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Ennui - Summer Of Love

Music video for "Summer Of Love" by Ennui. Directed by Ben Hernstrom. From the album, Telepathic Beat on Mush Records.
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A&L (featuring Anthony Casuccio & Lana Marie - Get Me a Drink

This is the video for A&L’s debut single Get Me A Drink. A satirical look at the social perspectives of nightlife interactions between the sexes (a guy hitting on girls in a bar).
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Wildbirds & Peacedrums (directed by Anders Malmberg)

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At First Light - Join Me In the Pines - Directed by Simon Daniels

At First Light - Join Me In the Pines from DESIGN FOR LIFE on Vimeo.

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Sia - Chandelier Lyric Video (Cover by Nathan Morris)

Official lyrics music video for the song "Chandelier" by Sia. From Sia's new album "1000 Forms of Fear".

Watch the official video:
Download "Chandelier" on iTunes
Go Behind the Scenes:
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LFO "LFO" dir. Jarvis Cocker (1990)

LFO's Mark Bell recently passed of complications "after an operation."
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Franz Liszt - 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody, anim. Oskar Fischinger (1938)
An Optical Poem

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LOBO GUITAR LEE - Same but different
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I directed this collaboration with artist Stacey Rozich for the swedish band GOAT.

lots of behind the scenes pics are avail here -
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Cakewalk — Transfixed

Music by Cakewalk.
Paint and perforation on 16mm film by Blank Blank.
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Percy Way, In My Dreams
New Music Video from Percy Way
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Poems for Jamiro - Headlights, directed by Pinggui Films
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Belle and Sebastian "Office, Baby" dir. Graham Lineham 2003
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Crow Moses - Water Mains

Directed by: JJ Evans
DP: Patrick Burke
Lead: Kristine Veta

iTunes :
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Wilson - "If You Ever Leave Me, I Will Find You"

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June July by Borland (Dir. Richard Ramchurn) Production Co. AlbinoMosquito
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Jimmy Edgar - "WHO'S WATCHIN"

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The Wooden Sky - Saturday Night (dir. Leblanc + Cudmore)
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No Man's Valley - The Wolves Are Coming

No Man's Valley - The Wolves Are Coming



Recorded @ Sputnik Studio (Schoten, Belgium)
Produced by Joes Brands (Gepetto and the Whales, Flying Horseman)

Mastered @ Electric Mastering (London, England)
Mastered by Chris Potter (Artic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand)
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