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Norrius Music - Guardians Of Arcadia

Norrius Music - Guardians Of Arcadia

It's the second track from the Eutopia EP produced by Norrius Music.
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Antville Music Video Awards 2014 - Voting Area
Inside are the contested polls at this year's Antville Music Video Awards. The polls will be open until Saturday, December 27th at 12:00p (EST), after which the winners will be tallied and announced.
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ミラクルミュージカル - "Isle unto Thyself"

ミラクルミュージカル - "Isle unto Thyself" music video from awesome and modest on Vimeo.

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A chilling tale of a love story gone wrong.

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The Dirty Clergy - Shake Shake ft. Johnny Newcomb (Directed by 2threefive)

The Dirty Clergy is a garage rock band from Winfield, AL.
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KyAzMa - Eve
Electronic-folk out of Montreal.
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Angela James-Lost and Found (Filmed and Edited by Joaozito in Salvador Bahia, Brazil)

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LWKY-Happy to Be Human (directed by Garrick Peterson)

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Quinn Tsan-Good Winter (Produced and Directed by The Goodnight Ladies - Cinematography by Justin Flocco)

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JANSKY 'APOCALIPSI' directed by Joan Guasch

Artist: JANSKY
Song: Apocalipsi (feat.Defled)

Directed and produced by Joan Guasch

With the assistance of Javier Mazuelas, Neus Marí and Noemí Garcies
Make-up by Noemí Garcies (Komposit Studio)
Hairstyle by Izka
Special thanks to Pablo Attfield, Parc Natural de S’Albufera de Mallorca and Fundació Deixalles.
Filmed in Palma and Alcúdia in September 2014.


Ever so soaked stood our flesh
that, as we rubbed, we electrocuted:
we were two corpses feeding water,
ever so flat stood the waves.

None of the raft’s thirteen holes,
ever so dense stood the brine,
let pour spirit through the wounds
and infinity hypertrophied:
ever so wide stood the space.

Ever so wet stood the space
that I drenched in and I quite fell
down down without a stopping butt,
ever so far stood the raft.

None of the seven eyes of scorn,
ever so dense was lack of time,
saw me become a protorosaurus:
and to other stirs I gave myself,
ever so vital stood our flesh.
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E321 - Everything, all of it (Erk Nyberg)

E321's music is raw and emotional.

The Swedish trio creates deep and cinematic sounds, but their songs are defined by a familiar sense of closeness and intimacy.

This live and uncut version of “Everything, all of it” (filmed by Eric Nyberg) hints at the wide dynamic range, introspective themes and atmospheres appearing on the band’s debut album, “Id”.

The forthcoming release will feature a studio version of "Everything, all of it", alongside 6 new tracks.
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Ryan Amador - Fireplace (directed by Ben Hassey)
If D'Angelo were to serenade Santa, it would sound exactly like this:

Buy the song at
100% of the sale proceeds are donated to the Desert AIDS Project!
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Visitors (2013) dir. Godfrey Reggio

Visitors is worth a post. It's a 2013 film by Godfrey Reggio, d.p. Jon Kane, and musician Philip Glass. It's about humanity, technology, and nature, and it resembles a long form music video. Here's a trailer. -

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Tom's Music Videos of Doom - Episode 3 (Directed by Kirsty Eyre)
Against his better judgment, Tom agrees to shoot a rap video for Molly, who is inundated with work. A tense reunion between the two of them takes on a different dynamic when Smug Guy arrives on the scene. Tom takes the brief of shooting a video for The Admiral Black Knight at The House of Rap. His professionalism surely has to get him somewhere...
Cast & Crew:
Written & Directed by Kirsty Eyre
Shot & Edited by Adam Simcox
Roger Kennedy: Tom
Ed Allenby: Hobbsy
Julian Shaw: Smug Guy
Melissa de Mol: Molly
Lilly Brando: Receptionist
Simon Bysshe: Sound recordist
Marcello Coppola: Boom operator

Tom's Music Videos of Doom - Episode 3 from Adam Simcox on Vimeo.

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Reminder - Nomination Call
Just a reminder to post your favorite videos in each category by Friday, the 19th. Votes will be tallied etc etc.
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The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die – "Shoppers Beef"/"$100 Tip"

TWIABP – "Shoppers Beef"/"$100 Tip" from Geoff Hoskinson on Vimeo.

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Berri Txarrak - Zerbait Asmatugo Dugu - Directed by: Joseba Elorza
Music video for "Zerbait Asmatugo Dugu" by Berri Txarrak.

Direction & Animation: Joseba Elorza.
Music: Berri Txarrak.
Album: Denbora da poligrafo bakarra.

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Populous - Fall (feat. Cuushe) (Dir. UOLLI)

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Monster Rally - Da Vida Voz

Monster Rally - De Vida Voz (super8) from Eleonore Wismes on Vimeo.

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Giraffage »Tell Me« (Regie: Adam Avilla)

Arty & Doggy
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Antville Music Video Awards 2014 - Voting Area
Inside are the contested polls at this year's Antville Music Video Awards. The polls will be open until Saturday, December 27th at 12:00p (EST), after which the winners will be tallied and announced.
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