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Mario Joy - California ( Piscina Don Pedro Pool )

Mario Joy - California ( Piscina Don Pedro Pool )

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Angie and The Deserters- "Country Radio"

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Anno Stamm - 'The Streets Where We Live' (Dir: Rory Wolahan)

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Hueso Carrizo - My Candy Favorito (dir.: Piero Medone)

Miami Beach

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Midihands - What to do (Directed by AcquaSintetica)

Midihands - What to do from AcquaSintetica on Vimeo.


Directed by

Song by

Makeup artist
Nella Zizzi

Beatrix Kittens
Piero Pignatelli

Alberto Mocellin
Nicolò Cofano


Special thanks
Nello Rosato
Benny Fanizza
Massimo Laguardia

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Justin Bieber - Company (Official Music Video)

The clip for the song -- which Bieber performed at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards -- was shot over the past year and JB said it's a glimpse at the good times and effort he's put in lately. "Personally, I love this video because it’s an honest look at my journey," he said in a statement. "The process of putting together this album and this tour -- surrounded by people I love to be with -- has been really special. I’m proud of it, it’s been a lot of fun and lot of hard work, and I think that really shows in video. I hope my fans like it as I much as I do, because it’s really all for you."

He'll continue the tour for the No. 1 album that's sold more than nine million copies globally and spawned three No. 1 hits on Saturday when he plays the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Canada. He'll stay at it in North America through June and July before heading to Japan in August and Europe in the fall.

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Farahri - Take Me As I Am

Watch the new Music Video by Farahri for "Take Me As I Am", off of her latest EP 'No Fear Just Play'.

Download the full 9 song EP FREE at


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Project Grand Slam - "The Rescue"

Download "The Rescue" Friday, July 1st on iTunes

Produced by Robert Miller and Lou Holtzman
Engineered by Lou Holtzman and Duff Harris
Recorded at EastSide Sound, New York, NY
Written and arranged by Robert Miller
Published by Cakewalk Global Publishing (BMI)


Follow Project Grand Slam on...

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Dawn Richard, "Not Above That." Directors: DJ Turner and Monty Marsh

Los Angeles-based creative studio VR Playhouse transports viewers through a universe of rainbow vortexes, trippy wormholes, exploding planets and asteroid fields in the new VR music video for alternative/electronic singer-songwriter Dawn Richard’s new single “Not Above That.”

Inspired by the 2D music video for “Not Above That,” which features space-age imagery and futuristic costumes and makeup, directors DJ Turner and Monty Marsh set about creating this world in 3D for an artist who has always sought to be on the cutting-edge of technology and pop culture.

“I was inspired by the source material from the framed music video shoot for ‘Not Above That,’” says Turner. “Monty gave us access to the shoot, and with those assets, we started world building.”

The result was a high-tech virtual reality experience where viewers travel in a spaceship throughout the outer dimensions of the galaxy, encountering an overwhelming number of twinkling stars, unknown planets, fireballs, vortexes, black holes, wormholes and asteroid fields, at one point even navigating the terrain of an otherworldly planet. As the viewer is immersed in this visually stunning universe, a holographic Dawn sings in front of the spaceship’s dashboard, eventually joining in with the other dancers on the spaceship to perform an intergalactic show.

“Working with Dawn was awesome,” says VR Playhouse co-founder and CEO Christina Heller. “I love that she is an independent artist who built her own following. Her work is very tech-forward and futuristic, so it seemed like a good match.”

Director Turner agrees that VR was the perfect medium for this particular project. “Every art form that has been created over the years – music, art, computer graphics, filmmaking – they all play a role in this world of virtual reality,” says Turner. “CG artists have always created these amazing little worlds, but you only get to view them through a tiny window. Now with VR, you actually get to be immersed in them. It’s exciting to see what the future holds.”

The effects were created by VR Playhouse. Most of the assets were created in Houdini. Modeling was done in Maya, and the spaceship from the framed music video was edited in Maya. The team next took the assets into Nuke, where they performed cleanup, created light effects, composited all the different layers together and added in the hologram layers. Finally, the project was completed in Premiere.

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The Herbert Bail Orchestra, "The Future's in the Past." Director: Björn Rühmann

Furlined director Björn Rühmann has released the second installment of his short films for Los Angeles-based indie folk band The Herbert Bail Orchestra, for their haunting track, “The Future’s in the Past.” The cinematic piece highlights themes of isolation and loneliness and draws upon the undertones of regret in the song, which offers a snapshot of intersecting lives that skim past each other in rural American life.

The Future's In The Past

The emotional short film opens with band members discovering wreckage of an abandoned car, triggering a series of close encounters linked by tragic destiny. A woman limps away from the crash seeking aide from a nearby home. Mistaken for an intruder, she sparks a man’s fear and haste, resulting in a catastrophic exchange that cannot be reversed.

“It’s about how humanity has universally become more withdrawn and lonely,” notes Rühmann. “We wanted to explore the distinct tragedy of being left with yourself in the wake of avoidable trauma caused by a lack of genuine interpersonal connection.”

Rühmann abandons the traditional music video format, taking the time to explore the narrative before weaving in the music to amplify the emotional crescendo of the characters.

“We want to make cinema for the ears,” says The Herbert Bail Orchestra frontman Anthony Frattolillo. “Our idea is that every song is a journey and has a story behind it.”

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Wolfie's Just Fine - A New Beginning (Official Music Video)

From :

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Chase Rice - Everybody We Know Does

"That's why this song, 'Everybody We Know Does,' is really special to me," he continued. "We went in and recorded it with some of Nashville's top studio musicians, so it's our sound and our lives reflected in this song. It's who we are, and that's ultimately what brings us all together."

Rice's last single, "Whisper," failed to crack the top 50 on the Country Airplay chart, which puts additional pressure on "Everybody We Know Does." The song was written by Jeremy Bussey and Travis Denning. Listen below.

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I N U D E - H U D E A (directed by AcquaSintetica)

H U D E A from AcquaSintetica on Vimeo.

"I'm running somewhere, a thousand miles away, from here, from you"

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Pitbull with Enrique Iglesias - Messin' Around (Official Video)

Get "Messin' Around" Feat. Enrique Iglesias Now:
Apple Music

Follow Pitbull:

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BamBam - Light Up (Official Music Video)

BamBam Light Up Official Music Video
Download the ''New Demands'' EP! SUBSCRIBE

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Instagram- Soundcloud-

Music production: Jonathan Nathaniel
Mastering: Tom Coyne

Video credits:
Produced & Directed by Cedric Sequerra
Director Of Photography: Eric Bindman
Visual FX: Matthew Dukes
Colourist: Jean-Maxim Desjardins
Assistant Camera: John Lipsz
Production Assistant: Michael Baloun

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SuperGlu, Weekend Dir. by Keita Lynch

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UGK Presents: SirReal vs. Mr. Mumbles - Rap Battle

UGK Presents: SirReal vs. Mr. Mumbles - Rap Battle

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Tina Turner "What's Love Got to Do With It? (version one)" dir. Mark Robinson (1984)

Source: C:\fakepath\whatslove.jpg

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New Order "True Faith" dir. Philippe de Coufle (1987)

Source: C:\fakepath\truefaith.jpg

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