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Tony K - Welcome to Baghdad (Directed by Tony K)

Tony K Iraqi born Detroit-based rapper and producer gives you a glimpse into the horrors of his hometown in "Welcome to Baghdad" the new single from the rapper introduces the listener to what life is like for many in the country with the recent up rise of ISIS, the music video follows the journey of a young Iraqi kid that just had his world flipped upside down by the terrorist faction.

Iraq is known to be a hotbed of violence one of the most dangerous regions in the world so much so that Iraq is often used as a metaphor for extreme violence such as "Chiraq" the Chicago adopted term used to reference the severity of the violence in the windy city, Tony K has crafted this song in that sense that "Welcome to Baghdad" echoes the violence in every treacherous neighborhood across the world from Chicago to Baghdad to Tony K's current home of Detroit, MI.

Tony K showcases both his rapping and producing abilities on this remarkable track. "Welcome to Baghdad" … is the first of many songs set to be released in the upcoming months, following the release of notable mash-ups Tony K produced earlier this year the viral 2Pac Vs. Game of Thrones project and the Michael Jackson Hip-Hop mash-up album "The Hip Hop Michael" both just side projects for Tony K and just a glimpse into the world of a multi talented artist.

Please help displaced Iraqi families and children by making a small donation to

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