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HAERTS "Giving Up" (Director: Austin Peters)

Haerts "Giving Up" from Austin Peters on Vimeo.

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Tiffany Desrosiers 'FEARLESS' - Directed by David Tomiak

Directed by David Tomiak
Cinematography by Stefan Berrill
Production Design by Michelle Allen
Production Coordinator Daniel Knowlton
Edited by Ryan Mund
Costumes by Stephie Janyk
Make Up by Teia Dumaresq and Venessa Parto
Coloured by David Tomiak

Official Music Video Produced by Brass Tacks Films
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Taylor Swift - Out of the Woods - Official Cover Music Video by Nathan Morris

Taylor Swift's new single "Out of the Woods" covered by Nathan Morris. Please like and share. Thank you for your support!

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I filmed this video myself, all alone in this empty house. This cover version is a stripped down style of Taylor Swift's song with nothing but guitar, shaker, and vocals. I wanted the song to speak for itself.
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Freak Kitchen Dir:Juanjo Guarnido

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Fences & Fights - Memories (demo)

band: Fences & Fights
Menber : Antoine
Country : France
Site :
copyrights ©Sacem
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The Autodidact Instrumentals Vol. 1
Step Pepper Records & Self-Educated Vinyl (2014)
✖ DOWNLOAD | STREAM: AF THE NAYSAYER - The Autodidact Instrumentals Vol. 1
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UMA - Calm/Easy

directed by Ella Zwietnig.

stream album:
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Kim and the Created – Dead to Me [Dir. Nick Roney, Owen Schwartzbard]

Campy horror fun!

Kim and the Created – Dead to Me from Nick/Owen on Vimeo.

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Skag Boy - Free (us)

Premiered on Bloody Disgusting:
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Piano Next Door "5th Kill with a touch of Scopitone" dir. A. J. Benny
Electro-Jazz music video for Halloween by Piano Next Door.
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Hell No, Joe by April Brucker, Directed by David M. Harris
The ultimate revenge song about a player who gets played. With a cast featuring both puppets and humans, in the end we are left asking who really pulls the strings.
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I'm in love with this video:

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J.K. The Reaper // "Exodia" - Dir: YATES
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Vince Staples - Limos ft. Teyana Taylor

Vince Staples - Limos ft. Teyana Taylor from dustin sussman on Vimeo.

Not official. Dope tho.
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The Scientist - Coldplay Cover (HEWAN)
Latest visuals for HEWAN's cover of "The Scientist" by Coldplay!
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John Fairhurst "No Shelter"; Dir: Paraffin City Productions

John Fairhurst's No Shelter Video from the forthcoming album, "Saltwater"

From the new album by John Fairhurst 'Saltwater'

Filmed by Paraffin City Productions

Performed by:
John Fairhurst - Guitar and Vocals
Toby Murray - Drums
Tim Loudon - Bass

As featured in the film 'The Beat Beneath my Feet'
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Contra - Your Sister

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Watch it here ->
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Vida (interlude) Dir: Benjamin Del Castillo

This video was created under the slogan "the one dollar video", intending not to spend more than one dollar (25 Cuban pesos) in its making.
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