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Prussian Blue "Victory Day"

These 2 girls are racists according to this article. Not sure if this is a good idea to post but hey why not. Atleast you can see how stupid some people are.

progosk, October 22, 2005 1:17:45 AM CEST

excellent post hakai. all very... self-imploding, i'd say.

captainmarc22, October 22, 2005 1:38:50 AM CEST

chilling - I'd be interested to read the lyrics - I wouldn't assume anything w/o reading that article.

On top of all that, they're pretty awful singers.

gotta love the electric guitar prop in place of an acoustic one. And the scary opening company page.

najork, October 22, 2005 2:56:45 AM CEST

Smoosh is like Jem to their Missfits. That would make an interesting cartoon.

tommyg, October 22, 2005 4:39:24 AM CEST

The Hitler T-shirts kind of give them away. Fuckin' nazis.

biccamera, October 22, 2005 11:12:40 AM CEST

just evil.

dickensian_hero, October 22, 2005 7:30:47 PM CEST

guys! they're being ironic!

hiconcept, October 22, 2005 10:07:18 PM CEST

Finally, a place I can use my "if smoosh were hitler loving white trash" analogy.

captainmarc22, October 22, 2005 11:27:13 PM CEST

found the lyrics:

Victory Day
(by Hawthorne/Latvis)

Well sit down and listen, to what I have to say. Soon will come a great war, a bloody but holy day. And after that purging our people will be free, and sing up in the bright skies, a sun for all to see…….

Times are very tough now for a proud White man to live. And although it may appear that this world has no life to give. Times are soon changing, this cant go on or long. And on that joyful summer’s day we’ll sing our Victory song…..

The women, they’ll smile, on Victory Day. And the children, they’ll laugh and they’ll sing and they’ll play. And the forests will echo our grace, for the brand new dawn of our Race…

You are my brother and in war we proudly sing. Our Cause shall never tire. Our gift to you we bring: A holy creed of Racial purpose, A mighty Race to defend. And when we fly our holy flag Their oppressive reign shall end….

And when we finally conquer, our people will be free. And all across this great land, the bold Truth we shall see. So as we march together, to avoid catastrophe, let’s remember always our sacred Destiny….

apparently they had a song on the 13th Warrior soundtrack?

progosk, October 23, 2005 12:16:23 AM CEST

what i really want to hear is them performing (if that's the appropriate term) one particular verse of this other song of theirs:

[...] Schwartz schwartz schwartz sind alles meine Kleider. Schwartz schwartz schwartz ist alles was ich hab. Darum lieb ich alles was so schwartz ist, weil mein Schatz ein --- ist [...]

(three guesses what their Schatzi must be...)

kris, October 23, 2005 1:52:33 AM CEST

I'd hit them. NOT.

BTW, Vice did an interview with them:

angelhip2, October 24, 2005 12:39:40 AM CEST

no, they're definitly racists-
into preserving the white race and all that.
they talked about it in an interview that is currently viewable on
It makes me sick. they're comment to what hitler did? "oh that's an exaggeration, i don't even belive that that many jews lived at that time." are you kidding me? I pray for their souls. IT's sooo sad that people are being raised like this- in AMERICA! and a race war? only hateful people see races- everyone else see's souls.

angelhip2, October 24, 2005 12:42:02 AM CEST

oh and- they suck as musicians on top of everything-
bad singers- bad music- bad musicians.
the only reason they've gotten attention is because everyone is in shock!
like driving by a carwreck you just have to look.
this-- is a big carwreck\ I'm still praying for their souls

redkillmachine, October 24, 2005 1:19:48 AM CEST

I don't agree with the "only hateful people see races" comment. There ARE different races. I'm proud of my race, but that doesn't mean I feel the need to put any other ethnicities down, or to start a race war.

Yeah, these girls suck. But they'll get theirs one of these days.

progosk, October 24, 2005 1:30:54 AM CEST

may i suggest some reading before we get all categorical round here?

race is a very rusty nail to choose for your hang-ups...

redkillmachine, October 24, 2005 1:42:10 AM CEST


progosk, October 24, 2005 2:10:59 AM CEST

happy as the hitler on their t-shirts.

angelhip2, October 24, 2005 2:28:01 AM CEST

sick progosk! sick!
but honestly!! kudos to you and them for
expressing yourself!
cuz this is the kind of shit that gets the good hearted- caring people together!
and reminds them what America is!
a melting pot!
not a segragated white power country!

progosk, October 24, 2005 2:35:14 AM CEST

erm... angel... that ain't me wearing those t-shirts - it's them oyinbo chicks.

(reminds me: must get another load of "i go chop your dollar" t's printed, and quick...)

kevathens, October 25, 2005 12:53:43 PM CEST

I saw this being, er, discussed last night on Hannity & Colmes on FOX News. The consensus was to throw the books at their mom for child abuse. Trippy, that show.

Um, I was flipping the channels when I Love the 80's 3D was on commercial.

robodrug, March 18, 2019 9:39:26 AM CET

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