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Futurecop! 1988 Girls - Dir. Black Sundays

A manic Pixie dream girl.

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Liars - The Exact Color Of Doubt (Dir: Markus Wambsganss)

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Skunk Anansie - This Is Not A Game directed by Lore&Jun

Trunk’s directing duo Lore&Jun create latest video for Skunk Anansie.

British rock band Skunk Anansie turned to Trunk and directing duo Lore&Jun to collaborate with them on their latest video for their new single “This is not a game”. The track from their sixth and current album, Black Traffic; “is a political track, about the difference in mentality between those suffering under the current financial crisis and those abusing the power over it."

Lore&Jun noted “the band came to us with a very clear idea, which in essence was to become white canvases that would then have projections of an earlier performance layered on top of the final performance”. The directing duo and the band developed the concept, which aimed to capture the feeling and emotion of the song through both the technique as well as the performance. The surreal look of the video is amplified by the band members wearing masks and posturing as their own faces are projected back onto themselves in a rough and garish manner. The looseness is only occasionally punctuated by a beautiful moment of perfect distorted synchronicity, such as the light glinting off lead singer Skins lips.

As the video and song progress colourful highlights and accents are added as well as projected lyrics to match the build and flow of the track. The final chorus of the song concentrates on the incredibly powerful vocal talents of Skin as she performs back lit and in total unflinching belief; “this is not a game”. Her strong profile mirrors the power of the song. Lorena notes, “We were aiming for an obscure, strange, surreal feeling for the video, so we created a mysterious and dark atmosphere for the passionate performance we knew Skin could produce, and she really did us proud”.

After a very long 10 days from start to finish, Lorena notes “The band has a great spirit, endurance and patience, and they worked hard till we got the images that we needed.” The track’s release coincides with Skunk Anansie’s latest UK tour starting this March in Cambridge.


Label- 100% Records (UK)
Production Company- Trunk
Executive Producer- Richard Barnett
Producer- Tina Pawlik
Director- Lore&Jun
Director of Photography- Gabi Norland
First AD- Kerry Green
Camera Assistant- Ewan Mcfarlan
Art Director- Joe Barcham
Make Up Artist- Kristina Vidic
Gaffer- Jon Euesden
Playback- Charlie Galustian
Runner- Pat Cahill
Management- Leigh Johnson
Editing - Pablo Piriz, Lorena Medina
Animation- Sebastian Baptista
Typography Design- Charlie Engel
Grading - Junior Martinez

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Mónica Listorti “Dancing with the Stars” Argentinien

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Groenland: The Things I've Done (Director: Noah Pink)

Artiste / Artist: Groenland []
Chanson / Track: The Things I've Done
Album: The Chase
Disponible le 16 avril / Available on April 16th

Étiquette + Producteur / Label + Producer: Bonsound [http//]
Maison de production / Production Company: I Like You Productions
Réalisateur / Director: Noah Pink []
Direction photo / DOP: Stéphanie Weber Biron []
VFX: Sebastian Harder []
Maquillage / Make Up Artist: Gabryelle Côté
Styliste / Stylist: Anne Fafard-Blais

Merci à tous les figurants! / Thanks to all the extras!

Tiger Fingers : Small Talk (official video) - Directed by Flashbacker

"Small Talk" is taken from Tiger Fingers self-titled debut album which was released via Hamburg's Hafendisko label in 2012 even after the band parted ways.

The self-titled debut album by Tiger Fingers, the duo of Jordan Lieb and Asako Fujimoto, almost never saw the light of day. Recorded in the aftermath of their first collaboration, the aggressive electro-rock band Dead Radar (2005-2007), Tiger Fingers yielded six decidedly more dance and pop inspired tunes filled with lyrical duets, bubbling synths, catchy hooks, and earthy beats. After two years of touring and recording two unreleased albums with Dead Radar, followed by a year of recording and gigging as Tiger Fingers, the pair amicably split ways before their tracks ever saw release.

Asako now lives in Paris, France, and is featured as a vocalist with various artists. She is also working on her solo project, Cosmic Berry.

Still in Brooklyn, Jordan has since established himself as a producer and composer, winning a Daytime Emmy Award for his work in television and film. In the dance music world he is known as black light smoke, his alias for the indie imprint Scissor & Thread. Hotly tipped by respected tastemakers as varied as Andrew Weatherall, DJ T. and Appleblim, Jordan has emerged as one of the most exciting new voices in the North American electronic music scene, attracting the attention of HFN who now finally give this deserved album it's due. Better late than never, meet Tiger Fingers

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ChivoChivato - Pobrecito Corazón (Directed by Press Rec)

ChivoChivato - Pobrecito Corazón from PRESS REC on Vimeo.

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Odd Collection - 5th Collection // Directed by Anders Jon

This is the first teaser from forthcomming debut album by danish band Odd Collection.

Director: Anders Jon
DoP: Nadim Carlsen
Production Co: Spoiled Productions (
Producer/Production Manager: Joakim Haarder
Producer: Cathrine Bjørn
Exe Producer: Thor Brammer Jacobsen
Editor/compositor: Anders Jon
Sound: Kevin Koch & Andreas Langhorn
Grade: Lasse Marcussen (
Cast: Caspar Steffensen, Elliot Hove
B-cam: Rasmus
Runner og Load: Sharif & Jonas Rohold
A big thanks to Lars Pedersen and Regimentet
Records label :

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Polly Scattergood - Wanderlust // Directed by NYSU Films

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The Moonband /// Ballroom Session VII

The Moonband /// Ballroom Session VII from Ballroom Studios on Vimeo.

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Daniele Negroni - Hold on My Heart

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High School von Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj (Ft. Lil Wayne) - High School... von DatFix_CoM

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Drake "5AM in Toronto" (Andrew Hamilton & Ram Accoumeh, dir.)

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Chris Brown "Fine China" (Sylvain White + Chris Brown, dir.)

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Primal Scream - It's Alright, It's OK (Dir: Douglas Hart & Ben Crook)

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Karl Hyde - The Boy With The Jigsaw Puzzle Fingers (Dir: Kieran Evans)

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The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver - Ashes In The Air (Dir: ?)

The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver - Ashes In The Air from Delo Creative on Vimeo.

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