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Kendra Erika - As Long As You're Mine (Official Music Video) ft. Constantine Maroulis

Vocals -Kendra Erika & Constantine Maroulis Executive Producer Rob Evan Producer/Engineer -Giuseppe D Assistant Engineer -Tom Beuchel Videographer -Mike Henneberger Keys/Arrangements -Rick Hip-Flores
Guitar - Angus Clark
Violin - Katie Jacoby Cello - Kristine Kruta
Violin - Molly Fletcher

Download audio here:

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OK MAYDAY - Colorful (Official Video)

OK MAYDAY’s official video for the song “Colorful” is out now!

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#okmayday, #colorful, #indiepop, #altpop, #virginiabeach, #getloudmusic, , #colorfulchange, #2021music, #newmusic2021, #youtubemusicvideo, #newband, #loveandhope, #livecolorfully, #sandiego, #worldwidenewmusic, #altrock

OK MAYDAY // BOE Global // Sony Music Publishing Copyright © 2021 OK MAYDAY, All rights reserved

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Norm Adams, Julia Robertson - Over

Music video by Norm Adams and Julia Robertson performing “Over”

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Chris St John- Hey Siri (official music video)

he official music video for "Hey Siri" by Chris St John.

This song humorously yet pointedly addresses both our addiction to, and frustration with, Siri, Alexa, Facebook, Amazon, texts, emails and cell phones, while lamenting the loss of simpler times before the cell phone/social media age.

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Music Produced by Stephen Wrench Distributed by:

#heysiri #ChrisStJohn #musicvideo #Alexa #text #singer #songwriter

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Mahalia 'Roadside' ft AJ Tracey - Pip+Lib

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The Love Kills Theory "Something Goes Around"

This is our music video for our remastered single, "Something Goes Around". The song is about alienation and the sense of feeling excluded and the ubiquity of that state of mind in contemporary society.

People often think they are somehow defective and blame themselves for their inability to cope with stress. In fact, the problem is that most of human evolution developed in response to life in tribal societies, so we are not designed for the world we've created. Neurosis, anxiety, depression, etc. all ensue as a result of that disconnect. The tribal instinct still persists and is reflected by the gangs in the video. Through creating close interpersonal bonds, many are able to find a way to prevail.

Listen Now:

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Set Me Free | Delyn Grey (Official Music Video)

Delyn Grey's new single, "Set Me Free" out now!

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A Persephone Media production Instagram:

CREDITS Director: Telly Bitsakakis Starring: Delyn Grey Producer/PD: Aliki Bitsakakis Producer/AD/Editor: Jared Rothblott Cam Op: Emil White Photography: Harrison Roth PA: Ciara Estable Colorist: Telly Bitsakakis

#delyngrey #setmefree

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Lala Wright - You (Official Video)

Hot new R&b/Pop artist bringing an creative style and amazing vibes . Stay connected with me on all platforms @iamlalawright Hope you all loving my new single -YOU

Stream “You” on Apple Music:

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Stream “You” on SoundCloud @djfrosco954 (fast):

Directed by: @greatezt productions Instagram: @greatezt

Follow me on all platforms Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @iamlalawright

Management @kdamagepromotions

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Jay Copes - Alone

Jay Copes - Alone

Listen Now On:

Spotify - Apple Music -

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Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Tik Tok -

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Anthony Sprunk - Life Goes On (Official Video)

Instagram: Spotify: Apple Music:

Written by Anthony Sprunk Mixed & Mastered by Georgie Porgie #AnthonySprunk #LifeGoesOn

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Down Crazy - Gigi Vega (Official Music Video)(Dir: Abdullah Webster)

Desert oasis, summer pool party. Super fun vibe, but the clingy ex-boyfriend, Josh, wants to get back together. Gigi's message to him is loud and clear... AND what goes down comes as a surprise... to him.

Follow Gigi TikTok - @gigivegaofficial Insta - @gigivegaofficial Label: @gigivegamusic FB - @gigivega Twitter - @gigivegamusic Spotify: Apple Music:

Music Label: BREAKOUT MUSIC, LLC ( Contact - or (424) 284-4286

Executive Produced by BreakOut Music, LLC

Director: Abdullah Webster Choreographer: Roland Tabor Song Written & Performed by: Gigi Vega Music Producer: Blaq N Mild

Dancers: @veezipporah - Venetia Zipporah @dopeashdancer - Ashley Hawkins @xojuliashea - Julia Shea Bernard @taylordeethomas - Taylor Thomas

Wardrobe: Becky Thompson, The Rex Agency

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Matthew Schultz x Zolo "One Wok"

Matthew Schultz kicks off this side of the summer with a creatively colorful groove as this refreshing collaborative release One Wok hits the scene. The single marks a welcomed return for the producer and artist Schultz, and introduces Zolo with equal appeal.

Annimation Video artist 7 God Busara



Featuring a light and breezy soundscape, somewhat tropical in tone but minimalist in layers and undoubtedly pop-driven in its chord progression and build up, One Wok brings in subtle vocals for a catchy, anthemic resolve that's subtle yet memorable.

Ultimately maintaining a mellow yet likeable mood throughout, the single feels like a contemporary hit, a mid-album highlight sort of track with a certain brightness and a welcomed fusion of genres.

From chilled-out dancehall to an indie-pop kind of chorus, with layers of hip hop effects and verses that break the rules but still feel simple and relevant, One Wok has character, and is easily recognizable for all of these qualities.

Matthew Schultz continues to mix things up in the creative pop world, and this collaboration marks an impressive step back into the limelight – as well as offering a fairly timeless go-to for whenever those isolation blues start seeping in.

Designed with style and professionalism, holding close to the essential flavors and strengths that give it a bright sense of identity, One Wok has flair, and promises to lighten the mood in just about any situation.

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King Le - Big Steppa (Official Video)

King Le - Big Steppa (Official Video) shot by: @ShotsOnB Out on all platforms, run it tf up!!! PGE X GG X EMG bidnez 🚀

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Money Rod - Money

Follow my Ig @Moneyrod305

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T'Melle -Work 4 It (Official Music Video)

Website -

Twitter -


Facebook -


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@DKE Author - Revenue (Official Video)

​ @DKE Author - Revenue (Official Video)

Stream "Revenue":

Directed by IG: @FilmRat_

Follow DKE Author: Instagram: Twitter: SoundCloud: Subscribe Youtube:

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Ciara 'Level Up' Parris Goebel 2018,


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