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Trendy Outfit - Bulletproof [dir: Alvaro Ceppi]

Trendy Outfit
"Bulletproof (Glowing In The Dark)"
director: Alvaro Ceppi
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Clara Plath - Dancing song, directed by Manuel Garcia Otazo
Cool music video I´ve found.

"Somewhere in nowhere... A woman is looking for something, with a little help from a friend, maybe she could find the right way."
Directed, filmed and edited by Manuel Garcia De Otazo
CLARA PLATH is a independent Pop/Rock band.
Clara "Lead vocal"
Robert "Keyboard"
Sergio "Drummer"
Gabi "Guitar"
Miguel Angel "Bass"
Clara Plath, From Album "Hi lola", Song "Dancing Song"
Special thanks
Susana Castillo, Javier Becerra, Joaquin Sanchez Baillo
Rafael Alguacil, Eva GZ, Pepe, Loli.
Management and preorder
Clara Plath
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REINE from Pierre Emperador on Vimeo.

REINE represents an approach, a treaty on mental disease of schizophrenia.
The inner part of a patient and not how he is perceived by the world around him.
When I came in Paris, I had this idea to interpret this disease through motion design.
Being from a small village in the Pyrenees, this kind of pathology is not common unlike big cities where stress one of many factors is much more present.
Client : Self Initiated Project
Role : Art Direction, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Compositing.
Date : September 2014
Sound : Throwing snow - Avarice
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Polar Bear - Chotpot (live at XOYO) [directed by Jacek Zmarz}

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Sinah / R.I.P. (dir. Liam Simpson)

Director / Editor: Liam Simpson

Director of Photography: Nicholas Peel

Producer: Sinah
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100% Cotton - Winter In Wallington (Director Jon Colverson)

100% Cotton is a band from London, England. We vaguely resemble pop punk. We're right up the pop end of the pitch, waiting for a long ball from the guys with mohawks. Nearly 7 billion people havnt seen this video, dont be one of them!

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Kirby V and the Man "The Wish (Time Travel)" - dir. Gentry Smith

Kirby V and the Man
"The Wish (Time Travel)"

Directed by Gentry Smith
Shot by Dian Cesena

Summer's over but the feeling remains...
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Ten Walls "Walking with Elephants" dir. NEZ
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Ty Segall "Manipulator" dir. Matt Yoka

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Evestus - No God - Dir. Grete "Stitch" Laus

Directed by Grete "Stitch" Laus @

This video was released with a rare/remix album "No God : Dissecting Faith"

...from Evestus journal..

On September 2nd "No God : Dissecting Faith" will be available for free download through Evestus bandcamp page as well as our Last.Fm profile and any other platform we can find to share our music on. Some tracks will be available on Spotify and Rdio as well.

The remixes are by people who've played a smaller or bigger part in my life during that time period (2012-2014).
Remixes by Freakangel, Gnawer, Chaos Royale, i!, Supapyx and DND.

Now.. about the "No God" ERA..

This release, as I've mentioned during this year, marks an end to the "No God" era of the band. Of me. That started somewhere in 2012 and lasted up until about now. It has been a hard period. Perhaps the time that comes in every bands life when you will have to make a decision, either to "stop this nonsense and get a real job" or push through the shit and hope you land on your feet. Or perhaps it was just a really fucking unlucky period.

Because, with the exception of a fistful of great fans and friends, the moments you realize you've written a great fucking song and some really awesome live shows here and there.. being an artist between these moments.. is shit. And it has been especially shit during the last few years.

In a way, "No God" has, during that period, taken a whole new meaning for me personally.
For me "God" in this concept, means a path. Direction. Cause. Reason. And I'd lost that. I didn't know what I was doing.. or why I was doing it... ( Continue reading at )
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Where I Belong Life Lyne
This is their debut music video. They have a desire to use their music to inspire the world.
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Maps - You Will Find A Way (dir. Yossi Levi)
What separates us from machines? Is it our capacity for love? Our seemingly well of cruelty? A new video for the Maps song "You Will Find A Way" poses these questions as it follows the trials and tribulations of a cardboard box man as he tries to find his way in the world .

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Don't Think Twice - Hailey Tuck (dir. Jethro Massey)

Hailey Tuck's fantastic cover of Bob Dylan's "Don't think twice, it's alright"
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I Am Giant - Transmission (Dir. Søren Schaller)

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Polvo dISCO
Director: Luis Aguer

4 Dancers, 3 Styles and 1 song.
Please Check it out! thx!

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"Itches" Directed by Mauricio Lopez
A strong visual take on the feeling of waiting.

Itches (an Atonal Facade) from Mauricio Lopez on Vimeo.

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"L O V E" (dir. Basak Erol)
"L O V E" a short film . Music by Majical Cloudz "I Do Sing For You"

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Sun Tailor - Who's At Your Window (dir. Jonathan Vardi)

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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour "My Club" dir. Ryan Staake

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Sinah / R.I.P. (dir. Liam Simpson)

Sinah - R.I.P. from Liam Simpson on Vimeo.

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