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Guajira Guantanamera – Harmonica Cover

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ROSALÍA & Travis Scott - TKN (Official Video),Directed by Nicolás Méndez aka CANADA

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NHS - China Shop Bull [OFFICIAL VIDEO], Dir: RSLMB

Video editing courtesy of RSLBM -

Snog - Ball and Chain (dir. Adam Raboczi)

Dr. Ian White presents:

From the LP/CD/DL

Animated and Directed by Adam Raboczi

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RIP Chris Hafner (1968-2018)

This comes as news to me, famed editor/dir Chris Hafner died of suicide in 2018:

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Austero - Mexican Music Man, Dir - Jean Poole

Austero - Mexican Music Man

Director - Jean Poole
Filming, editing, animation - Jean Poole

More about the clip

mexican music man

Other clips By Jean Poole on Antville:
'Mexico Remixes EP' by Cumbia Cosmonauts
Reich I + II by Cleverhorse
Beautiful' by TZU
'Sweet Lime' by Congo Tardis
'Make Believe' by Mat Cant
'Giant Idiots' by Potato Masta + 2 Pants Rotation

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LE JUNK, Rich Romance. Dir. Steve Gullick

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OIL: NATURTRÜB (with english subtitles)

Dir: Timo Schierhorn

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TOCOTRONIC: HOFFNUNG (with englisch Subtitles)

Director: Timo Schierhorn

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“JADE” LAY FMV 【张艺兴 四专先行曲《玉》饭制MV】

China's top pop Idol apparently

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Check out this music video for ANDROID! Directed by Chrille

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Rent in Peace - Psychostick ft. James Rolfe (AVGN) Music Video. Dir: Patrick R. Murphy

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Waze & Odyssey ft. George Michael, Mary J Blige and Tommy Theo 'Always' dir. Nelson de Castro

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Yuzion - Jealousy (Official Music Video) (Dir. Tassan)

Indie rapper Yuzion debuted last Aug with her mini album "Young Trapper"

All Good!

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Rina Sawayama 'XS' dir. Ali Kurr

Lil Cherry & GOLDBUUDA Ft. YBN Nahmir - "Is Hot!" [Official Video], Directed by @waterwippinevan

Lil Cherry 'n Goldbuuda are siblings

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Lobo Gris feat. Oliver Castillo - No Tengo Amnesia (Dir.: Gustavo de la Torre Casal / Bruno Guerra)

Political protest during lockdown made into a song and a video.

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Tiny Bit of Giant's Blood — "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)"

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Sunshine Boys-Infinity Girl (directed by Jennifer Reeder)

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6IX9INE 'GOOBA' CanonF8, David Wept & 6ix9ine

175M views (May 8)

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