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EDU K feat. Deize Tigrona "Sex-O-Matic"

This is one good-laugh-viral. The label calls it Rio Baile Punk - the brandnew single release by EDU K, one of Brazil´s hottest producers. Check the booty schwing - that lucky boy!

giovanealex, January 28, 2006 at 2:44:13 PM CET

I'm Brazilian and I can say that this is crap.

grk, January 29, 2006 at 6:24:52 AM CET

I'm not brazilian and i like it hohoho

giovanealex, January 30, 2006 at 1:51:57 PM CET

Well, boy, people are allowed to adore garbage like this, a genre of music that when is not talking only about sex is paying homages to criminals and drug dealers.

juicemaster, January 31, 2006 at 10:11:59 AM CET

oh man giovanelalex, what a lame comment! so 50 cent, snoop dogg, the ying yang twins et al are rapping about the downsides of globalization and identity politics? baile funk aint garbage, it´s high art! at least the people of the favelas have understood how 21st century music is made - something you cant´tell of fellow brazilians like d12, bebel gilberto, etc. etc. - vai popozudas!

giovanealex, January 31, 2006 at 6:20:28 PM CET

Baile funk high-art?!? To your inform you a famous brazilian journalist was brutally murdered by drug dealers when he was trying to record images of a baile funk where under age girls were suffering sexual abuse. This is THE REAL baile funk, boy: drugs, criminals, prostitution. To simply cover it they produce fake bailes like the ones you, on your ingenuity, think are the real ones. Come on, man! This is stuff to cover the real deal! And the people of the "favelas" - well, I know very well who they are: I live in front of a favela; I give classes on my school to people who live there - are not thinking so much about what they are doing. I don't think that closing yourself in a guetto - listening to something that only talks about what you already know - you will grow up and evolute on your life. Any kind of ghettos - gay, black, latins - only serve to stop you from growing up as a human being. Human evolution comes with mixing of cultures, exactly the opposite of "favelas" and its music genres. Stand yourself in front of a favela and you will discover what it really means boy! And, just to conclude, read the lyrics of these songs and listen to their melodies and tell me what you see there that is SO artistic, please!

kevathens, January 31, 2006 at 6:39:30 PM CET

Well that's an interesting story there. Are there other resources on the 'net for this info? Does what you say apply to all/most 'ghetto music' scenes of the past/present, and not just baile funk? I'm looking for the reason beneath the rhyme here.

What's your opinion of Diplo, et al?

Oh and that was a nice home video, there. 2 Live Crew eat your heart out.

giovanealex, February 1, 2006 at 3:47:51 PM CET

Oh, kid! Do you want resources? Well, if you understand my language, the journalist's name was "Tim Lopes" and he worked for the most influential TV channel in Brazil, called "Rede Globo". He was murdered on June 2nd, 2002. Do you want links? Here they are, both from respectable sources (the first one is from "Brazilian association of investigative journalism"; the other one is from the official site of a weekly show, which analyses the ethics of Brazilian journalism, produced by an independent TV channel of the Brazilian government):

Is that enough for you?

Oh, yes! I understand that you can feel a little bit suspicious! So, maybe you can still come to Brazil, climb up to a real favela and listen to their music there if you really like. I just don't think, if you are a white rich boy, that you will ever enter there - unless if you also wanna buy some drugs. But if you enter there, maybe you will also be lucky enough to come back alive and tell us what you think. So, will you, man?

juicemaster, February 2, 2006 at 8:19:44 AM CET

whow. giovanealex, why don´t you calm down a bit? of course tim lopes´s murder was an atrocity, but you shouldnt blame it on the funkeiros, less the music. basically, lopes was murdered because he was filming drug trafficking on a baile. as people into baile funk know, the drug trade is the main source of income for people in the "forgotton cities" of the favelas and yes, baile funk is also a cultural effect of this trafficking, as most of the bailes in the favelas are done to increase drug sales. so lopes was murdered by the drug guys who feared somebody (the ever harassing rio police?) was documenting their business. i tell you, i´ve been to many favela parties, yes, i´m from a rich country, i´m white, but it doesnt matter. i´ve seen how people in the favelas are trying to make the best out of what they can with the little to no resources they have. baile funk reflects this empowerment musically, as well as its social reality in its lyricism. you may not understand this, but i´m fascinated by that, because the music is energetic, raw and doesnt give a shit about any musical conventions, copyrights, whatever.

giovanealex, February 2, 2006 at 9:33:21 PM CET

Nothing you have just said about funk music gives it artistic value. The only thing you can really say is that funks is ANOTHER music genre where people that feels abandoned by society relieves it on their songs. Then, well, you can say it has a social value, maybe. I have doubts about it. Although I would say the MAIN funk music theme is this one and ONLY this one: SEX.

But now, I must say you are REALLY wrong about the reason for Tim Lopes' murder: he was not murdered "basically" because of some usual drug trafficking, he was murdered because of under age girls being sexually abused on the baile funks you love so much. He was trying to film it but they discovered him. Then he was caught by the drug dealers who - everybody knows - organize these bailes, they "judged" him - what?!? - and he was murdered by them. If you really know SO well my country you should know that. The whole country knows that since the day after the murder.

P.S.: "Ever harassing Rio police"?? I guess the only people who holds such beliefs about police are criminals. Every good citizen of my country trust on our police and we will never have such beliefs about it. Sorry man, I just will NEVER agree with that.

kevathens, February 2, 2006 at 9:39:41 PM CET

By the way I apologize for the tone of my first comment there. At the time it didn't seem snide, but it was.

I ask because I find stories of a people who use music as a means to liberation of interest. I was also interested in your initial comment "people are allowed to adore garbage like this, a genre of music that when is not talking only about sex is paying homages to criminals and drug dealers." While I'm miles + miles away, I don't want to throw my support to a music scene that actually in the main does what you say.

I'm also trying to relate it to my experience & knowledge of American hip-hop.

It seems to be a very complex issue in my global context, though it obviously isn't to someone who lives it. Any light you, or anyone, sheds I appreciate.

giovanealex, February 3, 2006 at 1:01:12 AM CET

I'm really glad you've got my point KEVATHENS. I totally agree with what you said: people should not support such music. The reason is clear: if it is not usually talking about sex with a language that I, as a teacher, would be - at least - severally reprehended it talks about violence and crime (brazilian press had already shown songs which lyrics are real "odes" to drug dealers). Why? Why should we give support to that? Unfortunately, most people - and many of my under age students - support that. I guess people like you and me are not the majority.

kevathens, February 3, 2006 at 1:49:01 AM CET

[Okay, to answer your question..]

Well, the beats are cool, the music can be hypnotic. It's good for sex, if you don't mind me being a bit vulgar.

It really is double-edged for me. I can say I like music with lyrics I don't agree with (gangsta rap, anything homophobic), but there's certainly a line that can be crossed, especially when the music is part of an unhealthy scene.

Still (I'm working this out in my head here), the sense of empowerment one can get from these kinds of music is a good thing, but everything can be taken too far. It's a complex moral and psychological question..

And my only reference (from my rich white guy desk) is American life, where kids (and, ugh this pains me, adults) still do horrible things to themselves, and good people get killed or mess up their own life, etc, not just in the ghetto.

How does one respond? I guess you just gotta do what you can with what you've got. When you're in a pressurized situation, music can be a wonderful release valve - but you gotta look out for yourself. Even in their rebellion, teens need support.

Sorry to blather.

giovanealex, February 3, 2006 at 4:44:26 AM CET

Especifically talking of this music genre that comes from this ghetto (favelas), there is no good reason to search for quality simply because it does not exist. Everything that derives from funk - the bailes, the music itself, the lamentable "artists" (uh...well) - has no quality at all. Although, the music industry and the press try to convince the audience of the opposite. Well, people can be fooled - but not me.

In addition, I have no interest in music that has any kind of "practical purpose" - music that is useful to relax, to make sex, to clean the house, whatever. Music - as any artistical expression - has to stand by itself, by its artistical qualities, it has to be good when I sit just to listen to it - I mean that listening to it is my main purpose. And funk has none of these features. If it is good to make something while you listen to it, so funk is no good at all.

juicemaster, February 6, 2006 at 6:30:37 PM CET

see alex, thats the typical snobbery that brazilian people have towards funk - "there is no good reason to search for quality". in my opinion, the music has a lot of qualities: the way funk producers work with samples, and the way mcs rhyme, even often totally out of tune, are very innovative and charming. if this music hasnt got any quality, how come the german label essay recordings has released an internationally acclaimed compilation called "favela booty beats" which appeared in the "top of 2004 and 2005" lists of the most important international music critics (maybe you search for this word on goodle and find out about the international reception of funk?). or take the uk label mr. bongo has released the well selling "funk carioca" compilation? coca cola germany used "popozuda rock n´roll" by the very same edu k you are dissing above as a soundtrack to one of their recent tv and movie spots. i think think this says a lot about the quality of this music and the artistic innovation it represents. i´m not surprised by your very ignorant comments though - when i was in brazil and told people i was loving funk carioca, they were laughing at me and said it´s gutter music. i found out at that this was the same that happened to samba when it was born in the favelas of rio. only when the european and u.s. press started to talk about the music and it´s greatness, brazilians started to realise what was coming out of their poorest, most neglected areas. i bet the same will soon happen with funk carioca....

giovanealex, February 7, 2006 at 4:04:15 PM CET

Well, so brazilian people, who understand much more of THEIR OWN culture are wrong and FOREIGNERS are right??? SEE juicemaster that's the typical snobbery that SOME people from "developed" countries have towards the opinion of people from the "underdeveloped" countries, even if they are talking about themselves. That explains why you use a 1)German label, 2)an american beverage factory and 3)foreign music critics as examples of certification of the quality of funk music. And YOU call me an IGNORANT.

I'm sure that is the thought of an ingenous rich white foreign boy like you who really believe has passed through a life-limit experience and acquired a huge knowledge spending sometime in a favela (well, if you did not go there just to shake your popozao listening to funk music). But I will not make the same mistake you have done with the whole habitants of my country: I'm sure that there are lucid and intelligent rich white foreign boys on developed countries who would not have such an opinion as you have.

And, as everyone can see, you simply gave empty answers like that because you couldn't deny everything I said about funk: its is solely about sex, if it does not support in its lyrics crime and drug dealers. Can you deny it? Oh, no! I don't think so! Unless you can say you understand my language much more than people who were born here!!! Can you also deny it, AGAIN, that Tim Lopes was murdered by people (drug dealers) that organize your beloved bailes because they were abusing under-age girls there????

Returning to funk itself: What about the melody, rhythm and use of samples in funk music? Well, it is really something SOOO new as you stated!!!! Dance/techno/europop music has not done anything similar years and years before, has it? Oh, never!!! Funk is absolutely the most innovative music in its melody and rhythm and is not a poor-language collage of these music genres!!! Im' sure it is not!

Finally, you are REALLY WRONG AGAIN comparing samba with funk music: -samba is poetry funks is not: the people who compose(d) samba songs have much more artistic sensibility/knowledge than the ones who are "composing" (what?!!) funk music, who knows nothing more than what they arew talking about (Must I repeat that?? Sex, criminals, drug dealers). -samba did not become popular in Brazil because of the popularity in foreign countries (that is, at least, an ingenuous idea! Ha!Ha!Ha! So WE realize the good things we have in our country ONLY AFTER foreign "developed" countries SHOW THAT to US!!! Ha!Ha!Ha! WOW! That is such a marvelous statement! It shows how mature your are!!! That statement is the WORST PREJUDICE I've ever heard in my entire life!! This is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!). Samba gained the world because it had already become popular and respected in Brazil. Funks is not becoming respected in my country because (I will give you the reason before you use my argument and say we have prejudice towards funk) we are intelligent and sensible enough to listen to it and to recognize it has not enough value (well, sex, criminals, drug dealers...quality?) to gain the respect and support of such brazilian music genres as samba and samba-choro. (Well, we can do such evaluation process, though you think people who say funk is "gutter music" do so because they can't think! They make such "ignorant comments", as you said, no?)

Please, before comparing Samba with Funk music, do a favor to every and each samba lover: apologize yourself with samba composers because of such comparison, ok? What are you thinking? Do you think that some tourism in Brazil gave you enough knowledge about our music and our culture to make such comparisons and general statements? Your whole answer is based in the thought that you "found out" that we are not able to realize and recognize the qualities of our own music culture! Oh, God! That's so pretentious! And, again, a DISGUSTING example if your prejudice!!! Ei, Cabral, você acha que descobriu o Brasil? Essa do samba não dá pra engolir não cara! Ah, dá um tempo, meu filho!

Well, give us brazilians a favor: go on listening, singing and dancing to funk music. Poor quality music is the perfect music genre for a person like you: it ignores the vast and whole knowledge of the world in detriment of its poor reality. Funk-Ghetto-music just fits you perfectly as a reinforcement of the involution of culture and people.

And, as you can see, I answered you without low-level retoric of any kind (saying you make ignorant comments, for instance), exactly the opposite you did to me. I guess that shows how polite and lucid you are.

belsha, February 15, 2006 at 5:11:10 PM CET

I must agree, the comparison between funk carioca and samba is simply ridiculous. Just because samba was first considered dangerous gutter music does'nt mean that any new vilipended music from the ghetto is the "new samba". That's like saying because Van Gogh's genius was unrecognized in his times any unrecognized painter today is a genius, simply a question of bad logic. There is absolutely no comparison possible between samba and carioca funk. Without even mentionning the sublety, the rythmic complexity, the lush melodies of traditional samba, just consider the fact that the samba was a completly new rythm, played on instruments you only find in this music, that were invented for this music: the cuica, agogo, tamborim etc. By contrast, in carioca funk we hear the same drum beats, the same synth basses as in all the electronic dance music produced world wide. It's the same, void and dull universal soup that floods dancefloors everywhere. And no, it's not only the lyrics that are violent, but first and foremost the music, the beats, the volume, the sounds, and the utter stupidity of the little that's left one could call melody. (By the way, I am not brazilian, and no, the use by Coca Cola as an advertisement jingle is not a proof of musical quality, even though for years they used "Aguas de Março" by Antonio Carlos Jobim).

Maxita, August 29, 2008 at 6:22:45 PM CEST

EU KERO SEX AGORAA VAII wooo i love this tune. people, get yourselves an open mind and live with it. Jeesus


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