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Edda Magnason - Jona

Director/DOP/editor: Nisse Axman
Director/design/masks: Wilma Axman
Photo/lighting assistant: Oskar Törnros
Tech/lighting assistant: Mattias Fredin
Runner/make-up: Lena Mattsson
Make-up: Anna Hedblom
Behind the scenes: Fanny Holländer

Rumpistol / Red Baron "Floating" Official Video

Directed by Fernando Vidal Oregui -
Thanks to Haji Akbar and all the people in the streets of Hollywood Blvd. | | 2LP vinyl version ▸▸

Danish electronic artist Rumpistol, aka Jens B. Christiansen, releases his fourth and most ambitious album yet -- Floating -- a collaboration with LA based vocalist Red Baron that further explores the post dub-step vocal territories opened up on last year's Talk To You EP. With tighter song structures, intimate lyrics and the Baron's ecstatic vocal projections, the two create a parallel world in which the domestic breakdowns of wintry Copenhagen are filtered through surreal sun-bleached Californian dreams, resulting in a robotic and hypnagogic hybrid of soul.

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Sina. "Remembrance" Official Video

Directed by Showmanmedia -

"From Love To Dust" is a two side EP of Barry Gordon, Ireland / UK based producer. He grew up listening to classic rock like Led Zeppelin & Rolling Stones and played in several bands. Barry fell in love with hip-hop after hearing Wu -- Tang Clan for the first time, and started making music as Sina. in 2009. He owns and plays many different music instruments and has got a wide range of music influences, anything from blues and folk, to ambient and hip -- hop.
The 6 track EP, set to drop in November, bleeds creativity, with influences from all aspects of music being incorporated in the works of Sina. He lets you submerge, full body, into impeccably produced, brittle clean sound with amazing groove control, touching and emotional. Thus, From Love To Dust never bores and features remixes of Switzerland rising star producer Gards From KC, UK beat smith Kelpe, and UK-based producer Soosh, who has had a collab with Gards From KC for Project: Mooncircle earlier this year.

"I suppose the tune "From Love To Dust" (a play on the funeral phrase "From Dust To Dust") is about the idea of human love as eternal, or at least as continuing to have a life when we are gone- through family, friends, art & music. "Remembrance" is a wistful song about the rare personal moments when we realise the beauty of the world and our life in it, and of the importance of remembering those moments when things seem darkest."

Release date: November, 5th.

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BIRDPEN-Nature Regulate

Nature Regualte

Animation Music Video Project
Collaboration between BirdPen & Pooya Abbasian

The lyrics stem from thoughts about the modern world we are living in. How data, television and the speed of technology is building up over landscapes, creating new metropolises. Knocking on all our doors, there is no escape. In the end perhaps only nature will be able to regulate against its enemies and the world that it's created.

The video reflects the lyrics and the sense of trying to save something, whether it is ourselves, a friend, a place of comfort, or the world we live in. The tension in the music is captured by the main character trying to save his world and let Nature Regulate.

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motion and music data using from

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StidFaces - My Baby

A little sample of a new mother's happiness...

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--April 2012 Faves--

Post your favorite videos of the month here.

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Rihanna "Where Have You Been" - Dir. Dave Myers

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Nicki Minaj "Starships" - Dir. Anthony Mandler

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Mars and Venus Fashion

Mars and Venus by Yana Chaplygina

Shoot and Cut by Sergey Ivanenko

Pop Will Eat Itself "Chaos and Mayhem" (dir Boldi Risko)

Official Music Video for Pop Will Eat Itself “Chaos and Mayhem”
Cult band PWEI’s come back video featuring live footage of their 2011 Cardiff gig. “Chaos and Mayhem” is about a young couple’s dysfunctional love/hate relationship shot on London locations.

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