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--July 2007 Faves--

Post your personal favourites of antville's July 2007 here. Preferably new vids only.
(Previous antville digests here.)

progosk, August 1, 2007 12:14:19 AM CEST

my personal top faves (in chronological order):

Spoon - "The Underdog" Dir. Keven McAlester
RJD2 "Work It Out"" Dir. Joey Garfield
Kanye West "Can't Tell Me Nothing" v. 2 Dir. Michael Blieden

other faves:

Mintzkov "Ruby Red" Dir. Gommaar Gilliams & Jef De Smet
Hello Saferide "My Best Friend" Dir. Wreck
The Mint Chicks "Walking Off A Cliff Again" Dir. Sam Peacocke
Arcade Fire "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" Dir. Neistat Brothers
Project Jenny, Project Jan "320" Dir. Sammy Rubin
The Willowz "Take a Look Around" Dir. Paul Gondry
Garbage "Tell Me Where It Hurts" Dir. Sophie Muller
The Freaks "The Creeps (Get on the Dancefloor)" Dir: Marcus Adams
Escort "All Through The Night" ed. Irvin Coffee
Percy Farm "Tales From The Sea" Dir. Ben Steiger Levine
Remi Nicole "Go Mr Sunshine" Dir. Family
Albarn/Allen/Simonon/Tong "The Good, the Bad and the Queen" Dir. Stephen Pook

kevathens, August 1, 2007 12:41:42 AM CEST

I liked a lot of vids this month..

personal faves:
Ellen Allien and Apparat "Way Out" dir. Postodellefragole
Grizzly Bear "Central and Remote" dir. Jesse Ewles
Spoon "The Underdog" dir. Keven McAlester
RJD2 "Work it Out" dir. Joey Garfield
zZz "Grip" dir. Roel Wouters
Sia "Buttons" dir. Kris Moyes
Caribou "Melody Day" dir. Daniel Eskils
Kanye West "Can't Tell Me Nothing (version two)" dir. Michael Blieden
Bobby Light & the Chunky Boys "Dirty Girl" dir. Ruben Fleischer

Blonde Redhead vids dir. Mike Mills
Chris Garneu "Relief" dir. Daniel Stessen and Dori Oskowitz
Bauer "Dock Surf" dir. Mariano Goldgrob
The Mint Chicks "Walking Off a Cliff Again" dir. Sam Peacocke
The Mexicolas "Shame" dir. ElSkid
What Made Milwaukee Famous "idecide" dir. Toben Seymour
G&G Sindikatas "Burning Snow" dir. Justinas Vinevicius
Calvin Harris "Merry Making at My Place" dir. Kinga Burza
No Age "Boy Void" dir. Day 19
The Willowz "Take a Look Around" dir. Paul Gondry
The Freaks "The Creeps (Get on the Dancefloor)" dir. Marcus Adams
Stephen Fretwell "Scar" dir. Radical Friend
Architecture in Helsinki "Hold Music" dir. Kim Gehrig
Tegan and Sara "Back in Your Head" dir. Jamie Travis
Percy Farm "Tales From the Sea" dir. Ben Steiger Levine
Remi Nicole "Go Mr. Sunshine" dir. Family

Plastic Little "Dopeness" dir. Ted Passon
Liars "Plastic Cast of Everything" dir. Patrick Daughters
Chamillionaire "Hip Hop Police/Evening News" dir. Marc Klasfeld

leftfielders/virals/student projects:
Project Jenny, Project Jan "320"
Hayseed Dixie "I Don't Feel Like Dancing"
Tom Waits "Starving in the Belly of a Whale" dir. Gal Shkedi
1500 Filipino prisoners
Tay Zonday
Escort "All Through the Night" ed. Irvin Coffee

Chunky Pam "Dirrrty Jerzy" dir. Lena Beug

depaceofbase, August 1, 2007 1:01:47 AM CEST

See <a href=", Progosk loves Ghost Robot.

shatner, August 1, 2007 1:34:41 AM CEST

Spoon - "The Underdog" Dir. Keven McAlester
RJD2 "Work It Out" Dir. Joey Garfield
The Mint Chicks "Walking Off A Cliff Again" Dir. Sam Peacocke
Ellen Allien and Apparat "Way Out" dir. Postodellefragole
Sia "Buttons" dir. Kris Moyes

moonman, August 1, 2007 6:33:49 AM CEST

Escort /// All Through The Night /// Dir. Irvin Coffee
Petrol /// Cera /// Dir. Postodellefragole
SJD /// I Wrote This Song For You /// Dir. Chris White
Sia /// Buttons /// Dir. Kris Moyes
RJD2 /// Work It Out /// Dir. Dir. Joey Garfield
Prinzhorn Dance School /// Up! Up! Up! /// Dir. Prinzhorn Dance School
Architecture in Helsinki /// Hold Music /// Dir. Kim Gehrig
zZz /// Grip /// Dir. Roel Wouters
Ellen Allien and Apparat /// Way Out /// Dir. Postodellefragole
Animal Collective /// Fireworks /// Dir. Jon Leone
Blonde Redhead /// The Dress /// Dir. Mike Mills
Kula Shaker /// Second Sight /// Dir. Crispian Mills
Yelle /// A Cause Des Garçons /// Dir. Nima Nourizadeh
Estate /// Let Her Know /// Dir. Jon Thompson
Toddla T ft. Mr Versatile /// Fill Up Mi Portion /// Dir. PTE
Plastic Little /// Dopeness /// Dir. Ted Passon
Caribou /// Melody Day /// Dir. Daniel Eskils
XX Teens /// Darlin /// Dir. Simon Green
Ping Pong Bitches /// The Beast /// Dir. Danny Noise
Remi Nicole /// Go Mr Sunshine /// Dir. Family

loz, August 1, 2007 5:53:18 PM CEST

most wicked:
Sia - Buttons

most lovely looking:
G&G Sindikatas - Burning Snow

most love it but don't like to admit it:
Kanye West - Stronger (i know, it's not cool to like Hype. but i do)

onesmallkreeger, August 2, 2007 3:56:58 PM CEST

Loz. It is so cool to like hype.
The Stronger video for Kanye got a pasting here, but it's the only video that makes me want to get up and dance that's been made recently.
The editing is brilliant.
I'm a huge Akira fan and I think it's quality. Screw all you haters.

Liars 'headlights'- another video maligned by a bunch of numbnuts on here.
This is not Gondry influenced. I see more of Tim Pope in it. But then I don't give a shit.
The video matches the track brilliantly and the visuals are phenomenal.

Sia 'Buttons'- brilliant fun. so simple, so clear. two thumbs fresh!


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