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Found Footage Film Festival

trailer for a film fest - there's 2 amazing clips in this trailer: a rappin' Wendy's training video & an insurance agency's ghastly dramatization of potential accidents.
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Chasidic Reggae from Matisyahu

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Check out the video for King Without A Crown, by Matisyahu, the world's greatest Chasidic reggae artist. Chasidic Reggae artist Matisyahu

It's just a straightforward performance video, but the combination of novelty and genuine skill & charisma makes it compelling watching.

Kings of Leon "4 Kicks" by Patrick Daughters

woah, the energy... (any guesses for the stills effect?)

LINK UPDATED: qt stream here

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Paper Rad

tagged Paper Rad rad. This may be old news to most northern east coast US art hipsters but for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of expieriencing their imaginative insanity...

is rad.

proof of radness: <a href="" target=_blank">Bubble Puppy video

<a href="" target=_blank">Video page, <a href="" target=_blank">Main page & the <a href="" target=_blank">other sorta Main page with a crazy downloadable mp3.

bonus round: <a href="" target=_blank">Newer stuff I found on random blogspot. Be patient while the host and her friend "introduce" the piece. Deal with it.
This is from Load Record's <a href="" target=_blank">"Pick a Winner" dvd compilation. Theres trailer links in different viewing formats posted there just for you.

Anyone catch their <a href="" target=_blank">installation at the Deitch Projects in NYC? I didn't get to go but i heard is was uh...rad.

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mint royale - wait for you

'wait for you' is the new single by mint royale from the forthcoming cd, 'see you in the morning':

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Single Frame - There's An Exact Copy of This In the Basement

Single Frame has a new albun comning out in early May, and here is the really cool video for the first single on the album! Veyr impressive, I think!

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tagged molotov

Two Videos by Two mexican Artist both directed by Valdes & Chicle


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