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Forever Still - The Last Day

The Last Day was shot, directed, and edited by Forever Still, as part of a complete DIY project which includes everything from music to video etc.

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Don't look too closely then I'll seem right,
Defy me once and I will be out of sight,

I don't look back and cry,
I'll keep living like,
It's the last day of my life

Don't make me stay and think I'll be nice ('cause I won't)
I'd rather fight and be the one you despise

I don't look back and cry,
I'll keep living like,
It's the last day of my life

Trying hard to pull me closer
Fearing that I slip away
Noticing you're left with nothing
Nothing but a memory

I don't look back and cry,
I'll keep living like,
It's the last day of my life

Don't look back and cry,
I'll keep living like,
It's the last day of my life

Produced and mixed by Mikkel Haastrup
Engineered by Mikkel Haastrup, Flemming Rasmussen
Mastered by Troy Glessner
Written and Arranged by Mikkel Haastrup and Maja Schønning
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Michel Montecrossa, Talking Ukraine Crisis, Eurasia and U.S.A.; New-Topical-Song about ending the crisis

Michel Montecrossa says:
“The New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Ukraine Crisis, Eurasia and U.S.A.’ shows the solution for leading out of the crisis:
The Ukraine crisis is ended when the Eurasian Confederation and Free Trade Zone are established. Merkel, Obama and Putin now have the chance to show true statesmanship for the progress of the world and for saving Ukraine.”

More songs and videos:

Download great Michel Montecrossa songs from Bandcamp:

Watch Michel Montecrossa videos, Trailers and Concerts on Vimeo:

Follow Michel Montecrossa on Twitter:
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MARISSA NADLER "Drive" (dir. Naomi Yang)
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SAÅAD - Valley of Quartz (dir. Grégoire Orio)

Valley of Quartz SAÅAD from AS HUMAN PATTERN on Vimeo.

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THE RAMONA FLOWERS | Tokyo (dir. Bouha Kazmi)

THE RAMONA FLOWERS | Tokyo from Bouha Kazmi on Vimeo.

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Moa Subong Music
FIFA World Cup 2014 International Song

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Burbujas Impulso Directed by Lindatv
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Moon Bounce // Whore dir. Alex Brinkman
A kid goes to extreme lengths to get rid of the monster in his closet.

Moon Bounce // Whore from Alex Brinkman on Vimeo.

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Band: M185 (AT Vienna), Song: Soon Director: Reinhold Bidner (AT)
Legendary BigMuff dealing with various obstacles on tour with Viennese Band M185 in Berlin. A song (and Video) about coming home soon...

VideoStill of the MusicVideo "Soon" by Reinhold Bidner, for the Viennese Band M185.
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Pre-order album 'Irie' by Rico & A.R.T.
Vimeo: jobjorisenmarieke
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GAWDS (Dir. Christine Yuan)

A short documentary filmed as part of the TRIBUTE series for Mainline. (

DAZED presents a film by Christine Yuan

GAWDS is an intimate, unvarnished glimpse into a Navajo teen's life as he opens up on camera about doing jail for property damage, becoming a man in Native American culture, and his love for Pow Wow dancing.
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ILL, KILL from Douglas Burgdorff on Vimeo.

Shot on a near dead phone in a small country in Africa.
Director/Editor/PhoneOp: Douglas Burgdorff
The music:
"Mellow" by Poor Spirits
"Open" by Rhye
"Like This" by The Night
Special thanks to Ben and Tete
Pictures I took while there are here:

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I.V - Louder Directed by Thomas Tyman

A Delorean car takes centre stage in Thomas Tyman's retro futuristic promo for IV's Louder. The car's owner/driver discovers a disgarded arcade console out in the desert - with a game starring his own vehicle and as he plays, life starts to imitate art...

Credits / 
<br /><br />
Director : Thomas Tyman 
<br /><br />
Executive producer : C&eacute;line Roubaud
<br /><br />
DOP : Sylvain Freyens
<br /><br />
Line Producer : Maxime Herv&eacute;
<br /><br />
FX Sup : Jeremy Lei
<br /><br />
Talent : Matthew Grathwol


Performed by I.V
Written and Produced by I.V
Mixed by I.V at Skylab studios
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound
© 2014 Parlophone / Warner Music France

Production : Wanda Productions
Director : Thomas Tyman
Executive producer : Céline Roubaud
DOP : Sylvain Freyens
Line Producer : Maxime Hervé
Post-production : Mathematics
FX Sup : Jeremy Lei
Talent : Matthew Grathwol
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Danny Brown - "25 Bucks [feat. Purity Ring]" (NORTON, dir.)

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Takkra - The Flow II (dir: David Vigh)
Takkra - The Flow II directed by David Vigh
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SKRILLEX "Ragga Bomb" (dir. Terence Neale)
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Chimney Crow - Sarah Kristina

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Atsushi Takiguchi - The Tale of the Plump Bird (dir: Saki Iyori)
Atsushi Takiguchi - The Tale of the Plump Bird by Saki Iyori
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ALL I NEED IS YOU by Rob Cantor // Dir. Randall Maxwell
Hi - I'm Rob. My friend Randall and I made this video. I hope you like it.
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Smooth Attack – The Life Before (The Making Of)

Making of camera and cut by Claudius Daum.
This is a view behind the scenes! :)
Stay tuned for more of the action.
Smooth Attack Debut Album | Out 23.05.14
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