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Universal Music Group yanks programmers' vids

My regrets for not posting a video, but there isn't a place on the Internet that has open commentary on Universal Music Group's decision to not service broadcasters with free videos, forcing them to pay a $7,500 fee annually.


Any comments from the creatives/industry people out there?

kns201, September 20, 2005 at 1:08:06 AM CEST

here's what I wrote to Mr. Static -

The major labels are completely out of touch with fans and have been making horrible decisions for years; Whether they're suing downloaders, jacking up CD prices or ending bands careers who don't move a million records. The difference now is that indie labels are getting bigger and better; with bands like Arcade Fire and the Shins movin half a million copies. Same thing will happen with videos. They'll stop playing Universal bands and start playing more Sub Pop bands.

You'd think servicing videos would be cheaper; now that you can duplicate and send a DVD in the mail for less than a dollar. No more beta sp needed - they could even post to their website high quality video for people to download.

jesse.ewles, September 20, 2005 at 1:32:16 AM CEST

Yep... Hopefully this move will open the networks to more independent videos. The decision, coupled with the fact indie music is primed to explode, ironically may end up costing Universal money in the long run. -j


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