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Band: M185 (AT Vienna), Song: Soon Director: Reinhold Bidner (AT)
Legendary BigMuff dealing with various obstacles on tour with Viennese Band M185 in Berlin. A song (and Video) about coming home soon...

VideoStill of the MusicVideo "Soon" by Reinhold Bidner, for the Viennese Band M185.
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Pre-order album 'Irie' by Rico & A.R.T.
Vimeo: jobjorisenmarieke
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GAWDS (Dir. Christine Yuan)

A short documentary filmed as part of the TRIBUTE series for Mainline. (

DAZED presents a film by Christine Yuan

GAWDS is an intimate, unvarnished glimpse into a Navajo teen's life as he opens up on camera about doing jail for property damage, becoming a man in Native American culture, and his love for Pow Wow dancing.
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ILL, KILL from Douglas Burgdorff on Vimeo.

Shot on a near dead phone in a small country in Africa.
Director/Editor/PhoneOp: Douglas Burgdorff
The music:
"Mellow" by Poor Spirits
"Open" by Rhye
"Like This" by The Night
Special thanks to Ben and Tete
Pictures I took while there are here:

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I.V - Louder Directed by Thomas Tyman

A Delorean car takes centre stage in Thomas Tyman's retro futuristic promo for IV's Louder. The car's owner/driver discovers a disgarded arcade console out in the desert - with a game starring his own vehicle and as he plays, life starts to imitate art...

Credits / 
<br /><br />
Director : Thomas Tyman 
<br /><br />
Executive producer : C&eacute;line Roubaud
<br /><br />
DOP : Sylvain Freyens
<br /><br />
Line Producer : Maxime Herv&eacute;
<br /><br />
FX Sup : Jeremy Lei
<br /><br />
Talent : Matthew Grathwol


Performed by I.V
Written and Produced by I.V
Mixed by I.V at Skylab studios
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound
© 2014 Parlophone / Warner Music France

Production : Wanda Productions
Director : Thomas Tyman
Executive producer : Céline Roubaud
DOP : Sylvain Freyens
Line Producer : Maxime Hervé
Post-production : Mathematics
FX Sup : Jeremy Lei
Talent : Matthew Grathwol
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Danny Brown - "25 Bucks [feat. Purity Ring]" (NORTON, dir.)

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Takkra - The Flow II (dir: David Vigh)
Takkra - The Flow II directed by David Vigh
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SKRILLEX "Ragga Bomb" (dir. Terence Neale)
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Chimney Crow - Sarah Kristina

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Atsushi Takiguchi - The Tale of the Plump Bird (dir: Saki Iyori)
Atsushi Takiguchi - The Tale of the Plump Bird by Saki Iyori
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ALL I NEED IS YOU by Rob Cantor // Dir. Randall Maxwell
Hi - I'm Rob. My friend Randall and I made this video. I hope you like it.
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Smooth Attack – The Life Before (The Making Of)

Making of camera and cut by Claudius Daum.
This is a view behind the scenes! :)
Stay tuned for more of the action.
Smooth Attack Debut Album | Out 23.05.14
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Symbols - Death Valley (not 69)
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5 best clips of Spike Jonze in the 90s !
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Childish Gambino - Sweatpants ft. Problem

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Iggy Azalea - Work (Alternate Adidas Music Video)
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Hudson Mohawke - NRG (dir. Askinazi)

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Sheep, Dog & Wolf - Glare

Sheep, Dog & Wolf - Glare from THUNDERLIPS on Vimeo.

The song is called Glare - it's a soulful hate-ballad about the sun - so for the video we took Daniel McBride (Artist) deep into the South Australian desert, camped for ten days trying to shoot the rising sun, on film with a 2400mm lens - while Daniel ran away from it, naked.
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Kevin Drew - Mexican Aftershow Party (Scott Cudmore/Michael Leblanc)
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Iamsu! ft. Sage the Gemini and 2 Chainz "Only That Real" dir. Alex Nazari
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