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Brother Culture & Manasseh 'Sound Killer'

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Trub - Four Five

Trub "Four Five" - official music video
(c) 2017 - The Elite Society

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Elijah Blake - Forget You

Official music video by Elijah Blake performing Forget You. 2016 Steel Wool / Elijah Blake

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King Joel - LET US BREATHE - Director: Marcelo Pancote

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Written and composed by Joel Oladayo Lasile (AKA King Joel)
Arranged by Joel Oladayo Lasile
Produced by Strong Symphony & Joel Oladayo Lasile
Mastered By
© 2017 Elision Records LLC

The video is a Film by Produtora Frame. Shot by Marcelo Pancote and Daniela Bacchim

Director: Marcelo Pancote
Producer: Romero Williams (Locust Films)
Screenplay: King Joel

Special Thanks To: First Baptist Church (Downtown Atlanta), Black Lives Matter Movement of Greater Atlanta, City of Atlanta Mayor's Office, Atlanta Police Department, Georgia State University, etc.

Follow King Joel:

• Website:
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• Facebook:
• SoundCloud:

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Kataztrofee "Now"

Kataztrofee's new single takes you back to their childhood dreams as well as their struggles growing up and the extremely hard work they have put into their craft to gain the stardom they deserve. And NOW they will shine.

Facebook - KataztrofeeNATION
Instagram - @KATAZTROFEE

Thanks for taking the time to listen and view and for supporting the TROFEE STYYLE MOVEMENT

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Bushrah "Surrender" - Directed by Steve Wilson

Bushrah - Surrender
Song performed and writen by Bushrah
Video by Steve Wilson

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Wayne Olivieri "You Gotta Work" Directed by Karl Kim

ou Gotta Work.. From the Album" Eclectic Mind" by Wayne Olivieri

"You Gotta Work " Recording Courtesy of Bongo Boy Records Produced by: Gar Francis
Originally Released on Bongo Boy records "Out Of The Garage Vol.1"
Written by Nathaniel Meyer
Video shot at Sonic Boom Studios Raritan N.J.
Video Directed/Produced/editted by Karl Kim
Camera: Karl Kim
Appearing on Drums: Gary Teresco Guitar:Jimmy Ferranti Bass: Rich Kohrs Sax: Vic Cappetta Vocals: Wayne Olivieri

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The Living God - JOHN'S CROSSING - Official Lyric Video

All inspiring lyric video for the upcoming Christian Rock Band, JOHN'S CROSSING, from their debut album. The album is newly released (November 19, 2016) and is available at Enjoy!

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RTJ 'Legend Has It' dir. Brian Beletic

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Esai - Soul

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Official Teaser Videocampaign by 11BYBBS Disciples Disruptives SS17.
Music by Danny Seth.

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17 - Martin Del Carpio (Dir. Tyler Ham Pong)

Actors: Matt Pascua & Seth Canterbury.
Video by Kill the Pig Productions
Direction & Cinematography: Tyler Ham Pong.
Editing: Jamie Miller.
Produced by Martin Del Carpio
Story by Martin Del Carpio

from In Absentia, released in 2007
& Lost Illusions: A Retrospective, released in 2014
Recorded at Little Pioneer Cider House in Brooklyn, NY.
Recorded & written during the year 2007.
Produced by Martin Del Carpio & Little Pioneer.
Mixed, engineered & mastered by Little Pioneer.
Song written & performed by Martin Del Carpio & Little Pioneer.

Download the original track here:


You haven't lost your crown.
The gold is still right there.
A believer in your heart.
You were only 17.

I don't I don't dream everybody everybody else. You'll never find the heart if you're not looking for it.

You think it's all so fake.
You think the walls are down.
Holier than thou.
You were only 17.

I don't, I don't care anymore. Nobody, nobody calling on the phone. You'll never find the heart if there's no ring to it.

"this is your private revolution Joe. Throw away the books. Burn your CDs. This is your very own revolution."

I don't, I don't dream everybody, everybody else. You'll never find the heart if you're not looking for it.
I don't, I don't care anymore. Nobody, nobody calling on the phone. You'll never find the heart if there's no ring to feel to soul to it.

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Live Footage - The Performer [Dir. Michael Gugger]

The Performer from Michael Gugger on Vimeo.

THE PERFORMER, explores the curiosity of the human spirit through a powerful dance performance and point-cloud animations. Created using DepthKit, a software that records and visualizes 3D depth data captured on an Xbox Kinect. This piece meshes multiple artistic disciplines with interactive technology.

Directed by Michael Gugger
Choreography by Amy Gardner
Performance by Jon Ole Olstad
Story Development by Varvara Kanellakopoulos
Assistant Brandan Gosse
DepthKit software developed by James George and Alexander Porter.

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Aveva - Lie Love (Meir Warcel dir.)

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Cousin - These Walls (Directed by COMRADE)

Cousin - These Walls (Official Video) from COMRADE on Vimeo.

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Herb Wilks - Are You Ready - Music Video

Music video by Herb Wilks performing "Are You Ready."Get On Board!!!
Music Downloads:

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Kennedy "Bareback"

A seemingly impossible mashup of techno and country, equal parts Walker: Texas Ranger meets Star Trek: The Next Generation. Robots, line dancing, cowgirls, pick-ups and automatic weapons play a part in this slick EDM-inspired extravaganza video...

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Johnny Kowalski & the Sexy Weirdos "What Shall We Do With A Blonde?" Director: Alice Morelli.

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High Contrast "Questions" Dir: Ewan + Casey

High Contrast "Questions" from Ewan Jones Morris on Vimeo.

Actress "X22RME" dir. Dan Emmerson,

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