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Sigur Rós "Hoppípolla"

First official single from the Takk... album. Fantastic song, and a much better ending than their previous video, I think.


progosk, November 24, 2005 10:22:09 PM CET

enchanting. (i feel just like a child.)
too much puddle, perhaps?

setanor, November 24, 2005 11:15:31 PM CET

maybe. i read that the title translates to something having to do with jumping in puddles...

progosk, November 24, 2005 11:42:59 PM CET

which would make the plentiful puddle-jumping (in the same puddle...) even more redundant.
(must.stop. nitpicking.)

nodirection, November 25, 2005 1:28:46 AM CET

lovely. really nice job. feels like a dream..

salad fingers, November 25, 2005 8:52:02 AM CET

a really lame concept. and if you don't understand why it's lame then you are lame. and with this song, it just gets so fucking CLOYING.

the editing was really off. their hijinks and adventures were rendered as a muddy series of events that neither built nor retained interest.

and the camera work had no imagination. it has that "eye level" feel.

i really like this song and i was expecting the kind of video that would make me like it even more. this just fell flat on its face. the SONG feels like a dream. this video just has some slow motion in it.

definitely the worst of sigur ros' videos.

progosk, November 25, 2005 9:34:06 AM CET

if you take it on its own, it's sweet, perhaps a little meandering, but still a nice watch. sure, set against the very high standard of other sigur videos... it's the weaker sibling.

  1. svefn-g-englar
  2. (ex aequo) glósóli / untitled #1 (a.k.a. vaka)
  3. viðrar vel til loftárása
  4. hoppípolla

setanor, November 25, 2005 7:01:41 PM CET

"a really lame concept. and if you don't understand why it's lame then you are lame."

shit, you win that argument!

just because you were somehow unable to become interested in the "adventures" does not mean that other people are impeded similarly.

anyway, sigur ros, at least in this new "takk..." era, is all about cloying. the music is cloying, so it only makes sense the videos will follow suit.

salad fingers, November 26, 2005 9:22:17 AM CET

okay that was a little harsh.

but this is just plain forgettable filmmaking.

shut up, November 27, 2005 6:17:36 PM CET

I agree its a really lame video, the only differenence from all their other videos is that thay switched the kids for old people.

gregevigan, November 28, 2005 9:12:48 PM CET

this song is all about scale. the video has no sense of scale. there is a disconnection between the visual and the sound.

progosk, November 28, 2005 10:46:13 PM CET

gregevian: do you mean musically, or are the lyrics about scale?

gregevigan, November 28, 2005 11:51:48 PM CET

i meant musically. to me the spirit of the song is in its scale, the way it builds up, opens out and then comes back down. very dramatic. the visual has none of this, it remains flat throughout.

this is why i think it fails in perception. the link between sound and picture is lost and they fight each other, one getting in the other's way.

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