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The Antville Music Video Awards 2011

Call for Nominations!


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Best New Director
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  • maximum 3 nominations per category
  • eligibility: new videos posted between Dec. 20th, 2010 and Dec. 7th, 2011
  • this call will be open for 6 days (closing Dec. 13th)
  • the 5 most-nominated videos in each category will then be tallied, and voted on as this years Finalists.
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New Jackson "The Night Mail" (Dir. Fergal Brennan)

This was animated using a DSLR, several Polaroid cameras, and a ton of photocopies.

Animation Assistance: Leigh, Helena, Renate, Richard

The 2 Bears - "Work" (director: Zaiba Jabbar)

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Cymbals Eat Guitars - “Keep Me Waiting” (director: Adam Kurland)

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Handsome Furs - “Serve the People” (director: Han Xia)

Handsome Furs - Serve The People from stereogum on Vimeo.

'Sound Kapital' is out now on Sub Pop.
Directed by Han Xia.

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Fort Lean - “Beach Holiday” (director: Ethan Berger)

Fort Lean - "Beach Holiday" from Ethan Berger on Vimeo.

Official music video for Fort Lean "Beach Holiday" from debut EP "Fort Lean"

Free EP Download:

Director: Ethan Berger
Director of Photography: Stefan Weinberger
Producers: Zoe Beyer, Adam Paulsen, Logan Needle
Editor: Taylor Ward
Art Director: Robert Alvarez
Gaffer: Sam Jones
Co-Producer: Bill Kirstein
Casting:Lily Garrison
Assistant Director: Will Atlas
G+E: Brian Papish
Titles: Henry Ellis

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The Luck of Eden Hall-Metropolis

"Metropolis" is the lead-off track from the forthcoming Butterfly Revolutions, Vol. 2 by Chicago's The Luck of Eden Hall. The video uses footage from the Fritz Lang film classic of the same name.

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This video (experiment) was shot with a Canon 7D, Canon GL2, Lumix LX3, an Iphone (8mm app.) and an old Hi-8 Panasonic.

Director : Baz (
Cinematographer : Le Pigeon
1st assistant : Martin C. Parizeau
Editor : OG
Design + Motion : Baz & OG (+ stolen internet stuff)

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Arkells - Michigan Left (Dir. John JP Poliquin)

Directed and edited by John JP Poliquin
Photographed by Alex Gomez
Illustrations by Jarett Sitter
Additional VFX by Six01
Styled by Muska Z
Produced by Jason Aita
Executive Produced by Cherie Sinclair

Fucked Up - "Turn the Season" (dir. Scott Cudmore)

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Niki & The Dove - DJ Ease My Mind

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The Loose Salute - Run Out of Morning

☁ run out of morning ☂ from The Loose Salute on Vimeo.

☁ run out of morning ☂

My new low/zero budget video for: 'The Loose Salute'


One 5DmkII, Nikon 50mm lens, Iscorama lens, beer, one circular fluorescent tube from the light shop, tripod, AfterEffects,
more beer.


: )

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Count Skylarkin & Harvey K-Tel: Dub of a Preacherman

This is the new single from Count Skylarkin and Harvey K-Tel due for release in January 2012. Video made by Rumpus Animation

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Heart-Sick Groans - "A Bossanova With This Casanova"

Swedish indie pop phenomenon! Cheerful fun indie! Video done by 20 crazy Danish artists!

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Kieran Leonard 'Harold Pinter is Dead'

A new song from Kieran Leonard, his first single 'Jerusalem' was used on the Ridley Scott Movie 'Life in a Day'. He also supported Bob Dylan this year at London's Feis Festival. His debut album is due out early 2012. This song is incredible. Find out more at

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Playboy's Bend "Needs" videoclip

Music production by Xavier Gazon
Voices by Caroline Dehareng & Xavier Gazon
Additionnal voices by Juliette Watthieu (Mademoiselle 19) & Catherine Thieron (belleclose)

Mixed by Jérôme Baum & Xavier Gazon @ KoKo studio
Mastering by Pieter de Wagter @ Equus studio - Brussels (Belgium)

VIDEOCLIP realized by Olivier Pairoux & François Houbart
DOP Thomas Rentier
VFX & editor by François Houbart
Script by Eusebio Larrea
Stage by Dalibor Brnic
Make up by Sandra Campisi
Haircut by Georgiane Ceric

bOmuzO records - Chic Tunes publishing (p)(c) 2011

'Needs' is the new single from the forthcoming album K.I.S.S. planned to be released in February 2012.

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The Boom Bang - Vietnomnomnom

The Boom Bang plays Vietnomnomnom in an abandoned bathroom deep within the dank underbelly of the Flaming Lips' Womb gallery in Oklahoma City.

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