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Insane Lyrical Assassins "Party Up"
Quick little vid from our trip to Puerto Vallarta! Featuring our "Party Up" track in the background, hope you enjoy!

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Charli XCX: Doing It ft. Rita Ora

come out & play
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YouTube embed news

YouTube is deprecating the <object> embeds in favor of <iframe> ones.
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Michael Krasny - Procitám

Slow motion long photographic shots - modern film noir feel.
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The Prodigy - Nasty . Director: Oliver Jones

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Dj Wizzy Feat Idzkan - Chase Your Dreams
MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE!!! This is it, my first baby and the song that is so personal and meaningful to me. I've been through a lot of struggle with golf and music but this song has never fail to keep me going. All I want is to inspire people through my craft and I could not done it any better by creating a music video that portrays my life as a professional golfer and a singer/songwriter. The black/white moments resembles the dark times that I had to go through and it was so hard for me to keep going as I wasn't getting anywhere with my hardwork. Things have turned around since I change my mentality and my perspective to life which what I wanna share to everyone through the song/video. So I hope you guys could share it around and let's spread this positive message together. If we support and encourage each other in chasing one's dream, the world would be filled with joy and love smile emoticon Credits to Mike Bender Golf Academy, Sharmmy and Kevin for being apart of the video.
Recorded by: London ROSS Management
Produced by: ATOF Online Video Production

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YISX - UNTO THE OCEAN MY BLOOD (DIR: Martin Shearman-Brettle)
Unto the Ocean My Blood - The fourth YISX experience.

Unto The Ocean My Blood (Video Edit) from YISX on Vimeo.

Download the track here
Taken from the forthcoming album INTRODUCTION
Follow YISX on Facebook
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Jane Jupiter "Stargazing" dir. Jeff Tomcho

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ocp - bliss
Images courtesy of NASA

bliss from João Ricardo on Vimeo.

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Majid Jordan "Forever" dir. Jamie Webster
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Ankathie Koi - Kate, It's Hunting Season

directed by David Kleinl.

free download:
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True Love
[VALENTINES DAY CONTEST] they have a section for pro love or againts love.. which should this song go under.. Thoughts? oh yeah, you gotta watch the whole thing to understand the dilema.. :) ‪#‎insanelyrical‬

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Simion feat. Roland Clark - Lost (directed by Alpaca Animations)
Simion feat. Roland Clark - Lost
Directed by David Lamain & Martine Rademakers, Alpaca Animations
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Architexture #001 - Fred moTh x visual hybrid

Architexture #001Fred moTh x visual hybrid
See part 002 here:

Architexture is an audio visual collection of 60 second ideas, colour, sounds and texture by musician and audio designer Fred moTh aka Thom Thomas-Watkins and camera-director Paul Stevenson from visual hybrid.

Thom and Paul will create one 60 second film each month. At it's core, the foundation of each film be the same but every film, captured across Bristol UK, will be distinctly unique and influenced by seasonal, incidental and atmospheric changes.

Filmed with Canon C100 camera with EF 16-35mm f/4 IS & EF 24-105 f/4 IS

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NIN: Corona Radiata, Exodus (art by Maria Lago), Produced by Zac-Cam-Studio

Exodus from Zachary Skinner on Vimeo.

Contemplating the Human Condition.
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Never Knew - Sunken Foal Ft.Si Schroeder
"Never Knew" - Sunken Foal Ft. Si Schroeder
Director - Kevin McGloughlin
To be released as a free single download from on 23/01/2015.
Written & performed by Dunk Murphy & Si Schroeder, arranged and produced by Dunk Murphy.
Taken from the forthcoming album "Friday Syndrome Vol. 3", 2015
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Red Pèrill - "Fuckin' people"

"Fuckin' people" by Red Pèrill

An unplausible super-hero, eighties' action, redeming funky and choreographies to burn your retinas
Dir.: Victor Rubio & Vicenç Torrent.
Concept: Marc Mateu, Victor Rubio & Vicenç Torrent

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Monarchy - Dancing in the Corner (Ch.Martínez)

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