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Oxyde Noir - Alabaster (vapor mix) [Dir: Martin Koch]

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Joharra - Shine A Light

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MAZEMIRROR - Robbed (Official Video) from MAZEMIRROR on Vimeo.

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Ultramantis Black "Biomonster DNA" (Dir. Joe Stakun)

Ultramantis Black, a star within the Philadelphia pro-wrestling scene, has formed a band by the same name. Featuring members of punk group Pissed Jeans.
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Chapelier Fou "Tea Tea Tea" (Grégory Wagenheim)

"Tea Tea Tea" is an extract from 'Deltas', the forthcoming album from Chapelier Fou to be released on september 22nd on Ici, d'ailleurs...

Music video directed by Grégory Wagenheim, in collaboration with Studio Super5.

Chapelier Fou online :
Facebook :
Website :

Ici d'ailleurs online :
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CATHY // "Get Out of Here" (Dir. Casey Stein)

Wear your helmet, kids. A stop-motion music video in collaboration with The Wild Honey Pie.

Get Out Of Here 7" via White Iris Records out now.

Director: Casey Stein
Producer: Dustin Grant
Illustrator and animator: Annalise Olson
Stylist: Becca Weener
Additional animation by Bek Ward
2nd Unit: Jesse Rosenberg
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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - "Kira Kira Killer", Director: Jun Tamukai

Can't observe any search results that states this item has already been posted by using the 'Find' box! But who knows? : )

So here's the wonderful weird Kyary, in what seems to be a dress styled on the Michelin man

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“Weird Al” Yankovic - Handy (Parody of “Fancy”)
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Jan Dark "Kill Wednesday" (Goal Of The Dead" Soundtrack)
Specially written for the zombie football bloodbath "Goal Of The Dead" 1ère mi-temps / Directed by Benjamin Rocher
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The Haggish Moue - Grandpa Gums Acid
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The Haggish Moue - Love de Lux
Sandra Bang & Zoë Que

Sandra Bang and Zoë Que make up the diamond duo The Haggish Moue. A swedish audio-visual band based in Stockholm and London.

Bang writes and produces all the music herself then DJ and sing live at their shows. Que makes all the videos and VJ:s them live.

!!Watch this space!!
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Alt-J "Hunger Of The Pines" (NABIL, dir.)
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Weird Al -- Sports Song [Comedic Spoof] [2014] (35,306,328 bytes) from ...

Someone found an upcoming music video. ;)
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Catey Shaw "Brooklyn Girls" dir. Jon Jon Augustavo
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The Presets - No Fun (directed by Google Creative Lab)
The Presets - No Fun interactive music video

An interactive music video experience.
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Insa Donja Kai - Expansion II (directed by Carlo Vega)
Insa Donja Kai - Expansion II directed by Carlo Vega
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"Weird Al" Yankovic "Foil" (prod. CollegeHumor)

Parody of "Royals"
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Edward Scissortongue - 'Theremin' - (Director: Leo Weston)

Bedouin Soundclash - Brutal Hearts (FlicFlac Edit) from David Aufdembrinke on Vimeo.

Girl: Gro Swantje Kohlhoff
Boy: Lion Frenster
New Girl: Sofia Velasquez

DoP: Jakob Süss
1st AC: Paul Spengemann
Producer: Ken Hagen Takenaka
Production Manager: Jens Gröger
Gaffer: Stefan Rentel
Make Up and Styling: Miriam Kohler
Hair Stylist: Diana Ramovic
Direction and Postproduction: David Aufdembrinke
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