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Asbjørn - K I D D O (---found footage excerpt---) (edit: Franck Deron)

this is the uncomped excerpt of the found footage section, to see how it was integrated check out the link to the official music video >

directed by: POWERCLAP >
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Seven (On The Boat) by Joseph Rittling Directed by We Do This {Glasgow}

Seven (On The Boat) from We Do This [Glasgow] on Vimeo.

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Haptic by Modifier directed by We Do This {Glasgow}

Haptic from We Do This [Glasgow] on Vimeo.

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Alphanaut "Life on Mars?" David Bowie cover song

Directed by Robert Barnett "Life on Mars?" is the debut music video for the upcoming Alphanaut album "Meanwhile Back on Earth".

Shot entirely on the iPhone, the concept was to use common inexpensive tech and merge the footage with animation created in Adobe After Effects. Robert wanted to create surrealistic fantasy worlds to parallel David Bowie's enigmatic lyric.

Life on Mars Single available on iTunes

The new album is due out late 2014.

Footage shot on iPhone 5s by Robert Barnett, Barry Martin and Mark Alan. All post production by Robert Barnett.

Music and Lyric - David Bowie
Arrangement - Mark Alan
Song Production - Ted Scarlett and Mark Alan
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Peace "Lost on Me" dir. Ninian Doff
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Coldplay "True Love" dir. Jonas Åkerlund
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Piridelmar feat Bruno Soares Sax & Roxana "Close 2 U"
is the Second official single by :
Label : Vidisco

is available for download on Beatport & Itunes
Get here :

Management & Booking:
Mobile: +351 967837179 | +351 916226166

Produced by:
RG Prod
Ricardo Gonçalves

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Fenech-Soler - Last Forever (Dir: Luke Bellis)

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Luca - "Pristine" (Ft E&J)
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Paradame - "Charon" (Ft Mezus) Produced by J.Lee

Paradame - "Charon" (Feat Mezus) Official Music Video from AudioDose on Vimeo.
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SEXPARTY - Huge in Japan (x Cream Lemon)

New Orleans punkrap production pair Sexparty mashed up an episode of the cult classic Japanese Hentai show "Cream Lemon" for their song Huge in Japan.
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Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson - No Frontiers (dir. David Strindberg)

Music video for No Frontiers by Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson.
Directed by David Strindberg. Produced by Josefin Malmén.
A KevinandRoy production.

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EIGHT TWO - MOTIVATION (Kalen Artinian, dir)
Shot in both Brooklyn and Toronto,"Motivation" is a story about love overcoming all odds.

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Jeff Knabel - My Baby Left Me
Recorded live at the 'Southern Blues Bar' in Christchurch, New Zealand by 'Lebanese Renegade'.

Credits -

Jeff Knabel - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Ritchie Gillies - Lead Guitar
Jeff Ahearn - Drums
Dean Aranui - Bass

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Knabel
Music Video by Jeff Knabel
Remastered by Jeff Knabel


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M83 "Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun" // Dir: Yoonha Park

M83 "Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun" from Yoonha Park on Vimeo.

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Abraham Moughrabi - Sun Fallen (Angel) (Dir: Andy Sowerby)

Music by Abraham Moughrabi
Video by Andy Sowerby
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Man Ray Sky - Luma (Dir: Andy Sowerby)

'Luma' by Man Ray Sky

Video Credits:
Directed, Shot and Edited by Andy Sowerby
Concept by JS Thornton and Andy Sowerby
Additional Direction by JS Thornton
Performances by Poppy Kay and Maximillian Ross
Lighting and additional cameras by Crusoe Weston
Additional footage by Gabriel Leon Wulff and metaLuna
Additional creative commons stock footage from Johann Mynhardt

Audio Credits:
Music by Man Ray Sky, Lyrics by Aruldoss / Thornton
Produced by Man Ray Sky.
Recorded by Kenneth Ishak at Obseravatoriat Recording Studio, Oslo, Norway.
Extra recording by Man Ray Sky at home, Brighton, United Kingdom.
Mixed and Mastered by Junk Scientist @ Irresbonsible Recordings
Copyright 2013 Man Ray Sky
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Spacenoid - Vanished (Dir: Andy Sowerby)

'Vanished' by Spacenoid
Released 07/07/14

Music by Spacenoid
Video by Andy Sowerby

Adult Elephant Boy played by James Pearce
Child Elephant Boy played by Toby Murphy
Elephant Boy's Mother played by Alex Murphy
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KC Roberts And The Live Revolution "Electric Lovers" (Roman Tchjen, dir)

robots..dancing..dancing robots
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Mosman Alder – ‘Germland (Of Julien Charbonneau)’ Directed by Kris Moyes
“The imagery resembles shapes and colours commonly found in the natural world. Body tissue, bacteria, forests and space junk spring to mind during playback,” Kris Moyes said on the video.

The six-piece band may not have a thudding bass line, dark R&B production – in fact it's fair to say they're not making a particularly trendy sound at all, but what they have managed to capture with their numerous members (including 3 keyboards, 2 guitarists, 4 singers and a violin) is an emotional connective sound that transcends popular genre and makes each track these peculiar twenty-somethings write an elegant and twisted coming-of-age tale.

In the midst of writing their debut album ('Humdrum Star' - named for the themes running through Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' which is out on iTunes on September 5th) the band collaborated with famed music-video producer who despite working with some of the biggest names in music, took a chance on an emerging band to direct this utterly hypnotising video for their single 'Germland.'
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