piero Medone)

Nano Stern
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The Joke

The Joke from lucidhouse on Vimeo.

A convict befriends an ant in his cell. But did he conjure up this little friend to escape grim reality?
Filmed Guerrilla style in and around Brighton.

Based on a Joke my Dad told me as a boy...I've never been one to remember jokes, but somehow this one stuck.
Starring: Mishka Statkowski

Directed by: Morris La Mantia
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Blanket Barricade - We Fit Together (Pop Version) - Directed by Rahma Marzak

Blanket Barricade - We Fit Together (Pop Version) - Directed by Rahma Marzak
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Ben Powell - RISE
Musical and visual impressionism drive this one-of-a-kind collaboration between violinist Ben Powell and filmmaker Joshua Lipton

RISE from Joshua Lipton on Vimeo.

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Tom's Music Videos of Doom - Episode 4 (directed by Kirsty Eyre)
The House of Rap turns out to be a suburban bungalow with garden gnomes out front. Colin, a skinny single parent in his 20s, reveals himself to be the Admiral Black Knight. Tom realises that he is doomed, especially when Colin's Grandma declares herself as his agent...

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Centrefolds - 15 Minutes Of Fame (Daniel Dunn)

Director: Daniel Dunn
Label: Circus City Records
Producer: Ryan Ireland

Writers: Daniel Dunn, Ryan Ireland
DP, AD: Ollie Green
Editor: Daniel Dunn

Starring: Ben Errington, Lorna Hibbard, Jiri Hovorka

Supported By: Richard Beeby, Scott Calvert,Tom Corneill, Emma Grimoldby, Joey Grocock, Martin Iles, Olivia Jones, Paulin Marion, Will Sandercock, Phil Smith
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Cian Nugent and The Cosmos - The Houses Of Parliament / directed by Sophie Gateau

Cian Nugent and The Cosmos - The Houses Of Parliament from sophie gateau on Vimeo.

Music video/ documentary shot in April 2014 during the band's European Tour (Berlin, Stuttgart, Geneva, Bruxelles, Amsterdam).

Directed and shot by Sophie Gateau.
Edited by Nathan Perry-Greene @Cut and Run.
Produced by Bec Cunningham @Fieldtrip.
Coloured by Robin Risser.
Post Produced by Gery Bouchez.
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RIVIERE - Milagros

A rite of passage from life to death...
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Video Girlz // Call Me Señor // directed by Mary Clerté // Partizan

call me senor " videogirlz " from Mary Clerté on Vimeo.

Director: Mary CLERTE
Production Company: PARTIZAN
Executive Producer: Zeynep Gizem DE LOECKER
Producer: Dimitri LYKAVIERIS
Post-Production Manager: Nathalie DE BERNARDINIS
Director of Photography: Axel COSNEFROY
Set Designer: Jeanne ADER
1st AD: Maud MATHERY
Editor: Edouard MAILAENDER
Colorist: Julien HERY
Location Manager: Brice FOURNY
Stylist: Liate COHEN
Hair / Make-up: Cindy BOHNN
Artistic Director: Kevin DANIELLO
Graphists: Thomas TRICHET, Théo JOLLET, Emilie NICOLAS
Cast: Luca FIXY, Alice GRENIER, Alexia GREDY
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Grand Island - Bold Line
A expreimental, trashy and burlesque music video from the Norwegian band Grand Island. It's an uncomfortable, dirty and beautiful journey into a post-apocalyptic trailer trash society. With human sacrifices, burlesque dancing and meth(od) acting.

Grand Island - Bold Line from Runar Sørheim on Vimeo.

Vimeo link:

An innocent teenage romance contrasted with a hostile world of backwood trailerculture and occultism. The couple - a young, gullable girl and a chain-smoking boy with a menacing tattoo - seem harmonic, but we learn that the boy has 'collected' her in cohesion with a cadillac-driving, burlesque enthusiast-stoner-devil. She has been picked as the sacrifical lamb in a very misjudged rites of passage involving limb sacrifice and torquoise nail polish. around these events we also meet additional members of the community; a shy demon, a recluse sniper-nudist, the juvenile delinquent inqusition, an intelectually challenged homecoming queen, a negligent mother who likes chicken, an aging, alcoholic gunslinger, and more. Bold Line is a portrait of a depraved, post-apocalyptic society. Filmed on multiple formats in Norway, raging from high end digitcal cameras to vhs over the course of 7 months. The project spiralled out of control in terms of locations, child-actors and shooting days and hours of footage. In June 2014, the video was completed and released as Grand Island's official music video.
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Analog Sheep - I Miss My Amiga 500 (Directed by Guney Ozsan)

Epilepsy Warning!

Music video for Analog Sheep's tribute to the Amiga era mostly in digital stop motion style.

Analog Sheep is a vintage synthesizer oriented electronic music project by Guney Ozsan from Istanbul.
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Directed by Joshua Trigg
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Antville Music Video Awards 2014 - Call for Nominations!


Antville's 15 categories are:

Most Fun
Best Animated
Best Performance
Best Narrative
Best Interactive
Best Hip Hop
Best Choreography
Best Art Direction
Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Visual Effects
Best Commissioning Artist
Best New Director
Best Director
Video Of The Year

Make your nominations by posting a comment:
- maximum 3 nominations per category;
- eligibility: new videos posted - online or on antville - between Dec. 8th, 2013 and Dec. 5th, 2014;
- this call will be open for 14 days (closing by the end of Dec. 19th (EST))
- the 5 most-nominated videos in each category will then be tallied and voted on as this year's finalists.

Choose wisely!

Useful link:
- Monthly faves
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CHILDHOOD // AS I AM // DIRECTOR'S CUT from PE Joubert on Vimeo.

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Antville Music Video Awards 2014
These should be poppin off sometime soon. If anyone cares to do a logo, post here and we'll vote. And if you'd rather these occur in January, post here. Otherwise, I'll post the call for nominations on Sunday.
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Voyag3r "Il Guanto Nero" OFFICIAL VIDEO - Directed by Steve Greene

Music video for "Il Guanto Nero" by Voyag3r (pronounced: Voyager Three) taken from the album Doom Fortress.

US Disto: Light in the Attic Records
UK Distro: Death Waltz Records
Vinyl Label: Bellyache Records
CD & Cassette Label: Battle Chamber Music, LLC
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Antbrain - i like her (Director Dave Bonawits)

music video for 'i like her' a song in Antbrain's Full Moon ep.
Antbrain is a 4 piece indie rock band from Atlanta, GA.

This video is #Matthew #Frost #esque
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Top 50 Music Videos of 2014 list's TOP 50 MUSIC VIDEOS OF 2014

(full list in comments)

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