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Shlohmo 'Nice & Shiny' by Rick Farin & Claire Cochran

It's marked as 'Official Visualizer' but

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CLOVES 'Dead' Daniel Carberry, Carly Cussen

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Narducci - "Ancient Dialogue" (directed/animated by RJ Chmiel)

Time is an illusion. The past is memory, the future, imagination. What if we could fold the time-space continuum visually and sonically?

RJ Chmiel - Director, Animation, Editor
Corey Ulrich - Director of Photography, Visual FX, Colorist
Rafael Goldstein, Whitney Fortmueller - Cast
Produced by DeSoto Picture Company

Composed, produced, and performed by Narducci except where noted:
Inuit field recordings of unknown origin - Vocals
Orbel Babayan - Guitar

Mixed and mastered by Matthew Silberman at DeSoto Sound Factory, Los Angeles, CA.

Special thanks to the JEM Community Center, Beverly Hills, CA.

Listen to "Ancient Dialogue" on all major music platforms:

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"Oh Desire" by Camphor

Directed by Max Avery Lichtenstein

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Paul Maged "Culture War"

Directed by MY3D

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Soup Review "Stars In Their Eyes On SSRIs"

Directed by Lauren Paige Dowling

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MkX "Fall"

Directed by MkX

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Stokoff "Fuego & Hielo"

Directed by Robby Klein & Nathan Rocky

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Final Draft "Started"

Directed by Eliot Xavier

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Dynamyte "Show Me You"

Directed by Dynamyte

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Kate Tucker "A Little Bit of Love"

Directed by Miriam Bennett

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Ariana Grande 'positions' by Dave Meyers

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Dead Rituals - Broken Memories (Sara Serna)

A music video for the song "Broken Memories" by Dead Rituals. Directed by visual artist Sara Serna

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Winona Oak 'Piano in the Sky

Julian Gillström

[MV] 마마무 (MAMAMOO) - 딩가딩가 (Dingga), Director: ZANYBROS

로꼬 (Loco) Ft. 헤이즈 (Heize) - '잠이 들어야 'Can't Sleep' Official Music Video [ENG/CHN]

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salem ilese 'mad at disney'

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Miley Cyrus 'Younger Now' Diamond Martel & Miley Cyrus (2017)

NSFW King Princess 'Only Time Makes it Human' dir Quinn Wilson x Pastelae

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