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SHI / Shattered Backbone (Official Video)

Download @

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GIRLI - Girls Get Angry Too / Directed by Youth Hymns /

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Cody Webb- "More Than A Little" (Lyric Video)

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LôR - Gold Rush [Directed by John D. Marshall]

A late 19th century prospector is haunted by his past.

LôR | Gold Rush from John D. Marshall on Vimeo.

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Radiohead - Spectre (unofficial music video)

Radiohead - Spectre (unofficial music video) by craigjclark

My unofficial music video for the Radiohead song "Spectre", which was an unused song for the James Bond film of the same name. The video was made using the films "Ghosts Before Breakfast" (1928) and "Two Pence Magic" (1929), both directed by Hans Richter. Please check out more videos on my YouTube Channel:

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Jayden Bartels "NO" Meghan Trainor Music Video Cover (Directed by Reel Mike Jones)


Source: C:\fakepath\Jayden_MeghanTrainor_No_PhotoEdit.jpg


Cover by - Jayden Bartels
Twitter @missjaydenb
Instagram @missjaydenb

Lead Girl - Jayden Bartels
Dancer Girl #1 - Saryna Garcia
Dancer Girl #2 - Scarlette Janeigh
Dancer Boy #1 - Connor Finnerty
Dancer Boy #2 - Blake Hendricks

Original song by Meghan Trainor
Producers - Sam Bartels and Yvonne Bartels
Director - Reel Mike Jones and S.T.A.R. Kidz
Creative Director - Oththan Burnside
Editor - Reel Mike Jones
Steadicam Operator - Reel Mike Jones
Production Designer - Reel Mike Jones
Costume Designer - Oththan Burnside
Choreographer - Oththan Burnside
Hair & Makeup - YMB Styles
Production Coordinator - Michelle "MBennz" Bennett
Music Production - Beat Box Productions

Special Thanks To :
The cast and crew for supporting me, believing in me, and helping me see my vision through. My gratitude goes out to all the dance and music teachers that have inspired me on my journey so far.

All of the parents that created these beautiful children and all the countless amount of hours they put in helping their kids be who they are today.

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Hayvanlar Alemi - Equatorial Lies

"Equatorial Lies" by Hayvanlar Alemi
Out on Pakapi Records, digital split single with Peruvian supergroup Shhjjjjjjj, avalible @ SoundCloud:
Free Music Archive:

Özüm İtez: Guitars and bass.
Işık Sarıhan: Drums and percussion.

Composed by: Özüm İtez
Arranged by: Özüm İtez, Işık Sarıhan, Hazar Mutgan

Recorded at Sound Rock studio by Akın Ağzıtemiz, Istanbul, 2015.
Mixed and Mastered by Hayvanlar Alemi, 2016.

Video footage: Onur Ceritoğlu, Özüm İtez
Video by: Özüm İtez, Işık Sarıhan

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WE ARE ANIMAL "Ideology" (Dir. Cyrus Mirzashafa)

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Montmartre - White Fields

Le Vann (formerly BTS) - Hit You Like a Typhoon (Official Music Video)

Hit You Like a Typhoon is a sensuous hip hop/rap cut by artist Le Vann (formerly BTS) that features a thumping bass line and Le Vann spitting his trademark lyrical and rhythmic flow.

Download from Apple:

Download from Amazon:

Download from CD Baby:

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Michel Montecrossa; Talking Turkey & The E.U. - Über Die Türkei & E.U. Reden; New-Topical-Song apropos Turkey joining the EU

Michel Montecrossa says:
“I wrote the New-Topical-Song ’Talking Turkey & The E.U. - Über Die Türkei & E.U. Reden’
at a time when the EU and Turkey had nothing better to do than to insult each other and to make the big show of political Kindergarten. What I have to say is that Turkey must join the EU so that trade, prosperity and peace culture can grow on the way to a strong Eurasia. Stop all useless insults and get to the table! New ways then can open to change the Middle East into a world of peace.
That is what my New-Topical-Song ’Talking Turkey & The E.U. - Über Die Türkei & E.U. Reden’
is all about and I wish all the best to Erdogan and Merkel.“

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

Download great Michel Montecrossa songs from iTunes:

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Wake Island // Never Entirely There (dir. Epher Heilland)

WAKE ISLAND // Never Entirely There from Epher Heilland on Vimeo.

People making out in a virtual world

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PUMA Chile - Ignite Disc - Turn It Onª

90s vibe from Latin America



Augusto Schuster Constanza Piccoli Seo-2

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Rawfare - The Bomb

Rawfare - The Bomb

The Bomb EP is a free download accessible via sign-ups on the release's dedicated interactive shrine.

Animated music video featuring creepy bombs, made by Sam Lyon aka. Jelly Gummies

Mercy - "Love Dust"

Keldamuzik - Queen For A Night

Keldamuzik stars in a glamorous video dedicated to all women who have their moment of being "Queen For A Night". Inspired by Cinderella.

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Six Bomb - "Wait 10 Years Baby", Director - unknown

Source: Six bomb.jpg
Has been around since Feb and garnered 5.5 million hits, due I guess, to the notoriety of their awful pepto bismol pink rubber bondage suits.
Seems to be a Lo budget cross between Psy and Tara....Actually more truer to say Hunya's part on Oppa

Sounds like both beats were originally sampled, from Tara's No 9 ?

u2b Link

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Logan Lynn - "The One"

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Jeff Knabel - The Stones - Remastered

A song written about the 'Rollright Stones' in England with Dave Hinton (Gat's) and Rob Serrano (Drums & Percussion). It was recorded at 'White Trax' studio near Banbury, England by our band called 'Surge'. The song tells of the tale of a Witch, King, Knights, and the King's soldiers. Now they still live on after the Witch turned them all into stone, and herself into an old elder tree to keep an eye on them all. When I heard the story for the first time it inspired me to write 'The Stones'. I uploaded the song from a tape onto my computer and cleaned it up the best I could. Enjoy!!! -

"Seven long strides shalt thou take And if Long Compton thou canst see, King of England thou shalt be." Off went the King, shouting - "Stick, stock, stone As King of England I shall be known." On his seventh stride the ground rose up before him in a long mound sometimes known as the Arch-Druid's barrow. The witch laughed and declared - "As Long Compton thou canst not see King of England thou shalt not be. Rise up stick and stand still stone For King of England thou shalt be none; Thou and thy men hoar stones shall be And I myself an elder tree."


Jeff Knabel - Bass and Vocals
Dave Hinton - Guitars
Rob Serrano - Drums and Percussion


1V - If I had the power to remain the same from now until never. Would it mean I'll never have to wait until tomorrow comes. Standing in my place I feel the wind against my face in the evening. Sorry I'm so quiet, but I think that I've been turned to stone. Turned to stone.

C - We live for the evening. Across the fields we wander on. We live for the evening. No telling when tomorrow comes.

2v - Walking through the forest I can see that you've been waiting for me. It seems that I've been fooled into the fortune of another man. My soldiers in the distance were the answer to my only existence. Though I fear existence was the reason why they turned to stone. Turned to stone.

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Knabel
Video by Jeff Knabel
Remastered by Jeff Knabel


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Titanik - Costradamus

Apocalipto Surf is the first release of the producer Titanik from Colombia and the start of the Industria Tropical series of eps by artists who published on the Industria Tropical compillation.
Titanic goes into reggeaeton, industrial, dub, crunk and hip hop territories in a dark, bizarre and hallucinogenic way.

Download Apocalipto Surf now @ Bandcamp: & Free Music Archive:

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