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Smooth Attack – The Life Before (The Making Of)

Making of camera and cut by Claudius Daum.
This is a view behind the scenes! :)
Stay tuned for more of the action.
Smooth Attack Debut Album | Out 23.05.14
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Symbols - Death Valley (not 69)
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5 best clips of Spike Jonze in the 90s !
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Childish Gambino - Sweatpants ft. Problem

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Iggy Azalea - Work (Alternate Adidas Music Video)
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Hudson Mohawke - NRG (dir. Askinazi)

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Sheep, Dog & Wolf - Glare

Sheep, Dog & Wolf - Glare from THUNDERLIPS on Vimeo.

The song is called Glare - it's a soulful hate-ballad about the sun - so for the video we took Daniel McBride (Artist) deep into the South Australian desert, camped for ten days trying to shoot the rising sun, on film with a 2400mm lens - while Daniel ran away from it, naked.
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Kevin Drew - Mexican Aftershow Party (Scott Cudmore/Michael Leblanc)
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Iamsu! ft. Sage the Gemini and 2 Chainz "Only That Real" dir. Alex Nazari
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Parasite Single "the hunt" Dir: Michael Venus

Popstars everywhere, nightmare -
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Haezer - Minted

This music video us about xenophobia in the hijacked buildings of Johannesburg's inner city. It follows the story of two African super heroes working together to fight for the oppressed and the marginalized.
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RATKING - Canal (Dir: Eric Yue)

now this is how you shoot and edit a rap music video
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Holy Ghost! "Teenagers In Heat" Directed by Ben Fries

Holy Ghost!
"Teenagers In Heat"

Directed By Ben Fries
Produced By Deadhorse Films
Download for free at:
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Holy Ghost! "Okay" (Official Music Video) Directed by Ben Fries

Holy Ghost!
from the album Dynamics

Directed by Ben Fries
Produced by Deadhorse Films

music available:
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denita and sene "Divided" dir. Joel Kefali
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Eric Copeland "Rokzi" (Official Fan Video) Directed by Anibal Bley


Directed and Animated by Anibal Bley

taken from the LP "Joke In The Hole"
available on DFA Records

DFA store
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Shit Robot - "Do That Dance" (Official Music Video) Directed by Feel Good Lost

Shit Robot
Do That Dance

Directed by Feel Good Lost
(Brendan Canty & Conal Thomson)

From the album "We Got A Love"

buy music!
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Museum of Love "Monotronic" Directed by Andrew Dresher

Museum of Love

Directed & Produced by Andrew Dresher
Camera: Justin Stanley
Lights: Russell Burger
Edit: Tres Warren
Styling: Roxane Danset

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Holy Ghost! "Bridge & Tunnel" (Official Music Video) Directed by Ben Fries

Directed by Ben Fries
Cinematography by Jesse Cain
Produced by Deadhorse Films
Camera Assistant Michael Ashley
Assistant Editor Michael Bell

from the album Dynamics

DFA store:
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Factory Floor - "How You Say" (Official Music Video) Directed by Dan Tombs
Factory Floor
How You Say (Official Music Video)
Directed by Dan Tombs

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