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Joel Compass "Back To Me" (dir: Ian & Cooper)

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Janne Schra - Speak up (Dir. Nina Spiering & Mirka Duijn)

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Polaroid Fiction - Satisfied (dir. JonasFJ)

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Josh Doyle, "Everyone's Alone" dir. GemsOnVHS

Filmed on super 8mm cams, miniDV cams and VHS over the course of 3 months. If I could go back i'd have varied the shots more, but it's always easier to look back right? Let me know what y'all think.

// Anthony
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Directed by Maxime Bruneel

Produced by ChezEddy
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Magnétophonique - Forest Gazing
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Jeff Knabel - Life Itself
Written for my Father. Recorded at 'Blue Dreams' studios in Longmont, Colorado in 1999 with 'Naughty Naughty'.

Jeff Knabel - Guitar and Vocals
Joe Racheli -Bass
Jason Lynn - Lead Guitar
Robin Smith - Mandolin
Darcy Griffiths - Drums

Lyrics -

1V - Faith in circumstance. I wonder where it's gone. Life is just a chance. We've got to carry on.

B - And I know, that it's time to make a change. Sometimes we've got to rearrange.

C - Life Itself

2V - I heard my Father say, 'I wonder where you've been? I'm lookin' out for you, so come back again.'

Bridge - Chorus - Lead

3V - Life is all a stage, for the good times and the bad. So take your place my friend, and remember what you have.

Bridge - Chorus - Outro

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Knabel
Video by Jeff Knabel


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Dante- "Swampthing" (Directed by Jorge Jaramillo )

Album: The Rorschach Manifesto
Directed by: Jorge Jaramillo
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