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Casey Ahern - Sunday Driver (Official Video)

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Trauma Da Country Junky - New Single "On Fire" Official Music Video

HOT NEW BANGER! Subscribe Now! New Artist out of Winston Salem, NC Trauma Da Country Junky.

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Lani Flaze - Pass It ft. Visto (Music Video)

Pass The Problems, Negativity, Depression, and Most Importantly Pass The Tree.

Listen to "Pass It" by Lani Flaze featuring Visto

"222" EP OUT NOW!

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Nathan Thomas - If the Sky is Falling - Official Music Video

In this new reality that we have all come to know because of the Coronavirus, there has been a song in my heart and I want to share it. Even in the midst of uncertainty and fear, we have seen light in the dark, and beauty come from the chaos. Healthcare workers are still on the front line working around the clock serving to get our country well. Delivery drivers and grocery stores are ensuring that shelves are stocked. Moms and dads around the world are choosing to make the most of their unplanned isolation by leaning into their family. And those are just a few. I think we all can agree that our eyes have been opened to how blessed we are and how much we take for granted. My hope is that in sharing this song you might be inspired to join me in trying to find the good in all situations and finding some joy even in dark and uncertain times.

Written by Nathan Thomas & Daniel Doss
Produced by Foster Ferrell
Bernard Bell - Drums
Gabe Klein - B3, Wurlitzer
Foster Ferrell - Electric Guitar
Austin Ward - Bass
Nathan Thomas - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Engineered by Steven Bacon at Dark Horse Recording
Mixed by Warren David
Mastered by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering
Video by Emphasis Films

We were fortunate to record this right before everything shut down and are now enjoying this song at a healthy distance! Stay safe and stay healthy friends!

Copyright 2020

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Darrell Kelley - The Coronavirus (Official Video)

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DELANILA - The Philosopher (Official Video)

“The Philosopher” is a blistering explosion of Internet-induced jealousy, written for anyone who's ever been envious of someone else's perfect social media life.

Stream The Philosopher now:

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Directed by Simon Villaret [Selam X] and Danielle Eva Schwob [DELANILA]
@sx_s1m0nc3ll0 @selamxstudio @delanila

VFX, Colour and Editing : Simon Villaret
Performance Shoot Direction : Danielle Eva Schwob and Ben Dunmore
Director of Photography : Bart Cortright
AC / G&E Swing : Spencer Campbell
Hair and Make Up : Kaori Chloe Soda
Styling : Kate Carnegie

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