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Linda Marie Smith-Surrender to the Sea

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Pull My Strings - Alter Egos (Directed by Dani Martínez)

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FOO - Amazement (Factory Live), Directed by Dani Martínez

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World Set Alight | MAKO Exclusive (Official Music Video)

WorldSet Alight is the new single by MAKO. This is the first single from the forthcoming album "The Runner"

Download now at

Declan O'Shea and Christian Montagne are the brains behind the rock group MAKO both are former members of the internationally acclaimed band Cyclefly.

The beautiful graffiti and street art work used in this video was shot while on tour in Brazil. If you are one of these amazing artists please contact us at so i can add your links to our sites.
Artist 1. Paulo Kalvo

Released Feb 10th, 2015
Written by: Christian Montagne/Declan O'Shea
Produced by: Ciaran O' Shea
Mixed By: Tim Palmer
Video Directed & produced by: Declan O' Shea
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Kelela "A Message" dir. Daniel Sannwald / Fantasista Utamaro
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Streets of Laredo - Slow Train

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Arkells - Leather Jacket

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k-os - Turn Me Loose (dir. Michael Maxxis)

New album in 2015.

Producer: Blake McWilliam
Director: Michael Maxxis
Cinematographer: Mike McLaughlin
Editor: Dylan Atkinson

Follow k-os online:
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The Dig "You and I and You" dir. Terence Nance
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Una Fabrica. Tanto Tiempo Lindatv

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Delta Spirit - Language of the Dead

Delta Spirit are an americana indie rock band from San Diego. Their new album, 'Into The Wide,' is out now.
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Spencer Burton - "Death of Gold" dir. Colin Medley

Featuring a cameo with the amazing Eric’s Trip original, acclaimed solo artist and JUNO Award winning, Julie Dorion, who Spencer borrows money from to help fuel a jaunty, excess-filled day in the big city.

The Colin Medley (Alvvays, Bry Webb, PS I Love You) directed video captures the essence of Spencer’s wry and dry sense of humour that his deeply heartfelt, at times heart-wrenchingsongs rarely reveal.

Spencer Burton is a singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada.
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Broncho - NC-17

Shot like a damaged VHS video from the ‘80s and following a long-haired middle school kid as he tags along with his older brother and friends, evading his parents, brokering drug deals and finding more trouble than he bargained for.

Broncho are an lo-fi, indie-rock group from Oklahoma. Their album Just Enough Hip To Be Woman is out now.
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Slowdive - Here She Comes

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Young Empires "So Cruel (Remix)" dir. Tendril - interactive version
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Mysteries - Newly Thrown (Dir. Kris Moyes)

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Herbert Grönemeyer "Fang mich an" Dir: Zoran Bihac
Choreograph: Constanza Macras
Making Of:
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Twin River "Bend to Break" (dir. Anthem Jackson)

"Bend To Break", taken from Twin River's debut, full length album, Should The Light Go Out (Feb 17, 2015).

Buy on iTunes:

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Spotify -
Rdio -

Find Twin River online:
Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -

Directed, Produced, and Edited by Anthem Jackson

Paul Rogic
Jennifer Vonas

Producer - Amy Zimmerman
Cinematographer - Peter Hadfield
Production Designer - Jennifer Worms
Makeup - Larissa Boland
1st ACs - Braden Batsford, Francisco Passuelo
Moped Teamster & Phantom Bike Operator - Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux
Drones by Halo Cine Productions Inc.

Additional cast in order of appearance:
Martima Carlson, Nina Malekyazdi, Emily Bandel, Kyoko Nagata, Nik Ovestaas, and Grant Minor

Special Thanks:
Mike Dinsmore, Tony Dean (REDRAD Motion Pictures)

© 2015 Light Organ Records

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Jose Gonzalez "Leaf Off / The Cave" dir. Mikel Cee Karlsson
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altopalo - chagrinning [official video by Colin Marchon]
A hallucinatory stop-motion rainbow music video for Brooklyn based band altopalo.
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