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Risk Cypher - ILA

Risk dropping some dope barz on his cypher, check it out and enjoy :)

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Delorean "Crystal" directed by Joan Guasch

DELOREAN 'CRYSTAL' from Joan Guasch on Vimeo.

Directed and produced by Joan Guasch

3D animation: Joan Guasch, Marc Urtasun, Julia Posada
3D scanning: Joan Guasch
Still photography: Marta Cots
Cast: Clàudia Palatchi, Albert Pernau
Render Farm: EGM Quality Image
Thanks to: David Pérez, Fernando Yanez, Gerard Toledano, Marc García, Emmanuel Chamboissier.

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Jaden Smith "Scarface" dir. 490tx (Moisés Arias)

Source: C:\fakepath\jadensmith_scarface.jpg

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ZircuS - Gold In The Ground (dir: Tomislav Gangl) 2015

Slovenian electro band is digging gold in the middle of crisis!

Photo of ZircuS music video

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Entrópica - Hey Tú! (dir: Piero Medone)

Electropop from Argentina

Entrópica featuring Jet Marte & DJ Caso
"Hey Tú!"
Niña Nuclear
dir.: Piero Medone

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Of Clocks and Clouds What You Need (dir Jason Short)

To summarize the story is about a young beautiful woman that shoots a porn. But there's a bit more to it than that.

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Keith Ape "IT G MA Remix" ft. A$AP Ferg, Father, Dumbfoundead & Waka Flocka Flame, Director: Shomi Patwary

Source: Keith Ape.jpg

Been busy much of the time lately. Video viewing's taken a back seat : (
Missed the original mix at start of year

remix version 1080p

Keith Ape (ft. JayAllDay, Loota, Okasian & Kohh) original version 1080p

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Dave Conn - Don't Know How

A video about caring for someone who is dying, retold with a man and a deflating sex doll. Emotional, funny and strange.

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Clockwork Orchestra - The Man With The Golden Nose

Music video for Clockwork Orchestra's "The Man With The Golden Nose" created by Dirk Baumanns. Taken from the new album A Fish For A Heart.

ZU Party - Mellow ( Slobozia )

Party girls never stop!

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EZTV "Dust in the Sky" dir. Ian Perlman

Source: C:\fakepath\eztv_dust.jpg -

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Lorena - Drunk in love ( Live session )

Lorena - Drunk in love ( Live session @ Music Factory)

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Splice the Mainbrace - Love Tonight (dir. Steve Dabal)

Love Tonight from Steve Dabal on Vimeo.

A MUSIC VIDEO for a SONG for a SHORT FILM adapted from a SHORT STORY... or rather, just a story about love.
Original song by Splice the Mainbrace.
Short story by Griffin Yu.
We all like metaphors.


The Loverboy | Nick Howell
The Girl | Emily Bratmon
The Dancing Man | Phillip T. Nails

Jackson Allen
Peter Boskovich
Edoardo Tancredi
Tahkus Ekedal Allen
Karlina Covington

Director | Steve Dabal
Producer | Mikey Lopez Valenzuela
1st AD | Matt Walker
2nd AD | Allison Tate-Cortese
Cinematographer | Griffin Yu
1st AC | Keaton Manning
2nd AC | Luisa Betancur
Gaffer | Chase Hagen
Grip | Tim Lahr
Grip | JP Paneli
Editor & VFX | Steve Dabal
Production Designer | Scott Nystrom
Art Director | Trevor Takahashi
Wardrobe | Nicole Abbott
MUA | Elycia Marie
PA | Lorena Lourenco
PA | Sam Dahn

Key Grip | Jared Rubinstein-Towler

Splice the Mainbrace
Sketch Orchestra
Ihisha Tancredi
Joel Cocciolone
Nima Shoghi
Julian Juarez
Mr. and Mrs. Schiada
Los Angeles College of Music
Art Center College of Design

All the extras who danced with us all night long. Seriously, thank you.

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Now I Am Become Death - "The Feeling"

Video by Now I Am Become Death
New album 'Sexual Repression' available now:
Follow NIABD on Tumblr:

© 2015 Step Pepper Records & Blake Ortego

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Christianoshi - Fake Blood (dir. Mikko Makela)

Dancer Benjamin Warbis of the renowned Michael Clark company stars as a sword-wielding medieval warrior prince in the music video for Christianoshi's single 'Fake Blood'. Directed by Mikko Makela (Wild Beast Productions), the black-and-white video brings together influences from classical sculpture and religious history into an exploration of anguished masculinity which sees Warbis's warrior confronting his own demons in a kind of sword-ballet.

Source: FB6 copy.jpg

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Wray - Bad Heart (Dir. Justin Gaar)

Executive Producer: Jeffrey Cain, James Ersted
Label: Communicating Vessels
Commissioner: Rebekah Fox
Producer: Helena Corzan Gaar
Director: Justin Gaar
First Assistant Director: James Ersted
Director of Photography: Gabriel Patay
First Assistant Camera: Helena Corzan Gaar
Second Assistant Camera/D.I.T./Grip: Adam Ridley
Production Coordinator: Tasha McCrory
Editor: Paul Rogers and Justin Gaar
Animation: Keith Fenter
Colorist: Marco Cordero
Stunt Riders/Actors: Rob Brooks and Jeremiah Wassom
Rope-headed Sorceresses: Jillian Fratkin, Tasha McCrory, and Helena Corzan Gaar
Motorcycle Transportation: Mark Buche at the Motorcycle Industry Council
Costume/Art: Helena Corzan Gaar
Title Design: Brian Ratigan

Special Thanks: Nico van der Berg, Mary Kate van der Berg, The Motorcycle Industry Council, Stef Lynch, Damian Dunn, Anthem Films, Kitchen Mouse

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