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The War Toys - '9 to 5' directed by Ryan Rigsby

Artist: The War Toys
Title: 9 to 5
Filmed/Edited by: Ryan Rigsby

Instagram: @thewartoys @ryrigsby





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SOPHIE - Is It Cold in the Water?


The Micronauts - Acid Party - Elsa Milovanovic

“Acid Party” is the new single from Christophe Monier’s leftfield techno and acid house project, The Micronauts. The lead single from his forthcoming studio album, it drops this June with remixes from Red Axes, Luca Agnelli and Luigi Rocca.

Linked with the release of “Acid Party” is an official music video. Directed by Elsa Milovanovic and starring Louise Mada-Lina, it tells the story of a female android who violently frees herself from her patriarchal imprisonment.

Stream & Download:

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Ode to Olivia Rhodes - Christopher Pellnat

"Ode to Olivia Rhodes" (Music Video) from Christopher Pellnat on Vimeo.

This song is inspired by the virtual reality (VR) game, "Lone Echo," played on an Oculus Rift. Olivia Rhodes is a fictional character in the game (she's British, played by the actress Alice Coulthard).

This song is written from the perspective of an artificial intelligence called "Jack" - the robot character you "inhabit" in the game. Olivia has a fully-realized human character, and not just visually in three dimensions. You learn of mysterious secrets in her past, and there is a sadness about her as she yearns for things in life that are out of her reach. Through banter, jokes, and working side by side, she becomes your friend -- this emotional connection is the real surprise for me in VR. When she is in peril, you feel a visceral need to come to her aid.

Of course you know it's all a digital illusion. But the magic of VR happens because the immersive illusion becomes "real" - it kind of sneaks up on you.

The angelic backing vocals are by Brooklyn, NY musician Erin Pellnat.

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Agritexture 01 (dir. Paul Stevenson)

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Blitto - Macumbiada (Director David Bianco)

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Yeek - "Alive" (Dir. Tony Ung)

Official video for Yeek - "Alive" from his Blackheart EP

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Stereolab 'French Disko' (live)

Maybe the coolest song?

Or this

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That Boy Zarius - T.S.O. (Official Music Video) 4K

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Kenny Man - “ Don’t Know The Half” ft. Derez Deshon & YFN Lucci

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JUMP - TxTHEWAY (Official Video)

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Ben Grizz - Mixed Up

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Arkane - Commandments (GH5 Music Video)

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Josey Wellz "LOOKING LIKE" Official Video

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The Walk-A-Bout "That's Just The Way It Goes"

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KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - Velvet Roses (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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“Glow” by LUC (Official Music Video)

Follow us on INSTAGRAM “Glow” by LUC Band (Official Music Video) Available on: iTunes Spotify Glow Kari Kimmel / Joe Corcoan

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Ace Hood - Undefeated (Unofficial In Studio Video)

Stream: Music video by Ace Hood performing Undefeated (Unofficial In Studio Video). 2018 Hood Nation / EMPIRE

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Daniel Caesar & H.E.R. - Best Part, a Visual

Chuck Daggers - Murder Inc. (Official Music Video)

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