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The Child

directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet

Windows Media (various qualities)
Quicktime (partial)

Morcheeba - Otherwise

tagged morcheeba

it is oldfashioned and (most important!) tells a story. with a happy end. of course.

morcheeba: otherwise
watch it at katawebmusica.

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video request:

if anyone knows, where to find the pluxus video "Agent Tangent", please post it. it's one of my faves.

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Mr Scruff - Honeydew

tagged Mr Scruff

On Ninja Tune's video page there is lots of cool stuff including the Mr Scruff video I was referrring to yesterday on Mr. Lex's site. (quicktime, realplayer)

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amon tobin - 4 ton mantis

tagged amon tobin

damn, i'm addicted to posting video links!!

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some realy nice clips from Jean-Luc Chansey

especially the one for the plaid song "eyen".

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Weezer - Keep Fishin

tagged Weezer

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michel gondry.

chemical brothers - let forever be.
eines seiner bekanntesten videos.

aber auch für beck, cibo matto, björk und viele mehr hat der franzose seine fertigkeiten bewiesen.

let forever be

auf dieser seite findet ihr einen haufen videos von ihm.


Babel Fish Translation:

chemical brothers - let forever be.
one of his most famous videos.

in addition, for beck, cibo matto, bjoerk and many more the frenchman proved his talents. on this side you find a heap of videos from him.

(don´t panic) ;-)

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tagged mum

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radiohead - just

tagged radiohead

by Jamie Thraves

direct link • mpeg - 15,8 mb

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Sigur Ros - Vidrar vel til loftarasa

tagged sigur ros

direct link • quicktime - 15.1 mb

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radiohead - street spirit

tagged radiohead

by Jonathan Glazer

direct link • mpeg - 16,8 mb

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the white stripes - fell in love with a girl

video by michel gondry

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phantomschmerz - fresswelle

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Björk - All is full of love

One of the bleeding edge CG-videos from Chris Cunningham. A bit outdated but anyway enjoy it ...

(click on the pic)

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Money Mark - Information Contraband

tagged money mark

hires (.mov, ca. 14 MB), lowres (.mov, ca. 5 MB)

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Röyksopp - Remind Me

tagged royksopp

Röyksopp: "Remind Me" (Real Player and Windows Media Player streams)


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