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Free the bid / Free the work is turning into by director Alma Har'el and co

Her work is becoming a phenomenon

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Brooke Candy ft. Charli XCX & Maliibu Miitch - "XXXTC", Directors: Dejan Jovanovic & Luke Abby

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Travis Scott f the Weeknd 'WAKE UP'

Jonah Hill

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화사 (HWASA) - TALK (Khalid Cover)

'gifted' to fans

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WDMV: MV Guides

The ppl behind We Direct MV (@wdmv) have new guidelines:


마마무 MAMAMOO - 다 빛이나 "Gleam"

Songs title vis a play on words (Korean) which sounds similar to Davich Optical Chain which the band promote for

Great dope never the less

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Shoulda Waited- Mr. Litt

Check us out at

Came up-Mr. Litt

Check us out at

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All for the Family- Mr. Litt ft. T.N. BrookZone

check us out at

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Eldvee "Party" (official music video)

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Money Man - Foul (Official Video)

Download the album "Paranoia". Out now!

Official Video by Money Man - Foul (Official Video) © 2019 Black Circle / EMPIRE

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CoNero "Young & Living Lavish"...(Official Music Video)

PYPELINE RECORDS presents CoNero "Young & Living Lavish"....official video!!!

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Waconzy - Enjoy (official music video)

Watch the official Music Video for Waconzy - Enjoy
To purchase or stream Enjoy go to
Buy all waconzy tracks here:

pop #raggaedancehall #afrobeats

Written by Obinna Kelvin Anyanwu
Published by DV8 Media Publishing
Vocals by: Waconzy
copyright: 2019 Dv8 media publishing

Subscribe to Waconzy Official YouTube Channel:

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Dangerous Rob "Real Sh!t" Official Music Video

Real Sh!t describes the Reality of a Grown Man's perspective of what's REAL!! Shot on Location in Panama City Panama.( Veracruz Beach)

A$AP Ferg 'Floor Seats' Valentin Petit

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