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Todrick Hall ‘FLEX’ Todrick Hall / Colton Tran

TW: Nudity

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Charli XCX ‘360’ Aiden Zamiri

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Telenova ‘Power’ Angeline Armstrong / Daniel Bolt

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Lolly Talk《九千九百九十九個我》#9999 Official Music Video, Dir: Kwokin

[MV] 솔라 (Solar) 'But I', Dir: Zanybros,

솔라 (Solar) 'Colors' Performance Video

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tripleS(트리플에스) 'Girls Never Die' Official MV

Kep1er 케플러 l 'Straight Line' M/V

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Definitely (kind of) retiring

I’m giving up. I’ve had enough that I’m only going to do certain clips that I see, no regular dispatch. Just a kind of retirement. For a more clear picture on what is going on in mv, check

allkpop: K-pop Royalty: Iconic Second Generation Groups and Their Most-Viewed Music Videos

They did the math:

2NE1’s I am the Best has 371M+ views

Jacques ‘Absolve’ Paul Trillo (2023)

Hinds ft. Beck ‘Boom Boom Back’ Hinds

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Unto Others "Butterfly", dir. Zev Deans


Goth fairytales are the best fairytales.

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Saycouth featuring Freaks of Nashville-"Pharoah" (lyric video)

Nashville-based band Saycouth took a 24-hour trip to Sheffield, Alabama in February, 2024, where they walked the sleepy streets and found inspiration. The group recorded "Pharoah" on a full moon night with producers Richard Bennett and Sol Philcox-Littlefield at OutGo South Studio.

"Pharoah" is influenced by the great saxophonist Pharoah Sanders but also refers to wanting to escape tyranny in life or in a bad relationship.

Mikayla Debasio – Vocals Nick Bilski – Guitar Frankie Hill – Keys and Sax Jarred Harris – Bass Herschal Van Dyke – Drums Pino Squillace – Percussion

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Ravyn Lenae ‘Love Me Not’ Ravyn Lenae

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Mannequin Pussy ‘Nothing Like’ Connor Clarke

Mannequin Pussy address backlash to AI video..

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Jessica Pratt ‘Life Is’ Colby Droscher, Jessica Pratt

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Laufey ‘From The Start’ Jason Lester (2023)

Laufey ‘Goddess’ Celine Song

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Grant Knoche ‘Intrusive Thoughts’ Thales Banzai and Tori Caro

Washed Out ‘The Hardest Part’ Paul Trillo

Used Open AI’s Sora

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