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Narducci - "Take a Left Turn at the Moon" (Directed & Animated by Corey Ulrich)

The 1st track from Narducci's EP "Journey to Los Angeles," out now via Ropeadope Records:

Director/Animation - Corey Ulrich @mister_ulrich

Vocals - Gail Gordon
Violin - Sarah Parkington
Cello - Doc Allison
Production/Composition - Narducci

Recorded and mixed by Matthew Silberman at DeSoto Sound Factory, Los Angeles, CA.
Mastered by John Greenham at Clearlight Mastering, Los Angeles, CA.

G Humble - MENT TO BE (official video)

This song is from G humble project Issa Humble Thang #itunes #spotify #amazonmusic #googleplay #tidal #deezer #applemusic CLICK THE LINKS BELOW

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Lord Divine - EXOTIC

Music video for EXOTIC performed by Lord Divine.


Copyright (C) 2016 5PRecords,inc..

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F.S Rudy- “PERC ØUT” (Cincø Type) Official Video (ZeniusFilms)

For All Booking and Features Contact Big Zeke @404 932 7538

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Dread Zoe - To Be Honest

Bursting onto the music scene in Miami, FL Dread Zoe shares his ups and downs dealing with a woman who he can't seen to trust. Check out the dope visuals he put together with directors Unkle Luc and MarcMyWords for this relatable track.
To Be Honest out now and available on all streaming platforms. Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music go stream it now

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Amir Beats - Twerk it Gurl

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"SAAY" by Messenger

What is SAAY all about?

" Don't be afraid to express yourself "

In these times.. We all should not be afraid to SAAY What you like... or Don't like!

Messenger 2020

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Brett Young 'In Case You Didn't Know' 2017

Jennifer Rothlein, dir

Kirsty MacColl 'In These Shoes?' dir Ben Unwin

Looks to be upgraded
Absolutely one of the world's best clips -

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Reverse Mechanic “Run”

Directed by Arne Christiansen

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V. Contreras “If I Could”

Directed by V. Contreras

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John Paciga “Big Hit Song”

Directed by John Paciga

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Tkay Maidza “Shook”

Directed by Jenna Marsh

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Ryan Brahms “Superman”

Directed by Ryan Brahms and Blake Dvs

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Eden Paige “Save Me”

Directed by Dylan Hryciuk

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Malou Beauvoir “NWAYE”

Directed by Hugue-Robert Marsan / Walu Mwalilino

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Sun & Flesh “Bored”

Directed by Matt Brewster & Christoph Manuel

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JamLive “Stay”

Directed by JamLive and Patrick Nunez

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Jack Rayner X Jonté Moaning “Klassy”

Directed by Miles Szanto

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KOLETTE “Change My Life”

Directed by Liam Geddes

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