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Radiohead ~ Paperbag Writer (Dundas)

Visualizing Radiohead's track Paperbag Writer from their Com Lag EP.

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Johnny Lloyd - 'Pilgrims' Dir. Tobias Ross-Southall

Starring Douglas Booth

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Youtube fame tutorial gone WRONG.

Melt Yourself Down - Jump The Fire (directed by Will Simpson)

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Auditorium - Mt. Moriah

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Two children who are being ferried to another neighborhood to go trick-or-treating. In a moment of lost innocence a little girl witnesses that which she does not comprehend.

Jeff Knabel - Black Winter - Remastered

Recorded live at the 'Southern Blues Bar' in Christchurch, New Zealand by 'Lebanese Renegade'.

Credits -

Jeff Knabel - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Ritchie Gillies - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jeff Ahearn - Drums and Backing Vocals
Dean Aranui - Bass

Lyrics -

1V - Running slowly through the wind I try to find you. Keeping solely to yourself. In the distance I can see the new horizen. Glowing bright red in your eyes.

C - Whoa it's such a lonely feelin'. Whoa it's a good day to die.

2V - In the fortress of your mind you crawl behind it. Keeping solely to yourself. When the big bang crashed the ground you try to hide it. But your fortress would not stand.

Chorus - Lead/Bridge
Chorus X2 - Outro

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Knabel
Video by Jeff Knabel
Remastered by Jeff Knabel


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Annakin - Beauty of an Abandoned Place - (Official Music Video) Directed by: Christian Ammann

From the forthcoming Album "Flowers on the Moon" (out September 16)

Video directed by Christian Ammann
Story by Annakin and Christian Ammann
Moon: Amber Jean Rowan
Sun: Robertas Aukstuolis
Messenger: Annakin
Set Design: Eoin Dillon
Make up: Christine Lucignano
Hair: Lilith Amrad
Assistent: Simon Dickinson
Images from space: Hubble telescope, NASA

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How To Install Free Ringtones For iPhone 6s, 5s, 4s, 6 Plus

Here is how to install free ringtones for your iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 5s or any iOS device that you want to download ringtones for.

tags:best ringtones, crank ringtone, free instrumental ringtones

Obama in Vietnam: US arms embargo to end

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House of Wolves - "love is a war"

House of Wolves - "Love is a War" from Tyler T. Williams on Vimeo.

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Istranbul: Venci (Hana-Bi & NO)

An arrangement of Slovenian folk songs, often performed at the funeral. The song is about fading flowers... Her flowers are green, because she waters them with tears, that would break a rock in two or three pieces, if they fell on it.

Michel Montecrossa; 'Beyond Here Lies Nothin'' (Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2015)

Michel Montecrossa says about his Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2015:
“My Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2015 is made of songs that have learned not to ask questions while breaking into the wonder-garden of love’s romantic relations. The songs I sing say something good about human nature even if this nature can’t get off sexually unless she knows that she is betraying the object of her desire.
They are slender songs, they are fluid, their age is difficult to guess, they are stateless satellites, some are blond and some are soft-voiced, but all are fragments of a glass-walled gift shop longing for your smile.
Such songs themselves smile without showing their teeth, highlighting a girl’s small hard breasts while smelling like:
We Play The Shit We Like - We Play The Shit We Love • Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ • This Dream Of You • 4th Time Around • What You Wanna Do, Do It Now • I‘m Lonesome Too • God Is A Girl • Silent Weekend • She‘s The Great Morning, The Wonderful Day • I‘m Your Teenage Prayer • Teen • 900 Miles From My Home • I‘m A Fool To Want You.“

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

Michel Montecrossa sings Bob Dylan:

Download and purchase Michel Montecrossa's music at the Mirapuri-Shop:

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Memento - Price I Pay

What's up everybody! I'm a hip-hop artist named Memento, from the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is my new single, "PRICE I PAY." It details the frustrations of working on my music completely on my own, and how I drive around my hometown of Palo Alto late at night to escape the loneliness.

Enjoy, and share/subscribe if you liked the video and song!

Uptime Funk - (Uptown Funk parody)

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Airmodular "Stupid People" Directed by Cy Donovan and Fred Fleisher

High Octane teaches his alien abductors esoteric hand gestures
in an attempt to illustrate the power of human interaction.

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DUAL SPLIT — EVERYTHING'S FINE (Official Video) (Roland von Tessin)

/// Music by Dual Split ( co-produced and mixed by Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom
/// Produced by Roland von Tessin (
/// Thanks to Alice Zurbuchen, Ramon Giger, Tristan Martineau, Maia Ibar, Baptiste Ibar and Julia Thompson



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Director File V

Source: C:\fakepath\dfjk.png

I've opened up an alpha version of Director File Joseph Kahn. I'm definitely chuffed about its, and his potential.

The guy needs no intro

I'm getting a news page up atm

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Dre Huss Ft London Everytime You Leave (Video)

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T-Pain - Look At Me (Official Music Video)

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ALLEN HALLOWEEN - Livre Arbitrio o Último Mundo.

Follow Subscribe and Share The Dark Knights Pictures
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The Dark Knights Pictures new musicvideo
Allen Halloween - “Livre arbítrio o Último Mundo”.
Directed and Produced by - APARÍCIO BAMBI -
Contact us (+351) 966425889
Executive Producer - APARÍCIO BAMBI
Director of Photography - ANDRÉ ALEXANDRE & IURI MINGAS
Assit. Director - VASCO SALEMA
Assist. Producer - HANKES DIPAKRAY

Allen Halloween Official Musicvideo

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