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Krewella 'Alibi' Mixed Media

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Krewella, Yellow Claw f. Vava, New World dir. Pako Peng

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Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana del Rey 'Don't Call me angel' HANNAH LUX DAVIS

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Charlie Puth 'Mother' Dawit N.M

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Stats redux

The stats have increased: 1000+ hits per

Not only that, but @antville has 1300+ followers, including some upper-level press, artists etc

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SHAED 'Thunder' by Ryan Patrick

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PJ Harvey 'The Wheel' Seamus Murphy

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MING - My Self

"Stinky Feet" Album - 09/27/19

Songwriters: Ming / Ben Cohen
Produced by: Ben Cohen

There’s something keeping me questioning, talking
I laugh as if doom is coming and make it sound like an ending
There’s something pushing me doubting, and leading
I respond as if the story’s still going and make it sound like I am just kidding

I love myself more than anybody
I love myself more than anybody
A freak of nature and you don’t know me
I know myself more than anybody

There’s something teaching me, “Don’t depend on nobody.”
I try as if I know all the ending and wait until the walls are bending
There’s something watching me, but I’m the one who oversees
Embrace myself the way I expected and make it seem like I needed somebody

I love myself more than anybody
I love myself more than anybody
A freak of nature and you don’t know me
I know myself more than anybody



Download/Stream I'm Free:


Director: Jake Bass
Assistant Director: Mark Levin
Drone Operator: Michael Wilder
Editor: Trevor Finney

"I'm Free Feat. Jon Connor"
Written by Ryan Scott & Jake Bass
Produced by Jake Bass for Boca J Music, LLC
Published by Boca J Music, LLC
Recorded at Bassment Sounds 2.0
Mastered by Eric Morgeson

Special Thanks
FBT Productions

Visit for more!!!

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K$upreme x CHASETHEMONEY - Forreal (Official Video)

K$upreme and CHASETHEMONEY release new visual to "Forreal"


Stream "Forreal" -

Follow K$upreme
IG -
Twitter -
Facebook -
Soundcloud -

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Princess Chelsea 'is it all OK?' SIMON Ward

You're ready!

Lea Porcelain 'Clock of time' dir Lea Porcelain

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Lots of videos

-Camilla Cabello

-Shakespear's Sis

-A$AP Rocky

-Beardyman f Joe Rogan
-James Massiah

-Mike Shinoda
-David Hasselhoff

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CASHMERE CAT 'For Your Eyes Only' Jake Schreier

Features Margaret Qualley (of Kenzo World) in motion capture

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Avalon "Keeper of My Heart" official music video

Avalon "Keeper of My Heart" official music video

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FKA Twigs f Future 'Holy Terrain' FKA Twigs & Nick Walker

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CNN's The Eighties S1 E5: Video Killed the Radio Star /

It's a rad doc. ;)

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Llorca w Nicole Graham 'Indigo Blues' dir Olivier Abbou & Bruno Merle

Impostor Syndrome | Web Series (Dir Jesse Yules)

Web series by music video director and antville alum Jesse Yules (me).

Featuring music from Odonis Odonis, Joseph Shabason (DIANA) and Neil Haverty (Bruce Peninsula).

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Blues Harmonica - West Weston Style

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