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Kenny Colombo Combo, Bubblegum Girl, Boris de Ruijter

If jazz music videos are non-existent, Bubblegum Girl by The Kenny Colombo Combo is an exception to that rule. The video was directed by young Dutch director Boris de Ruijter and recorded at the Bimhuis, an internationally renowned jazz venue in Amsterdam.

Bubblegum Girl is a poetical documentary portrait of the city of Amsterdam, as seen through the eyes of a young and naïve, bubblegum chewing girl. The video pays homage to photographer Ed van der Elsken's movie "My Amsterdam".

Bubblegum Girl is a composition by saxophonist Olaf Zwetsloot. The video was produced at almost no budget.

Director / D.O.P.: Boris de Ruijter. Video production: Boris de Ruijter, Olaf Zwetsloot. Audio recording: Bartosz Marek Sztandar, Marco Verdi (SAE Amsterdam). Mixing: Thijs Borsten. Audio production and creative direction: Olaf Zwetsloot. Composition: Olaf Zwetsloot. Bubblegum Girl: Rosealia Skydiver.

shylabenz, January 24, 2020 2:03:11 PM CET

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful piece of memory from my childhood. Story is kind of an inspirational recount of a girl featuring a girl’s struggle all the way through her home to the strange city of Amsterdam with weird and wonderful combination of poetic lyrics it is great source to teach your kids and even students how consistency and determination stands you to face any kind of situation you feel it is miserable for you and, being an analyst from a nursing essay writing service this kind of motivational documentary draws great attention so that other could learn something positive about that


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