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Bedroom - “Cançó de l’Alba” (director: Ramón Ayala)

Cançó de l'alba - BEDROOM from Compañía Volcánica on Vimeo.

Cançó de l'alba - BEDROOM.

Directed by Ramón Ayala, assistant director Joana Colomar.

Director of Photography Guto Moura, camera Xavi García, camera assistant Sergi Escuin, gaffer and making off William Sossai.

Art Laia Ateca, art assistant María Lavilla.

Make up Gina Ros.

Style Angélica Muñoz assistant style Karim Adduchi.

Produced by NEVADA a CANADA production division (executive producers Alba Barneda and Oscar Romagosa).

Head production Blanca Esteller, production Adriana Dumon, Maria Sosa.

Cast: Natascha Wiese, Elizabeth de Llanza, Kimberley Tell, Xavi Tort, Albert Aromir, Kiku Aromir, Nuria Muntaner, Oia Pursals, Tara Rose Gladstone, Karim Adduchi, Lucas Salvat, Joan Iniesta.

A music video for Foehn Records. Cançó de l'alba is included in El fum blanc Bedroom album.


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