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Director: Queralt Antú Serrano
Production: Ainet Canut
Photography Alex Gaultier
Art Assistant: Isolda Piza
Mask Cutting: Queralt Antú Serrano, Wences Aparicio, Isolda Piza
2D Animation: Quim Ribalta
Editing: Queralt Antú Serrano


Music: BLaumut
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clipping - Story 2

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Nathan K. - 1993 dir. Cody Weber
from the album "Methodist Girls"

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Tre små ord - Official Swedish cover of Cele două cuvinte by Taxi

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OneVoice & JWow Twins - Love makes you beautiful

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Janet - You will be here

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OneVoice - Stilla ro

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HYUNA - '빨개요 (RED)' Dir: ?

This video deserves two screen shots

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SAÅAD - After Love (dir. Grégoire Orio)


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Efrat Ben zur - One fainting robin

A new Stop-motion video for Efrat Ben-zur, directed by Yuval and Merav Nathan (Her morning elegance, Lose this child).
The video suggests a visual interpretation for the lyrics by the N. American poet, Emily Dickenson (19th century).
The animation was made with real plants and flowers over black velvet.

Directed : Yuval and Merav Nathan
Production : Yuval and Merav Nathan (Animation Home)
Music by: Efrat Ben Zur
Talent: Efrat Ben Zur
Animated: Yuval and Merav Nathan
Script: Yuval and Merav Nathan
DSLR Camera: Yuval Nathan
Video DOP: Oded Plotnizki
Line producer: Yuli Urbakh
Make up: Emily B
Hair: Lena Martzinovskaya
Record company: Anova music
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Hope - Nude
With a deep bow to Loie Fuller.

Video Editing: Phillip Staffa

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Forever Still - Towards the Edge

Download FREE music:

Download our EP featuring Towards the Edge here:

For more info see:

The video is written, shot and edited entirely by the band following the complete no compromise DIY ethics the band have come to be known for. “We want everything about the band to be as honest and close to our hearts as possible, which is why we chose to make this ourselves”. With the video for Towards the Edge the band has now independently created and released a unique video for every song on the EP.
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Remember that video? (Help!)
I'm looking for a video that was shot on B&W. There was the singer playing a guitar in a studio set sat on a chair and then the camera was cutting around him in circles, with each beat of the music the camera was getting closer to the singer in every circle.
The camera wasn't moving inside the takes...
That is all I remember... May be any of you remember what is the video.
Thank you Antvillers!
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Tensnake, Jacques Lu Cont feat. Jamie Lidell - Feel of love

Music video for Tensnake, Jacques Lu Cont feat. Jamie Lidell - Feel of love

Director: Remy Cayuela (@remycayuela
Producer: Joe Walker
Production company: Able & Baker (@_AbleAndBaker)
Director's Rep: Marisa Garner
DoP. Ben Fordesman
Editor: Edouard Mailaender
Colourist: Paul Harrison @ Finish
Commissioner: James Hackett
Label: Virgin EMI
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Common and Big Sean "Diamonds" directed by Jerome D.
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SISTAR - "Touch my body" Dir: ?

More short shorts. Billed as 2014’s "Bubble Pop”

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Cinnamon Chasers - Hurts Too Much (dir. David Strindberg)

Music video for Hurts Too Much by Cinnamon Chasers.
Directed by David Strindberg. Produced by Josefin Malmén.
A KevinandRoy production.

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Srosh Ensemble: forces in a continuum

Srosh Ensemble: forces in a continuum from Sonoscopia on Vimeo.

Performed by João Ricardo, Filipe Silva, Maria Mónica, Gustavo Costa, Alberto Lopes, Henrique Fernandes, Sara Gomes and Rodrigo Cardoso.

Recorded at Sonoscopia, Porto. July 2014.

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BAD AMERICA - GOOD (Director: Mischa Baka)

GOOD - BAD AMERICA. Fling from Mischa Baka on Vimeo.

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Chopstick Brothers - "Little Apple ", Director: Chopstick Brothers,


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