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Monsieur Magnetik "Dark Gloves" Dir by O. Hero Dressen



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Tonsils - Moviescene (JonasFJ)

awkward furry animal inception party.

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Flower Fellow - The Rabbit (Directed By Dan Dunn)

Flower Fellow - The Rabbit - Music Video (2015)

Filmed and Edited By Dan Dunn

Circus City Records

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Neviathan - Kaputnik

KAPUTNIK Neviathan from Elena Schönfeld on Vimeo.

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DATA - Don't Sing feat. Benny Sings (Directed by David Bertram) from

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fire_sign | Essential | Know media

Electronica track Essential by fire_sign out now on Oak-Owl Records.

fire_sign's music is... a beautiful reaction to the confusing world around us, patient and slow-building, panoramic in scope, intricate in detail, an offer of shelter from the cold outside.

Taking influence from as much electronica and techno as they can fit in their ears, the duo have drawn comparison as diverse as Zomby, Massive Attack, Dusty Springfield, even their musical heroes Moderat.

Playlisted by Amazing Radio, American podcast The Justin Wayne Show, Threnody's Sub FM radio show and local radio the world was kind to fire_sign in 2014. The duo released first track Essential on Oak-Owl Records in April 2015.
Source: C:\fakepath\CE2DIusWgAAcc1g.jpg-large.jpg

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Lamb - What makes us human - Aidan Wood

Beautiful new video for What Makes us Human from Lamb.

LONE ECHO "Temporary"

Directed by Nate Weaver
DP: Brian Hodge
Production Designer: Eric Ibarra
Featuring: Emilie Sabath & Claire Marie Vogel

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One Hundred Thousand - "Low" Dir, Mike Lowther

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Contrabland - Diving

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Anna Moliner - Too Many Lives to Live (Ch.Martínez)

Anna Moliner - Too Many Lives to Live from PRESS REC on Vimeo.

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Yanis, Hypnotized, directed by Ludovic Zuili, Produced by Frenzy Paris

A music video entirely made with hypnotized people

Source: hypnotize2.jpg
Source: hypnotized3.jpg
Source: hypnotized4.jpg
Source: hypnotized5.jpg

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Peter Pepper - Live It Down

Ain't No Love - Cry In The Rain (Dir. Indrani)

God Damn - Vultures / Directed by Youth Hymns /

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Mallio Talkin What I'm Livin feat Emari J - Directed by Stoop Videos

Thank You

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The Twilight Sad 'It Never was The Same'

Directed by handheldcineclub

TWILIGHT SAD 'It Never Was The Same' from handheldcineclub on Vimeo.

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Ocean = Amazing by Dirt Bikes, Directed by Tobias Stretch

Ocean = Amazing by Dirt Bikes from Tobias Stretch on Vimeo.

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'Three People in a Room' by Peter Mack

'Three People in a Room' hand drawn animation and music by Peter Mack

'Three People in a Room' by Peter Mack from Peter Mack on Vimeo.

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three and me. who are you? directed by Laurence Dutton & Greg Butler

London-based alt-folk band three and me's debut video featuring a song from their debut EP, 'Who Are You?'

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