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Angie and the Deserters- 17 Days

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The Hubschrauber - Kepler

The Hubschrauber - Kepler from GUAP on Vimeo.

This is the official music video for 'Kepler' by The Hubschrauber, the first single of their debut album 'Kepler-186f'.

This place feels cursed now. There has to be something better. Something new. Into the great unknown.

Out now:

Produced by GUAP
Director: Ahmed Hammadi
Edit & Vfx: Danny Houtkamp
Cinematographer: Rens Beks
Special thanks to Sanjay Singh

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Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Official Video)

Same Drugs from the Grammy Winning Coloring Book, featuring vocals from Chance The Rapper, Eryn Allen Kane, Yebba, John Legend, Francis Starlite and Macie Stewart.

DJ Luke Nasty - OTW (Official Video)

Get the album, "Highway Music: Stuck In Traffic". Out Now!
Google Play:

Official music video by DJ Luke Nasty performing OTW. 2016 Othaz Records / EMPIRE

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Eclypse - Dumpster Diving (Ft. Pencilbody) [Official Music Video]

First single off of Bird's Eye View
Produced by Paco
Directed by Carey Mckelvey

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Samie Bower - Blame (Official Video)

"Blame" from Samie Bower Out Now!
Directed by: Thomas Blake Ramsey
Co-Directed by: Bower x Fermin Suero, Jr.
Post Production by: Bower x Jakob Owens

Produced By: Scott Supreme
Mixed/Mastered By: Fermin Suero, Jr.

Official Video for "Blame" by Samie Bower

Samie Bower “Blame” available on:
Apple Music:
Listen on Spotify:
Amazon Music:
Google Play:

Follow Samie Bower:
snapchat: @samyomusic

Samie Bower - Blame (Official Video)

"Blame" from Samie Bower Out Now!
Directed by: Thomas Blake Ramsey
Co-Directed by: Bower x Fermin Suero, Jr.
Post Production by: Bower x Jakob Owens

Produced By: Scott Supreme
Mixed/Mastered By: Fermin Suero, Jr.

Official Video for "Blame" by Samie Bower

Samie Bower “Blame” available on:
Apple Music:
Listen on Spotify:
Amazon Music:
Google Play:

Follow Samie Bower:
snapchat: @samyomusic

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Paul Hill "Ur Thoughts" f/George Clinton - official music video

“Ur Thoughts” the new single from Paul Hill Available Now!
ITunes, Amazon, Tidal

E'Pee Albumedition'

℗ 2016 We/Delic Records

Released on: 2016-08-26

Social Media:

Lyrics and Composer: Paul Hill, Kenneth Dickerson
Music Publisher: Peilapaula Publishing (BMI)
Music Publisher: Kenny Flav Dickerson Publishing / Warner Chappell (ASCAP)
Song Producer: Paul Hill for Headhonco Entertainment / Kenny Flav for Flavhouse
Video Producer: Terrance Fleming
Video Director: Paul Hill, Terrance Fleming
Production House: Redmedia
Video Promotion & Distribution powered by

This song and Video concept is based on a person or persons, thats unattached with the views, opinions and judgmental nosey folks of the world.
Paying them no never mind while with their business to what they enjoy doing in there day 2 day life.

“Ur Thoughts” is the Anthem for any and everyone that doesn’t concern themselves on what them side liners folks thinks about their lifestyle!
Live and let live is what the video attempts to project to its viewers, and doing it in a effortlessly unforced way of telling the story,
yet keeping the viewers in a upbeat colorful mood!

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Savilla “Here We Go” - official music video

“The power to predict the future is not so valuable or so truly prophetic as the power to see what the future ought to be and to help create it”

This song and video I just completed was created in support of the very real and dangerous threat to the majority of the population of the United States of America! That threat consists of the possible loss of many essential and naturally given human rights! Including, but not limited to: Women’s Rights, Black, Ethnic Minorities, Latino/Immigrants, LGBT, Native Peoples rights and Cannabis Rights.

This song and video also very strongly addresses the current negative circumstances that Millennial's are facing every day! I am a millennial, and feel resolutely that the large population of the Millennial's throughout the USA, and around the world, needs to UNITE and UNIFY as ONE POWERFUL VOICE in REPRESENTATION of our public stance and WORLD VIEW!! MILLENNIAL'S IT’S TIME TO UNITE!!!!

We are the largest single block (79 million) of citizens in the USA! UNITED we are POWERFUL and we’re STRONGER, MOVING HIGHER, ALL TOGETHER… HERE WE GO!!!!



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Salt Ashes - Save It

Salt Ashes - Save It
Google Play:

Salt Ashes returns with "Save It", the lead track off her highly anticipated debut album, available now.

Directed by Veiga Sanchez and Ian Coulson
Filmed & Edited by Ian Coulson
MUA: Lauren Reynolds

Follow Salt Ashes:

Follow Radikal Records:

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Dr Maha´s Miracle Tonic - Bank Robbers

A film by Dr. Maha

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Volker Milch - Dunkelheit

German electro-pop with a bit of an 80s vibe!

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Kick The Robot - Supermassive Automatic - Official Video

Video Directed and Edited by Alex Seibert
Single Supermassive Automatic, mixed by Joe Chiccarelli. Produced by Gerry Hansen.
FatXylophone Publishing

ISRC: QMJM81690001

Wanna find us? Email us at
Mgmt: Gullch Media

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John's Crossing "Revelation Song"

Official music video, lyric video, for the John's Crossing version of "Revelation Song" off the self titled debut album "John's Crossing" recently released.

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Ulrich Ellison and Tribe - America (Official Single)

Download MP3 Single here:
Join the Tribe here:

Vote for Ulrich Ellison and Tribe at the Austin Music Awards:

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Ayron Jones - Love Is the Answer

Music video by Ayron Jones performing Love Is the Answer. 2017 Sunyata Records

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David Luning - "Driftin" Official Music Video

David Luning - "Driftin"
From the album 'Restless' available now on Blue Rose Music.
Written by David Luning. Produced and Engineered by Karl Derfler.

Available online at:

Follow David Luning:

Follow Blue Rose Music for Updates and New Releases:

David Luning was studying film scoring at the Berklee College of Music when he first heard the music of John Prine. As Luning recalls, “A couple of friends invited me over to share some songs at their apartment, and that was the first time I'd ever really listened to Americana music or folk or country or whatever you want to call it. They showed me John Prine, and it just resonated with me so much. I was like, 'Oh my god, this is what I have to do with my life.' I just figured it out in that moment." He subsequently dropped out of school and took to the road as a troubadour, performing at open mics and eventually opening for Dave and Phil Alvin, Jackie Greene and other artists.

Says Luning, “Originally, this song was actually going to be a happy party song… 'Gonna shine my shoes and go out on the town'… But I never finished it in that vein. A little while later, when I was in a low place, I revisited this song and rewrote it from the perspective of a man who is trying to convince himself that he is moving on, though it is clear that he hasn’t."

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Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful

On Monday (which also happens to be her 20th birthday), Alessia Cara premiered the video for "Scars to Your Beautiful," the third single from last year's excellent Know-It-All. The song is more than just an empowering anthem; it's an affirmation of self-love and acceptance. The video, conceived by Alessia herself, features cancer survivors, transgender people, and others telling their stories and embracing their own beauty. We've heard songs like this in the past, but as Alessia steps up to the podium as one of the more prominent pop voices of her generation, it's a message that needs to be repeated again and again. Her fans will get that in real time once more, as Alessia, who is touring with Coldplay, preps her headlining "Know-It-All Part Two" tour for the fall. Alessia recently spoke to about the concept behind the video, and how the song's theme is something everyone needs to hear — even those in the spotlight.
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Alessia Cara - How Far I'll Go (Official Video)

Oh, I'm not just talking about the Mouse House's latest animated hit, Moana. I'm also talking about what those of us with young daughters (myself included) are likely to be hearing them sing for the next year or so (if Frozen's "Let It Go" is any indication).

This time around, the song's called "How Far I'll Go." In the film, it's sung beautifully by actress Auli'i Cravalho. And because Disney never misses a beat when it comes to these things, there's another version in the credits and on the soundtrack by relative newcomer Alessia Cara (who also performs the song in an oceanside video).

No matter who's singing it, though, the song's lyrics give us a pretty good summary of the movie itself
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Katy Perry - Firework (Official)

“Firework” is meant to be an inspiration for anyone who’s ever felt worthless or unloved. Its message that everyone is beautiful and capable of leaving the world in awe really resonates with artist Katy Perry.

In fact, she has said that “Firework” is her favorite of all the songs she’s ever written. In an interview at the Grammy’s, she said that she was inspired to write the song after reading a paragraph in Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road.

Be sure to peep this video of Katy explaining “Firework” in her own words.

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