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Kwes - "Bashful" ( Dir: Ian Pons Jewell )

Effortless, smooth and good.

Illmatika- CarZ

Hot track from iLLMATIKA iinfluenced by Gary Numan's pop classic Cars from the late 70's/80's with the recognizable riff that defined the electronic era.

ILLMATIKA describes his latest track Cars as an electro/dubstep sound meets uk rap concoction with a retro video to match which results in a top quality tune.

Be prepared for the new school 'Cars' experience with an underground twist which is one for the car and dancefloor.

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written & produced - ILLMATIKA & JASON AIR
video produced by :



Location: Vienna
Cam: Red Epic
DoP: Richi Wagner


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Panopticon360: The American Dollar (Dir. Christopher Piazza)

The first episode of season two, The American Dollar was filmed live at Brooklyn recording studio The Distillery. The American Dollar are a post-rock duo whose cinematic sound and innovative visuals have spawned several YouTube hits with views in the 100,000s. The band is currently touring Russia and Europe behind their latest release "Awake in the City."

Their Panopticon360 session features two tracks from their new record, "Friends of Friends" and "Faces in the Haze," as well as a cut from their terrific 2010 record Atlas, "Fade in Out."

Watch "Friends of Friends/Faces in the Haze"
Watch "Fade in Out"

Panopticon360 is an original live music webseries that features bands of wildly diverse musical style performing live sets filmed with 360 degree, panoramic video cameras. Sessions are filmed in recording studios, at live shows, art galleries and other unique spaces. No two episodes look or sound the same. We have worked with some of the most acclaimed and creative bands in indie-rock, including noise-pop experimentalists Pterodactyl, highly acclaimed metal trio Tombs, psych-metal revivalists La Otracina, and improvisational rock veterans Endless Boogie.

You can see all of the current episode at our website or at our YouTube channel. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates and episodes.

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We Were Posedion - Le Cirque (The Binary Dept)

Band - We Were Poseidon
Song - Le Cirque

Filmed and produced by The Binary Dept.

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Cornershop ft. Izzy Lindqwister 'Who's Gonna Lite It Up'

Cornerhop's Tjinder Singh took lyrics & vocals by the Swedish born, French residing Izzy Lindqwister, and like a caveman took them back to his black country roots - Led Zep and the Deepest Purple is what this song is about musically.

The song was then telegrammed to Bangalore India, where Vidya Sharma and Rajesh Thomas from Rocket Science Films gave it a psychedelic make-over, cramming live actions shots & stop frame animation. Taken from album 'Urban Turban' out 14 May. more info at

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BIGkids - Superhero

The official BIGkids Superhero Music Video
Directed by Billy Boyd Cape
Superhero will be available to download from Sunday 29th April.

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the band in Heaven - Deep in the Dream Well pt.1

the band in Heaven
'Deep in the Dream Well, Pt. 1'

the band in Heaven will be playing the psych fest this year. check it out here...

to hear more earhole sweetness or get the info on the band in Heaven, go here...

video by joshua rogers of

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Yeti Lane - Sparkling Sunbeam (feat. David Ivar Herman Dune)

Directed by Damien Oliveres
Production company : Dirty Business of Dreams
Label : Clapping Music

Taken from the album "The Echo Show"

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делать не доля Tenacious D

LEAKED Tenacious D!
кадры из фильма побег катастрофа в Америке

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Kaiser Chiefs "Listen To Your Head" - Dir. Mattias Erik Johansson

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Los Rayos X - Dynasty [live version, dir. Crootchin]

Hey yo everyone

Check out the NEW LRX live performance of the track 'Dynasty'

Filmed by Crootchin

See more for info:

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Foster The People-Houdini

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AntiluX - Ophelia (dir. Boris Wilmot - Prod. Boya Entertainment)

AntiluX - Ophelia from Boris Wilmot on Vimeo.

AntiluX - Ophelia
from the album "Sleeping Below The Cloud", out on Boya Entertainement.

Production : Boya Entertainement
Director : Boris Wilmot (collectif REANIMATION)

Ophelia : Laura Rodriguez

1st Assistant Director : Claire Beunckens
Camera : Boris Wilmot / Matyas Ludik
Editor : Boris Wilmot
Motion Designer : Boris Wilmot / Yann Deval (Collectif REANIMATION)
Colourist : Claire Beunckens
Choregrapher : Cristina Dias

THE ENTRY - Dear Society (Instrumental Edit) - Album Teaser #1

This is a first teaser made for the upcoming release of It's All About The Things We Don't Say, the new album by The Entry, to be released on Fictional Island Records in summer 2012.

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Erika Spring - 6 More Weeks (Tezeo Remix)

Video by Tezeo
Shot by Alexandra Velasco and Julia Pasternak
Stream the remix:
Get the original single on a split wth Violens 7" from Friendly Fire Recordings

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Blanket Barricade - "Friendly Games Of Deceit" - Directed by Emma Higgins

Blanket Barricade usually creates mini short story epic music videos but this time they've done their first full band performance type music video. It was shot in an actual illegal afterhours nightclub.


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My Own Cult - My Demon (music Vagina Vangi - Black Coils)

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DJ Sean Stealth April Mix. ( Dir, YS Lee) #teamsavior

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