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Michel Montecrossa; Talking Greece, Eurasia And The New EU - Über Griechenland, Eurasien Und Die Neue EU Reden - New-Topical-Song dedicated to debt relief for Greece

Michel Montecrossa says about his New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Greece, Eurasia And The New EU - Über Griechenland, Eurasien Und Die Neue EU Reden’:
“The true European Spirit is the Spirit of sharing with all and of helping each other to come out of debts. Greece and every EU nation must be debt free through EU cooperation and must be active partners for Eurasian Union building for the strong and prosperous future of a new EU.“

Michel Montecrossa sagt über seinen New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Greece, Eurasia And The New EU - Über Griechenland, Eurasien Und Die Neue EU Reden’:
“Der wahre europäische Spirit zeigt sich als Spirit der Bereitschaft mit allen zu teilen und sich gegenseitig aus Schulden herauszuhelfen. Griechenland und jedes EU Land müssen durch EU Zusammenarbeit schuldenfrei sein und aktiv teilnehmen am Entstehen der Eurasischen Union für die starke und blühende Zukunft einer neuen EU.“

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

Watch Michel Montecrossa videos and trailers on Vimeo:

Download great Michel Montecroosa songs from Mirapuri-Shop:

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Aquila Vasica - Zodiac Kismet (Directed by Thievves)

Aquila Vasica from Singapore

"Zodiac Kismet" (Single) from Aquila Vasica

Directed & Co-edited by

Filmed & Edited by
Iyaad Salleh
Muhammad Sufi

Produced, Arranged, Mixed & Mastered by
Aeonix Productions

Special thanks to
The Analog Factory ( for venue
Fal & Gazelle for Casting
Pamela Ng for her Lovely Dragon

Get Connected with Aquila Vasica:

Debut EP coming soon August 2015
Watch Zodiac Kismet Official Lyric Video:

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Martin Del Carpio - Lies in Your Eyes (Dir: William Murray)

Video concept by Martin Del Carpio
Videography, photography and editing by William Murray
Make up by Amanda Grace

Digital download of the track:

Music created, produced & mastered by Jamie Muffett
Produced by Jamie Muffett & Martin Del Carpio
Lyrics & vocals by Martin Del Carpio
Guitars by Juan I. Garcia

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Michael Grimm- Black and White

Michael Grimm's official music video for his song "Black and White".
Featured on Michael's new album GRIMM released June 15, 2015
(C) 2015 Mattikay Records

Song credit:
Lyrics & Music by Michael Grimm & Kevin Hunter
Band Members: Michael Grimm, Drew Masterpole, Carlos Guerrero & Colin Hotchkiss

Michael Grimm - Street Performer
Anais Dior - Dancer
David Mayorga - Boyfriend
Joshua Sjoen - Waiter

Produced by:
Ticking Productions

Directed by:
Brandon Klock

Special Thanks,
Tiffany, Joni and Adam at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Las Vegas
Brian Mills at Pampas
The Smith Center
Chris and Julie Shinn
Lisa Goulston

Thank you to everyone that was able to be a part of this video!

iTunes Link:

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Rachel London- Runnin

Singer-songwriter Rachel London has dropped the essential summer pop anthem with “Runnin.” Distributed by Sony, produced by Mike Gonsolin and co-written by Nick Nittoli, “Runnin,” will have your pulse racing with its polished unapologetic lyricism and big beats. With her powerful vocals, London honestly belts out the whirlwind that is new love and the trials and tribulations of relationships. Listeners are in for the emotional roller coaster ride with perfectly timed unpredictable drops and peaks of aural excellence.

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Kwame Binea Shakedown- Hang On

Singer-songwriter, Kwame Binea who fronts the Kwame Binea Shakedown co-wrote and produced “Hang On” with guitarist, Justin Wilcox, via Pelopos Entertainment Group. The track sends an inspiring message that encourages little brothers to take control of their lives and save themselves from any hardships or disheartened feelings they are suffering from. The video meshes live performance footage with compelling images that accentuate the broader symbolism and inspiration behind the song. This funk/rock/soul song not only has an uplifting message but also, an uplifting and catchy melody. ”Hang On” displays Kwame’s soulful and unique vocals along with a bittersweet instrumental break. Keep an eye out for their upcoming EP due out July 17th.

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Tony B | "24" (Official Video)

Add this to your playlist on SoundCloud:

Video Shot by: Youngblood Productions

Love You Right (Lyric Video):

Highways (Lyric Video):

Highways EP - Spotify:
Highways EP - iTunes:


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KATO / Glow in the Dark - Directed by Owen Schwartzbard

The official music video for KATO's Glow in the Dark, from his debut album A Summer in Space Beach.

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Neonschwarz "Fly fish"

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jpgHAD - Edges (2015) Director: Thomas Balmbra

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Amber Lynn Nicol - When The Sun Goes Down [Blues/Rock]

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WIT directed by wendy figueroa

a cute poem.
this is his truth.
she accepted, i did not.

WIT from Wendy Figueroa on Vimeo.

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Stealing Signs - 'Hide and Seek' (official music video) (dir. .JUNK)

A small group of music lovers are currently in the testing stage of creating a fully functioning A.I. band, performing original material. Giving 'manufactured rock band' a whole new meaning.

Stealing Signs, artist
Hide and Seek, song
.JUNK, director
.JUNK, producer
.JUNK, production company
Stephen Dominey, director of photography
.JUNK, editor
Paul Cooper, visual effects
Dan Cazyer, lighting technician
Bradley Rolling, sound designer

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DLID feat. The Rodeo - Anchors - directed by Damien Vignaux

DLID feat. The Rodeo - Anchors - official video from Damien elroy Vignaux on Vimeo.

Official music video for DLid feat The Rodeo - Anchors - out 29.06.15
Written and directed by Damien Vignaux
Production by HERCULE
Label : HRCL REC
AD : Jacqueline Szymczak
Second camera / Ronin : Pavlé Savic
Stylist : Sophia Schwan
Model : Alex Mru
Assistant : JB Casini

Styling credits :

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JFJ - Clyde Fans

A musicvideo hommage to ambiguity and ice tea.

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ACID SPACE - 70MIN - TRAILER (Dir. Stefano Bertelli)

Deebs & Jarell Perry - Driving Blind (dir. Jason Voltaire)

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LEV - "Never Let You Go" (directed by Aaron Brown)

LEV - "Never Let You Go"
Never Let You Go by LEV available at:
EP "Fear No Evil" at:

Director: Aaron Brown
Producer: Anthony Erickson
Director of Photography: Jefe Greenheart
Assistant Camera: Scott Clark
Second Camera/Grip: Rob Seidel
Grip/Gaffer: Alex Diamond
Swing: John Knudson
Production Assistant: James Rodriguez
An Onion Creek Production

Art Director/Prop Master: Lindsay Lipscomb
Art Department Assistant: Chris Combs

Husband: Van Jameson Logan
Flirty girl: Hannah Francis

Wardrobe/Costumer: Lindsay Lipscomb
Costumes provided by: Gypsy Sun Vintage
Cast Hair: Hannah Francis
Cast Makeup: Shannon Marie

Pehl House

Editor: Rob Seidel
Color: Rob Seidel

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Distraction - "Open Your Mind" [Official Music Video]

Introducing Distraction from Morbid Media
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Kid Francescoli - Does She?

"Does She?" is a 11minutes prelude to the "Blow up" video from 2013.

Directed by Hawaii & Smith.
With Emily Wroe, Amanda Merten and David Yow.

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