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BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love', Director: Hyun Seung Seo

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kevathens, April 9, 2019 5:39:06 PM CEST

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robodrug, April 12, 2019 3:08:31 AM CEST

When I first promoted Asian pop videos I was politely laughed at and told that Asian pop contained nothing but pale imitators and it was preposterous to imagine there would ever be a cross over of any significant magnitude

But experience had shown me that not only was it possible, but it was inevitable. I grew up with the English Invasion led by the Beatles, where even King Elvis' crown was knocked from his head, something that could not have happened if British musicians had not first imitated American music.

To paraphrase Marx: What the US POP therefore produces, above all, are its own grave diggers"

I initially thought a variant of Jpop would lead the breakthrough but Japanese shortsightedness, their inward orientation in regards to the global music market, led I guess by their preeminence in the Asian market which resulted in them being ranked as the second global player, to the US, gave rise to a purblind stance when it came to video promotions and youtube postings.
This resulted in an excessive and stern attitude to prosecuting take down notices of Japanese music video's that were posted on youtube!

Back in 2017 Sarah Brand's (of Dickinson College) Student Honors Theses had this to say:

"Comparing the companies’ use of YouTube illustrates the wide gap between Japanese and Korean business strategies. Sony Music Japan’s official channel on YouTube has over 890,000
subscribers an amount, that is dwarfed when looking
at SM Entertainment’s 10.25 million subscribers Further due to
copyright restrictions, Sony Music Japan’s videos are not allowed to be viewed outside of Japan.
This strict copyright policy means that, when looking at Sony Music Japan’s channel outside Japan no videos appear to be uploaded.
Whilst the channel description may states that 1,850 videos have been uploaded, to the Western viewer, no videos appear. SM Entertainment’s page, on the other hand, has 2,332 videos on their
channel—all of which can be viewed around the world"

This policy has now been reversed by Sony and other Japanese companies in the last two years, the likely driving force for that is the Kpop music industry and its showing on the global market. Kpop unlike Japan embraced youtube and the digital market with a passion and profited greatly by this attitude

K-pop has made great efforts to enthusiastically seize the Spanish-language market with many acts releasing tunes infused with Latin sounds, Super Junior debuted on the Latin Charts, first in 2018 with Reik and this year with Leslie Grace on a Tiger Cave Video! Super Junior also do a version of the song featuring KARD. Other Kpop bands also held concerts in Latin American countries, acts like Mamamoo, GOT7 also released music in or featured an abundant amount of Spanish as a nod to their growing Latin market followers. A Soompi Spanish offshoot of the popular English-language Korean entertainment site exists and professes a 40% increase since 2018.
The hybrid convention and music festival KCON, dedicated to South Korean pop cultural content, brought its event to Mexico City in 2016 where over 33,000 attended

For two years since 2016, due mainly to the THAAD missile dispute, China (2nd largest market after Japan) remained largely elusive and off grid to Korean performers, costing the kpop music industry loss of revenue amounting to hundreds of million Won. The Korean music industry generated $98 million in sales before the ban, which now appears to have been lifted, though China still remains pissed 'bout THAAD. As one editor of The South China Daily Put It
"K-pop is an infectious disease, not a cultural export to be proud of"

Historic tensions can flare up in Japan and impact on Kpop's momentum there, creating fraught situations for the industry, last year the Boy Band BTS was twice enmeshed in problems. First they had to pull a planned Japanese single, when Korean fans complained the songwriter had leanings towards Imperial Japan, Then the shit hit the fan even more, when one of its members was called out by Japanese fans, for wearing a t shirt which sported an image which merged the dropping of the atomic bomb with that of one celebrating South Korean independence from Japan in 1945, resulting in cancelling TV appearances and requiring A public apology from the band.

The Girl Band Twice was also pilloried by a politician for another insensitive T shirt issue, this time for wearing a shirt in support of comfort women, (Korean sexual slavery victims under Japanese Imperial conquest. Such Cultural clashes do not seem to have led to permanent problems.

robodrug, May 9, 2019 1:46:31 AM CEST

This video is also banned


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