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LESULA - My Moves

My Moves by LESULA

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Cooper Alan - Carolina Saturday Night

Cooper Alan is an artist ready to make his mark on the Country Music industry. Originally from Winston-Salem and now living in Chapel Hill, his new material is the culmination of years of honing his craft around the state with his band Below The Line. A chance encounter with producer Riz Story has created a partnership that will put Cooper in the cross hairs of Country Music fans across the country. The début of his EP titled "Carolina Saturday Night" will coincide with the release of the soundtrack to the movie"A Winter Rose" in which his song will play a major part.As exciting as this is, the main focus should remain on the new music that this collaboration has created.

This is modern country music at its best. Great stories blended with truly memorable melodies make each one of these songs a tune that is going to get stuck in your head. In addition, his energetic and enthusiastic live performances make you want to sing and dance like nobody's watching. For more on Cooper check out :

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Tanille “Santa Don’t Pass Me By”

R&B/Pop Artist Tanille Edwards is a multi-talented songstress who writes her own lyrics and produces the musical arrangements for her fresh new songs. Her soulful sound is uniquely reminiscent of those lyrically passionate, club groovin' beats of the 80's.

A native New Yorker, Tanille's music has global range. Her passion for entertaining began at the early age of 3 when she would perform her vocal talent for an audience of extended family during events and holiday gatherings. By age 7 she was in the spotlight, and onstage as winner of a local talent contest.

“I wrote “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” when I was missing my love at holiday times. Things got a little confused. He thought I meant one thing, and I meant something else. I started thinking about what would I do if I didn’t hear from him before Christmas. Knowing how much I missed him. Knowing how magical the season is. It would be my only Christmas wish for Santa to bring him back. Love is such big part of the holiday season. It is my favorite time of the year.” -xoxo Tanille

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Grace Valerie - See How We Run (Official Music Video) Grace Valerie

Grace Valerie, age 23, was originally discovered in 2010 by Grammy-winning producer and American Idol judge Randy Jackson. In 2011, Grace Valerie and Jackson collaborated on her first single, When the Lights Go Down. The song’s video quickly became a success, scoring more than 1.5 million YouTube hits. It reached No. 17 on Billboard’s club chart and was a No. 1 “Most Popular” MTV video.

Grace was born in Moscow, Russia in 1990. As a young girl, she dreamed of being a musician. “I sang Michael Jackson’s songs when I was four, madly wanting to know what they meant,” she remembers. “I grew up singing Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears in my bedroom, always imagining and pretending to be an artist... In high school, I started doing concerts and talent shows.”

But Grace Valerie’s parents had other plans. They envisioned her in an international career outside the limelight. They sent her to the Russian University of Economics, from which she graduated with honors. “I loved my school years, and I learned a lot,” Grace Valerie says. “But deep down, I always knew I would become an artist.”

Grace’s second single Don’t Wanna Be Waiting, produced and co-written by Jackson, officially debuted on iTunes in late 2012. In just two days, the single raced to the No. 1 position on By January 2013, the song charted at the No. 2 position on SiriusXM’s “20 on 20” channel and hit No. 1 on WNRG 107.9 FM – Florida’s Energy Dance Mix Radio.

The video for Don’t Wanna Be Waiting was directed by Taj Stansberry, a Hollywood auteur who has created music videos for Rihanna, Usher, and others, including for Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s song On the Floor.

Grace hit the ground running this year, announcing the February 4, 2014 release of her Not For Love single that has fans on their feet. Grace pushes the boundaries of her art through her new single, and the video speaks volumes to her half a million fans on social media, giving them an edgy voice which Grace knows they’ve been waiting for.

“As a Top-40 dance artist, I’m very excited and proud of the bold statements in my latest release - both the message of the video to my fans and the world, and bridging the two Music Cities of Los Angeles and Nashville together. It’s a very exciting time in my career!” says Grace.

Conceived between Los Angeles and Nashville, Not For Love was recorded by a GRAMMY, CMA, and People's Choice Award-winning music producer Busbee in Los Angeles and filmed in Nashville, marking the ever-growing trend of top-tier talent merging between the two music cities.

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Born in Toronto, raised in Barbados, Vita Chambers is a Canadian singer -songwriter and a performing artist. Her single "Fix You" entered Top 40 on Canadian radio, charted at #15, and went Gold in 3 months in 2013 in Canada, following a triumphant 27 show tour opening for Justin Beiber in 2010.

"FixYou" was also nominated by Juno for the Best Dance Record of the year in 2013. She was voted " Best Pop Artist" for 2013 at the Toronto Teenz Fav Awards & performed at the Winnipeg Pride festival that same year.

Vita Chambers was nominated for two categories in the 2014 CMRA categories for Best Solo Artist for Dance/Urban/Rhythmic and and Best Solo Artist CHR. She also performed alongside Chaka Khan & Ayah Marar at Pittsburg Pride in 2014, as well as Hamilton Pride and Toronto Pride in 2014 and 2016.

She has released several singles since “Fix You “ including "What If", "A+D", "Tell Me", "Ferrous", "His Love" and "Atlas". Her latest single is titled "Want You ". Keep up with Vita Chambers on social media for all the latest news & performances.

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Farrah Mechael - Lost FarrahMechaelVEVO

Eclectic, mesmerizing, and dynamic are the adjectives being used to describe emerging Michigan based singer Farrah Mechael. At times brilliant and at times daring, Farrah is relentlessly engaging. Through the effortless sounds of her distinct vocals, Farrah is carving out a musical style of her own. Her lyrical themes create genuine, multifaceted songs that take the listener on a reflective journey. Her powerful voice and flawless delivery are reasons why the talented beauty is being touted as one of the music industry’s brightest new stars.
Farrah has boundless energy and relentless drive. She is emerging onto the music world’s radar as a genuinely refreshing singer/songwriter. She creates music that inspires others to follow their dreams. Moreover, her incredible new single, “Lost,” is a solid effort that fully exhibits Farrah’s passion and dedication to her craft. The songstress effortlessly shifts her voice and delivery into the beat so that it acts as an additional instrument within the song.
Farrah Mechael’s unique selling proposition is that she’s not afraid to be herself and she incorporates many of her life’s experiences into her music. She is intriguing in her ability to connect with the listener. There is an undercurrent of passion and authenticity in her voice. Her creativity, stage presence and confidence set her apart from other aspiring artists. Farrah is on a mission to become a “diamond” in a music world filled with “cubic zirconias.” Support the “Lost” single on iTunes today.

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Rizzy Rackz & Star-Camp Booda- "Serve" (Prod. by Young Wag)

On Sunday, June 1, 2014, at approximately 10:15 pm, while Rackz was at a studio recording, his daughter, age 23 months, was shot in the side of her torso during a visit to a cousins house in the Hillside Court Neighborhood of South Richmond. The same neighborhood where his uncle Marco was murdered about three years earlier. Thankfully the bullet went straight through all flesh, sparing all organs as well as her life. From then on Rizzy took his music more serious than ever. He buckled down and hit the studio hard to develop his sound so that the world will listen.

Failing is not an option, especially since that particular incident occurred while he was recording. Aimed to bring the streets and his people together, Rackz prides himself with the intellectual burden of superb logic, consciousness, and self-awareness. Rackz says, “I just wanna make people move while maintaining substance, content, and deliverance of the message.” Everything is official! Authenticity is what you will get with Rizzy Rackz. Don't just listen turn up & tune in!

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Kurt Da Great - "Island Girl"

Curtis Jasmyene Hall known as “Kurt Da Great” was born on October 28th, 1988 and is a native of Albany, Ga who currently resides in Jacksonville, Fl. Kurt has done a lot of moving around and in the midst of his travel, found influence, resulting in his own originality and contribution to the Hip Hop sector.

Prolific in his delivery, Kurt enjoys enticing his fans and listeners with “catchy phrases and electric hooks.” He is focused on success; Kurt is an enlisted member of the U.S. Navy, where he has combined his work ethics with his love for music. Being influenced since the age of eight, Kurt has always said “whatever I lack in talent, I’ll certainly make up for it with my work ethics.” Kurt had his first memorable encounter with music when he purchased the hit single, ‘Cross Roads’ by Bone Thugs in Harmony. He also has other influences like: Johnny Taylor, Kool Moe Dee, Kid N Play and Rob Base, just to name a few.

Kurt started out freestyling on school busses and afterschool track meets in high school, which would generate some of his soon to be popularity amongst peers. During travel to various states, Kurt would find time to entertain crowds by showing his knack for rapping. Referencing Flex’ lyrics, “If it’s out there, imma go get it,” Kurt says. “I am driven to accomplish anything I set my mind to!” Most recently, in May of 2015, his first appearance at Club Bliss, Kurt said initially the crowd was hesitant of a new face but once the beat dropped, “their reaction was mind blowing,” he says and has inspired him to prepare for bigger audiences and settings. At this particular moment in his career, “I just wanna work” Kurt says. He just recently signed a distribution deal with Mix Therapy Records, where he feels he made the best decision, to get all his hard work and dedication exposed to the masses. Kurt doesn’t take any of this lightly, working at McDonald’s to enlisting in the U.S. Navy, he would find at a young age, the meaning of sacrifice, consistency, perseverance, and patience which would all have bearings on his up and coming road to being known as a musical “Great.”

Kurt plans to be performing, traveling, and making a name for himself in the approaching 2016. With several projects completed, he has already been introduced on Reverbnation and some of the other musical references found online. He is excited about being a part and completing his portion of a compilation album, set to be released in 2016 [early], with his label mates. Kurt continues doing what he loves which is working, writing (which he discovered a love for, just recently), and making mixtapes.

Kurt defines his purpose for making music, as a hope of seeing people have fun, dance and something they can relate to. “I don’t wanna brag and boast about being the ‘next best thing’ but I will brag and boast about my commitment to making good music!” He considers “Hustle Music,” to be what he is most experienced in which is much like his determination and diligence to make it [all about the hustle].

Kurt plans to take several platforms by storm with his creativity and talent, not only musically but fashionably as well.

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Clyde Carson "Lets Get It"

Clyde Carson does not wait for opportunity; he creates it. The rapper-cum-entrepreneur is best known as the front man of The Team, a locally-successful rap group that lit up switchboards with their major radio hit in 2004 “It’s Gettin’ Hot.” Musical talent aside, he is also the mastermind of the nation’s fastest-growing energy drink, Hyphy Juice, and Partner of Moe Doe Records. Success at such a young age fared no small coincidence, as Carson set out to prove early on in his career that he was not content with being just an artist.

“My main goal was to make music with an Oakland element to it, but on a national level,” Carson explains about his objective in the music industry. Raised in the era of Mob Music in the Bay Area, he pioneered the resurgence of party music in a time when content was all about violence. With a combination of uncanny timing and relentless work ethic, Carson became one of the biggest purveyors of the Bay Area’s Hyphy Movement that brought his hometown back into the spotlight after nearly a decade of neglect from national attention.

After a brief stint in New York to soak up the mixtape hustle, Carson put together a “side project” in 2002 that would later cement his contribution to the local hip hop industry. That “side project” was the creation of a group with fellow members Mayne Mannish, Jungle, and Kaz Kyzah called The Team. Battling at local radio stations gave the group enough recognition to earn a chance at making it to the airwaves, and after scoring major spins with their previously-mentioned single “It’s Getting Hot”, Carson proved that the Hyphy Movement was not something so easily categorized as a passing fad.

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ALMA - Dye My Hair / Directed by Youth Hymns /

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AKD - How the story goes (prod. by K73) | Official Video

AKD - How the story goes
Produced by K73 2016


K73 Basement Stories Album
► Order on iTunes:

featuring SPAX, AKD, Funky DL, David Scribbles, Uwe Kaa, J-Live,
Taiga Trece, MIQ, BNC, Sunspot Jonz, Raashan Ahmad, Eramatics,
Lobstarr, Caramelo, Cruso & Mic Jamain.

16 months, a countless amount of recordingvideophotographic sessions and finally a album with 20 tracks, 80 pages booklet, videos, tons of photos, 15 single cover artworks and many new friends... It started with an idea and ended in a full LP called "Basement Stories". Thanks to each and everybody who helped us doing this project with the same believe we had to create something big at the end. Special thanks to the MC's which took the risk to work with us and our sometimes weird ideas on this journey. Believe it or not - we have a release date which is safe as the next brew at the Augustiner Brewery; 09.09.16! You'll get the LP at all known digital stores, Itunes presale is available NOW!

►K73 Youtube-Channel abonnieren:

Folgt, liked und besucht uns außerdem in allen gängigen Sozialen Netzwerken:

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► K73 Website:

► Video by K73

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All We Know - The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan

“All We Know” is a relaxed song about a struggling relationship. The relationship in question is on the brink of falling apart, but a connection still exists through some sort of love and/or weed, and the lovers don’t know whether to keep the relationship going or not.

The song features vocals from LA-based singer-songwriter Phoebe Ryan, and is the fourth original song released in 2016 by The Chainsmokers, following the success of their #1 hit, “Closer.”

After previewing the song at various live appearances in late August, The Chainsmokers confirmed the song would be their next single in early September 2016. Phoebe Ryan teased it on her Twitter four days before and the YouTube audio was released one day before the song’s official release on September 30th.

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Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles ft. Gucci Mane, Director: Motion Family

First time I heard this one, yet its been top of the charts for months

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Snuttock - Attention (Leaether Strip Remix) - Official Music Video

From the Snuttock album 'Rituals Redux'
Download 'Rituals Redux' on iTunes:
Download 'Rituals Redux' on Amazon:
Purchase / Download 'Rituals Redux' from Morphius Records:

Music video directed by Ernie Mosteller:

Featuring: Claus Larsen / Leaether Strip & Actress Alisa Baksheeva

Follow Snuttock:

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Joe Stanford - A Holy Night

Visit This video was written, produced and directed by Joe L Stanford Jr Enjoy your Holidays and remember sharing is caring. Share and enjoy this video with your family and friends, and don't forget to visit

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Ryan Chernin - Ashtray Kisses

Music video for the first single, Ashtray Kisses , off Ryan Chernin's debut EP, You Know Who You Are, releasing 1/13/17

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Atlas Run - Home (Directed by Stuart Breadner for Shootback)

Atlas Run are a new Indie/Alt Rock band from Glasgow, Scotland making catchy, emotional and anthemic music.

They have just released their debut music video for "Home" which can be viewed here.

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Alan Walker - Alone

The music video to “Alone” starts off all eerie with themes of being alone yet quickly evolves into what seems to be a group effort by Alan Walker’s fans aptly named “walkers” to meet up and symbolize the unity of togetherness. From there the track takes a positive turn which cues Alan Walker’s signature upbeat sound.

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Kristallo - Fora (Official Video, Pakapi Records)

Tropical Bass meets Industrial

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Garbage "Empty" dir. Samuel Bayer

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