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Whitney Houston - Run To You

“Run to You” is the fourth single from the soundtrack to “The Bodyguard.” It was written by Jud Friedman & Allan Rich.

The song was originally writtten as a breakup song, but Mick Jackson (the director of “The Bodyguard”) said that he would rather have it as a love song, so the song was re-written, but the song title stayed the same.

“Run to You” peaked at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B Singles chart & #10 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart.

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Ed Sheeran - Perfect

In the four years since Ed Sheeran established himself as Taylor Swift's opening-act-slash-bestie, the British singer-songwriter hasn't just become a star – he's helped make over pop's sound. Blending acoustic sensitive-guy vibes with digital-age craft, Sheeran has knocked out hits for Justin Bieber and One Direction while influencing the strummy likes of Lukas Graham and Shawn Mendes. On ÷, his first album since 2014's X, Sheeran doubles down on the blend of hip-hop bravado and everyday-bloke songwriting that helped him break out at the turn of the decade.
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Lorde - Green Light

Green Light, Lorde’s first single since her 2014 Hunger Games tie-in Yellow Flicker Beat, starts off in familiar territory for the 20-year-old New Zealand-born pop prodigy. Over a sparse piano beat, she sings of car-applied makeup and being together yet separate from someone who is “a damn liar” at a bar; spectral backing vocals that recall the choirs accompanying her on earlier singles such as Team spit out lyrics about a great white’s teeth, continuing another poetic motif from her earlier work.
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Khalid - American Teen

His face was full of youth and innocence, not yet tainted by age or sin. He sang with a voice untouched by the weight of puberty, more pure than bodies baptized in Lake Minnetonka. He was Chris Brown, a teenager who arrived one random day and would become one of the many teen idols of my adolescence, of my generation. The girls adored him, the boys respected him―it was more than the music. Chris captured the hearts of those who were also young and innocent, those his age who wanted an artist to call their own.

After performing to a crowd of close to 500 souls in Atlanta, RCA buzzmaker Khalid prepared to meet and greet anyone who cared to patiently wait in line for an encounter with the teenage songbird. Usually, artists meet a small number of fans before a performance, but the announcement didn’t come until after he left the stage. I found this to be rather strange. He should have been tired, heading back to the bus and preparing for the next date on his tour, but instead, he signed autographs, took pictures, selfies for Snapchat―for almost two hours after performing Khalid did what he could to make his adoring fans feel special.

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