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KAROLINA PIECHOTA // JEDNOROŻEC live act (Dir. Marcin Starzecki)


Karolina Piechota – wokal
Mikołaj Poncyljusz – gitara
Adam Prokopowicz – kontrabas
Tomasz Zachara - perkusja

Tadeusz Kieniewicz - zdjęcia
Pawel Uszyński, Jakub Piekarczyk - rejestracja dżwięku
Folia Soundstudio - miks/mastering
Marcin Starzecki - reżyseria

Zespół wokalny Niepublicznej Szkoły Muzycznej I Stopnia AKOLADA w Pruszkowie
pod dyrygenturą Katarzyny Gąsior

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EDM Dance Charts Songs | Club Music Remix

New Electro & House 2016 Dance Club Mix | EDM Dance Charts Songs | Club Music Remix 2016

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Astrid S - Hurts So Good (cover by Nathan Morris)

Astrid S - Hurts So Good from the debut EP Astrid S. This cover version of "Hurt So Good" by Nathan Morris is a cover song of the pop single "Hurts So Good" by Astrid S.

Stream/Download Hurts So Good Here:

Hurts So Good Lyrics:
you fight me off like a firefighter
so tell me why you still get burned
you say you're not but you're still a liar
cuz i'm the one that you run to first

every time yeah why do you try to deny it
when you show up every night and
tell me that you want me
but it's complicated… so complicated….

when it hurts
but it hurts so good
do you take it
do you break it off
when it hurts
but it hurts so good
can you say it
can you say it

your love is like……
hey na na
na na hey na na
your love is like……
hey na na
na na hey na na
it hurts so good…..
hey na na
na na hey na na
your love is like……
hey na na
na na hey na na
it hurts so good

every time that i swear it's over
it makes you want me even more
you pull away and i come in closer
and all we ever stay is torn

baby i don't know why i try to deny it
when you show up every night, i
tell you that i want you
but it's complicated… so complicated….

wide awake through the daylight
would you hold me like we're running a yellow light
reach for you with my hands tied
are we dancing like we're burning in paradise

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Steven Sober - Go There ft. ADU

The Official Video of Steven Sober's single 'Go There'. Two dancers, an incredible location and an amazing love story. Listen to ADU's breathtaking vocals, telling you a story about today's society.
Dancers: Ibrah Jackson & Johanna Sauer
Film: Lars Ouwendijk

MP4, 814 MB, 03:31

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Entropica - Que Sera (dir: David Fenner + Cristobal Atria)

"Que Sera"
Al Espacio
David Fenner, Cristobal Atria

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Diztortion "I'll Be There" (Beenie Man Refix) ft. Melissa Steel (Dir. Scott Altman)

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One Direction - Drag Me Down

Harry, Liam, Niall & Louis drop their first single without Zayn, and the pop juggernaut celebrates their 5th anniversary in style.

“Drag Me Down” is an ode to a lover who have given the boys the willpower to tackle anything. Alongside 1D’s typical pop-rock, reggae tinges the production.

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Jeff Knabel - Revocation

Recorded live at the 'Southern Blues Bar' in Christchurch, New Zealand by 'Lebanese Renegade'.

Credits -

Jeff Knabel - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Ritchie Gillies - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jeff Ahearn - Drums and Backing Vocals
Dean Aranui - Bass

Lyrics -

1V - Well I've been thinkin' of you. What what the hell have you been tryin' to prove? You say your love is the same. You've got no reason to be cryin' in vane.

B1 - Well I thought we could work it out out. 'Till I found out what your love is about. Yeah.

B2 - You've got no reason, to cry in vane. When I tell you that your heart is just so full of pain.

C - Your love is a game. X2

2V - It's strange to see you again. Just when you told me that you don't need a friend. Through all your fortune and fame. You've got no reason to be cryin' in vain.

B1 - B2 - Chorus

B3 - (Slow Part X4) Your love is a game. Look out!

B1 - B2
Chorus - Outro

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Knabel
Remastered by Jeff Knabel

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CL "Lifted" Director: Dave Meyers

Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Video)

“Fight Song” is the empowering title track from Fight Song EP. Its motivating tone conveys the mobile ringtones download song’s message to believe in yourself.

How did Rachel Platten get the idea for this song?

In an interview with ABC News, Rachel Platten explained how “Fight Song” came about:

When I wrote ‘Fight Song’, I was in a particular low point. I needed to remind myself to not give up, that I still believed in myself and that I still had fight left.

I didn’t intend to write ‘Fight Song’, you know, for the world to hear, to be honest. I wrote it ‘cause I needed it. And I wrote it 'cause I needed that reminder and I needed hope. And maybe there was this tiny place in my heart that I believed this could still happen. And the fact that it did is crazy.

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Jon Perla Negra feat. Kari Riihimäki - Viento de verano (Director: Jon West)

Viento de verano

Jon Perla Negra / Rhythm guitars & Vocals
Kari Riihimäki / Lead guitar
Jesús Virtual / The Beat
Music & lyrics / Jon Perla Negra
Viento de verano (c) 2016 Go On Music
Video (c) 2016 Studio Mountain Stream

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Jon Perla Negra - Tahdon rakastella sinua (cover) (Director: Jon West)

JON PERLA NEGRA - Quiero Hacer el Amor Contigo ("Tahdon rakastella sinua")
Original lyrics and music / Ari Taskinen
Original recording: Pelle Miljoona & 1980 (The album "Viimeinen syksy" / 1979)

Spanish lyrics / Jon Perla Negra
Arrangement / Jon Perla Negra & Keno Tuomola

Jon Perla Negra / Guitars & Vocals
Jesús Virtual / The Beat

Quiero Hacer el Amor Contigo (c) 2016 Go On Publishing
Video (c) 2016 Studio Mountain Stream
DOP: Hane Aaltonen
2nd cam: JW

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House Of Life - Hans With No Pants (EXPLICIT LYRICS)

Music video for "Hans With No Pants" by House Of Life.

Directed by Nikias Chryssos
Produced by Chaveli Sifre Riestra
Cinematography by Santiago Benet Mari

"Hans Only" Version. Out on House Is OK.

© Kataskop Film

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From the new Funki Porcini album Conservative Apocalypse.
Take the quiz at
Stop the video to find the hidden things

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (Official Video)

The first song on Imagine Dragons' debut album Night Visions gives off a revolutionary vibe, but leaves what is being changed up to interpretation. Some argue it is about nuclear war, others say it is about Wall Street and similar protests, and some think it is really talking about the end of the world. Regardless, it is a powerful song bound to inspire debate on its meaning.

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Deadmau5 ~ Asdfghjkl

BLUE DREAM ... a motion graphic short.

Suppressing our true characteristics for fear of judgement and alienation from the masses, our minds continuously battle an urge to reveal our true selves while revealing only aspects deemed acceptable while masking all others.

Over 5 minutes of visualizing Deadmau5's track Asdfghjkl.

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Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive (Video)

“Personally, it’s my favorite song to date”, Duke Dumont said to iHeartRadio about “Ocean Drive”, “…it’s slightly matured from my previous stuff”.

Boy Matthews features on the vocals, but was originally meant to simply sing the demo. Duke Dumont signed him to his Blasé Boys Club

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Kero & Gotshell - Perindsor EP by the denial.of.service

Kero / Gotshell - Perindsor EP (official promo)
Blueprint records BP047
all visuals by the denial.of.service ©2016

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Preoccupations "Anxiety" (dir: Yoonha Park)

Preoccupations - "Anxiety" from Yoonha Park on Vimeo.

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Boonie The Kid "Few Levels Higher"

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