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GusGus "Desire" (2003) dir. Árni Hassen Sveinsson & Stephan Stephensen

Is there anything more beautiful than the Icelandic landscape?

dir. Arni & Kinski or Steph?

hassinator, February 6, 2006 11:17:02 AM CET

I thought this was by Steph, not Arni and Kinski as hadn't they left Gus Gus by the time this was made?

Could be wrong...


kevathens, February 6, 2006 1:17:33 PM CET

Nope, you may be right, I don't have a good source for that.

pressrecord, February 6, 2006 8:58:42 PM CET

yes...a nice naked bottom. let's take a poll!

cliff_greene, February 9, 2006 2:13:41 AM CET

I love this song & video.

kayser_sauze, February 5, 2007 2:06:02 AM CET

Directed by Gus Hassen = Árni Hassen Sveinsson & Stephan Stephensen (President Bongo).

kevathens, June 21, 2020 11:53:44 AM CEST

I think this is not on GusGus' channel cuz Daniel doesn't like the lk


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