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Festival Music Mix 2016 - Best of Electro House EDM Music Video

Festival Music Mix 2016 | Best of Electro House EDM Music Video

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Rapperazzi - Directed by Tron

Brooklyn Nets Lin, Hamilton, And More Bosses (Rap Song By Rapperazzi). This is a song about the players on the Brooklyn Nets. Extremely fast lyrics with a catchy sports like instrumental. For more rap music about sports, games, and more visit

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Hannah Williams and the Affirmations - Tame In The Water, dir. Steph Hope

Surreal video about a cheating boyfriend who is a giant yellow rabbit.

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The Divine Comedy "Catherine The Great" Dir: Raphaël Neal

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Jeff Knabel - Space Oddity

A cover song, called 'Space Oddity' by David Bowie, that I recorded with Tim Forsyth in Loveland, Colorado in a duo called 'Glass Staircase'.

Jeff Knabel - Lead Vocals
Tim Forsyth - Harmony Vocals

Music and Lyrics by David Bowie
Midi Music by Jeff Knabel


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SUNS OF THYME - DEEP PURPLE RAIN (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) from Christian Schmid Rincon on Vimeo.

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Jonathan Cavier - "Promise"

You can download "Promise" along with Jonathan Cavier's album "Premier"!

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Prompted by memories of yesterday
I thought I'd tell you what I'm thinking
There's no reason it can't fly on the wind
When we play this game, we play to win

We made a promise to hold onto
Keep it sacred everyday
I'll take you anywhere you want to go
These feelings will remain unchanged
(I promised you, we'd make it through, even our darkest days)

Turn your fears into warmth embrace
This is our hope, tomorrow's here
Flowing tears by words of grace
Confirmed my dreams by the look on your face

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TEMPTATIONS™ - Treat Them Too

"Next time you treat yourself, just don't forget the cat! ..."

From ...

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DORO - Raise Your Fist In The Air - Live At Wacken (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

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On quitting

Well, I've been doing video promotion for 18 years and it's time to not do it. I'm going to consume videos still, but I'll be done with video promotion as a way to make money (videostatic), not sure what my role will be at antville but it will probably not be as intensely-culturally curatorial.

But I will keep following things at Director File Two; there is still no making money off of that, even though it's somewhat successful.

Later, and enjoy the new Keith vid.


Wrong "Turn In"

Official music video for WRONG - "Turn In" from the new album 'Wrong' out now on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records.

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Director Eric Hernandez

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Nothing "Eaten By Worms"

NOTHING - "Eaten By Worms" Official Music Video, from the new album 'Tired of Tomorrow', out now on CD/LP/Deluxe 2xLP/Cassette/Digital via Relapse Records. Directed by Kevin Haus -

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Have a laugh
Were friends until the bitter end
So fry our heads

Chasing breathes
Plastic sheets, puddles of sweat
Leave what you left

Pupils spun
Blessed be the setting sun
It’s load of fun

It’s unavoidable
It’s unattainable
It’s uncontrollable
But you know?
But you know

It’s unavailable
It’s irresistible
It’s educational
It’s recreational
It’s confrontational
It’s inescapable
It’s so practical
Yet so magical
It’s unavoidable
It’s unavoidable
It’s unavoidable
But you know

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Ringworm "Snake Church"

RINGWORM - "Snake Church" (Official Music Video) from 'Snake Church' out now on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records.
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Directed by Don Tyler

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Brothers of darkness; void of light.
Poison the father; venomous bite.
Divine intervention; the holy parasite.

Crumbling arches; we are the end.
Raining upon us again and again.
Lucifer rising; finally descend.

Rise, serpent on the cross.

We see the ocean of fire; the blood in the skies.
The golden horizon; the all seeing eye.
War of attrition; master of the flies.

The mindless submission, the life on a chain.
The disintegration, the vital remain.
Bleeding the hallow; author of your pain.

Rise, serpent on the cross.

See the vultures circle round.
Feeding off the dead, an ocean turning red.
Eternally you search.


Sealing the ending, wage of sin.
Assimilation, the devil within.
Serpent arising; shedding of the skin.

Our damnation, burial tomb.
Into the coven; into the womb.
As we recite the prophecy of doom.
Eternally you search.

rise, rise, rise SNAKE CHURCH.

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Cranky George - "Nighttime"

Nighttime Music Video from Cranky George on Vimeo.

"Nighttime" is the first single from Cranky George's debut full length 'Fat Lot of Good', out October 14.

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Project Grand Slam - "The Queen's Carnival"

Our new album “The Queen’s Carnival" is available now on iTunes!

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Fenech-Soler - Kaleidoscope (Dir: Luke Bellis)

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Zivota M - Europa, Europa was machst du mit meinem Körper?

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Kings Of Leon - Waste A Momen - Dimitri Basil/Laura Gorun

Kings Of Leon - Waste A Moment from Dimitri Basil on Vimeo.

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Blacks Ferns "Factory Worker" by Sophia Segal

New break out single "Factory Worker" and music video from Black Ferns, Indie Dream-Pop band from Seattle, WA

Description: A haunting figure conjured by the inner psyche unleashes an acid-like collage of watery emotions and buried memories.

Black Ferns "Factory Worker" from Sophia Segal on Vimeo.

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Modilar: Fiebre Disco

Awesome new music video paying homage to retro sci-fi and Space Disco.

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