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Jonathan Cavier - "Comes a Moment" - Dir. Malakai

You can download "Comes A Moment" along with my album "Premier"!

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Special thanks to all the cast and crew:
Producer/ Director

Assistant Director
Monica Robinson

Jairo Carreon

Behind The Scenes
Alesha Bush / Michelle Engberg

Production Asst.
Marisa Loiacono

Production Asst.
Kamiya Perry

Youth Extras Talent Scout
Jennifer Youngans

Rich Robles

1st AC
Aiden Chapparrone

Michael Sly

2nd Camera AC
Jordan Pillar

Visual FX Sup
Jesse Lobell

Key G & E
Alexander Miller

Art Director
Fabian Carillo

Production Art Assistant
Marisa Loiacono

Wardrobe Stylist
Vara Ayanna

Art Assistant
Stephanie Bereumen

MUA/ Hair
Karla Medina

MUA/ Hair
Lidia Win

Taylour Geiss

Olivia Swartz

Nicollette Sciortino

Kathryn Butler

Youth 1: Crystal

Youth 2

Youth 3: Jaeda Pashca

Youth 4/5

Chef/ Crafts
Luis Aranda

Forget the past and what you know
Fight your fears and release your hold
You’re never really ready for
There comes a moment to let go...

Yesterday she was bundled in my arms
Two decades gone by doesn’t feel that far
Help us now we’re feeling lost, years fell aside, now we’re
counting the cost

They grow up fast, so cherish the memories
Life lessons last, did we give her what she needs?

A change in life can be scary
But new found dreams mean liberty
Help us now we’re feeling lost, years fell aside, now we’re
counting the cost

Never thought it would be this way
Time flies just like they say
Can’t turn back the wheels or hands of time
We look at her now and we see that she's yours and mine

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Electro Kill Machine - Warped (Director: Gerard Lough)

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Present Paradox - Letter of....

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