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Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth "See You Again" dir. Marc Klasfeld
57M hits in the 10 days since its release.
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Metronomy "Boy Racers" dir. David Wilson
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ZU Party - Girls Tour (music mix april)
Crazy girls, non stop Spring Break Party Cruise

ZU Party Romanian Tour Ep.28- Special Edition - ZU TV HD from ZU Party on Vimeo.

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Active I - "Fly Together"
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Stori Brooks- Untitled 4:10
Stori Brooks celebrates sound, color,and movement and takes a cue from Shiva and Krishna with the stunning visual for the song, "Untitled 4:10."

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Young Fathers "Shame" dir. Jeremy Cole

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Marika Hackman "Ophelia" dir. Max Knight
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Empire Circus - True Believer - directed by Simon Daniels

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Florence and the Machine "Ship to Wreck" dir. Vincent Haycock
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Cigar Box Sessions: Black Cat - John Fairhurst (dir Paul Stevenson)

We had the huge pleasure of hosting wild blues hobo John Fairhurst at our very first Cigar Box Session. We think you'll agree that he's a very talented chap.

Watch the rest of the session here

Cigar Box Sessions: Black Cat - John Fairhurst

Director: Paul Stevenson
Camera: Joe Norledge, Paul Stevenson

Edit: Chris Urmston
Sound mixing: TTW Audio Design
Graphic Design: Tom Lee Motion Design

Produced by
visual hybrid

Filmed at Drummond & Hammett Guitars, Easton, Bristol

Special thanks to John Fairhurst & Grillstock Smokehouses

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Absolutely Free "Vision's" dir. Leblanc + Cudmore
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Leblanc + Cudmore!!!
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The Trouble Notes - Ghosts of the Red Sand (Directors - Valentin Wanker, David Moser, Sophie Bellmann)
The video follows the transformation of three musicians from the memories of a past life to that of a wayward soul sharing their musical spirit freely with the world.

We have recently created a new music video which captures our transformation from a past life to that of the traveling musician following his dream and effecting the lives of others. Our entire team came together with the hope to convey a message through a moving video and song. We realise that we are all connected, and to be influenced by a person or culture can also influence that person or culture. Like you, our greatest sense of accomplishment is to hear "You have made my day better!" Or "Your music inspires me to create." This is something we hope to awaken in everyone, for if not for the people who desire to inspire, we would live in a dark and mundane place. We must all continue to inspire one another and let passion overtake us!
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White Shadows "Give Up Give Out Give In" dir. Melvin J. Montalban / Dylan Duclos
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MUST DIE! - IMPRINT - Ft. TKAY MAIDZA from Brendan Vaughan on Vimeo.

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Snoop Dogg ft. Charlie Wilson and Pharrell Williams "So Many Pros" dir. François Rousselet
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kahani-love story of taylor swift (in hindi) by mparakh
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Freddy D - New York (Directed by Angelica Campis)
Tribute to 9-11 and a introduction to Freddy D the New NY
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Hau - "Kill.I.Am" Dir: VERSUS

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Laura Sullivan- "900 Voices"

The music video for "900 Voices" is a compilation of videos from 938 of Laura’s fans from all over the world. Some of the countries represented are USA, Australia, Brazil, India, Croatia, Korea and Kenya. The five-minute song can be heard in 27 languages, all sung by her fans. The resulting video, with the blending of the many voices, faces, and languages, creates a powerfully moving experience that shines a light on the unifying power of love in our world. 50% of the proceeds from this music video will be shared with Little Kids Rock, a national nonprofit organization that partners with economically disadvantaged school districts to run music progams.
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