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i am niamh: Bellend (directed by Aidan Duffy)

Bellend is the fifth and final single from Irish singer/songwriter i am niamh's debut album 'Wonderland'. The track made the official selection for The Irish Times' Songs Of The Week.

Screengrab from the music video for i am niamh: Bellend. D.O.P. Eoghan O'Brien.

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Somewhere on an island in west indees. Summer heat, music blasting out of corner stores, better known as Bodegas.
Sipping on an ice cold beer. Funky latin rhythms from all over the continent hit your ear drum.

The percussive nature of it all keeps your head bopping to the hip hop laced fusion of lyrical rhymes,
precision bass and seductive riffs. That’s what we call “Bodega Funk” and BNC made the Soundtrack for it.

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ORIGINALLY NOWHERE - Working Late - Directed by Damien Lagouardette

"Working Late" Music Video is a surreal and divergent video which plays with space and time.
The song is about a man who get lost into Work in order to stop thinking. Masked dancers in the video are sort of metaphorical thoughts that never stop.

Graphics take inspiration in Montreal (Canada) architecture, especially from the mythical building "Farine Five Roses".

It is an indie production, helped by LOULA Productions.

Damien Lagouardette, the director, who has a technicien background as a lighting guy, loves to play with lights and colors in his productions.
This one draws from the 30’s to the 80's esthetic. Enjoy!

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Omar Alhindi - Lust

Stream or Download Lust:
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Official Website:

Music video by Omar Alhindi performing Lust. 2017 Tyme Records, LLC

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Baggi ft. Sylvia Tosun - Time Painter (Vocal Mix) [Official Music Video]

Baggi ft. Sylvia Tosun - Time Painter (Vocal Mix) is OUT NOW on AFTR:HRS! Like this track? Download on Beatport or add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE:

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Baggi joins forces with female vocalist Sylvia Tosun for this musical piece of art. Wander away with this blissful tune and let the serene vibe grab you. Time Painter is a colorful tune that contains sparkling sounds, gentle drums and delightful vocals. Get ready to drift away with this one!

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Dorian Orange (Studio)
Nathaniel Ruhlman (Creative Director)
Alex Popov (Director)
Ken Robinson (Director of Photography)
Cole Slutsky (Assistant Camera)

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Ross Jack - Fear the Rush

Music video by Ross Jack performing Fear the Rush. (C) 2017 SME Africa (Pty) Ltd under exclusive license from Ross Ranby

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Corrington Wheeler - Your Erroneous Evil (ft. Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker)

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Tell me now, why do you feel
Feel so much such sadness
When loved ones pass away
You’re distressed when they’re not there
In their comfort, security, a societal need
Positive emotions through interactions
Eliminate fear with wealth,
Spiritually you next starve yourself

If you focus on greed in your mind,
Know that you cannot change
The gears from which you are built
Made by design
Recognize why and you will succeed

Selfish to my core, just like every misguided soul
I only keep priority of what fuels the fire in me
I wanna break free from this broken design,
Plaguing my logic and clouding my mind
I only chase what keeps me safe

If you focus on greed in your mind,
Know that you cannot change
The gears from which you are built
Made by design

Selflessness looks good on paper,
It’s clear to see now how deep ego’s roots go,
A weed gone unattended your whole life
Esteem raises when you help someone in need

If you focus on greed in your mind,
Know that you cannot change
The gears from which you are built
Made by design
Recognize why and you will succeed (x2)

Audio Engineering by Eric Ferraro.

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Tingy Thick - Way Too Casual by StrangeWaveRecords

From the album -
created by

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Vitne - Masquerade

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BIOGLYCERIN - Ahasverus, Dir. Dmitry Bayakin & Ana-Patritsiya Bobr

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The Comet Is Coming - Start Running (Edited by Morgan Beringer)

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Jathon Delsy - Miracles

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Minzy Ft. Flowsik - Ninano, Dir: ?

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No Vacation "Mind Fields" dir. Patrick Mattes

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Twelfth Day - Cracks [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Dir: Daniel Warren

Cracks taken from the new album Cracks in the Room.

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Borussia "Kinda Love" dir. Nicolas Malinowsky & Pierre Dixsaut

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Serena Ryder "Electric Love" dir. Alon Isocianu

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Dengue Fever - One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula, Dir. Mischa Livingstone

Deluxe Edition CD Reissues of ESCAPE FROM DRAGON HOUSE and DENGUE FEVER (s/t) available March 31 (North America) | May 26 (Worldwide):

ON TOUR! U.S./ Canada dates March 30 - May 4 on sale now:

A mind bending psychedelic trip from the mind of Mischa Livingstone and DENGUE FEVER, the music video for "One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula" may induce supernatural states of existence while viewing.

Featured in Showtime's WEEDS and THE HANGOVER PART II, "One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula" was called the #2 song of the decade by Metallica's Kirk Hammett in a Rolling Stone poll

Directed and Edited by MISCHA LIVINGSTONE

Director of Photography: ADRIENNE DURAZO


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Jeff Knabel - She Always Satisfies Me

An original song called 'She Always Satisfies Me' that I recorded with Tim Forsyth in Loveland, Colorado at a rehearsal we had in a duo called 'Glass Staircase'.

Jeff Knabel - Guitar and Vocals
Tim Forsyth - Harmony Vocals

Lyrics -

1V - I called her up and I told her my plans. She just said, 'Baby you don't understand.' So I said, 'Ok it will be alright, you just can't be alone on a Saturday night.'

B1 - And when she makes it, she never takes it for free. The way she does it, it's just because it's for me. Can't you see?

C - She always satisfies me. Uh huh. x2

2V - We turned out the lights and pulled up the sheets. We never had it so good we were barely sixteen.

B2 - And when the time is right and your heart strings play soft and low. You see the magic in her eyes then you will know.

B1 - Chorus x5 - Outro

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Knabel
Video by Jeff Knabel


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