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JayQ The Legend - It Could Be You (Official Music Video)

Directed by Miriam Bavly, BreakOut Music
Videography: Antonio Hanna
Dancers: Jhana Waddell & Solice Surles

Shot in Cannes, France.

JayQ The Legend Online

Apple Music:


It Could Be you is about the life of a popular performing artist. JayQ The Legend seems to have it all - the yachts, the women, the power. However, at the end of the day, he wants more. JayQ The Legend wants peace and balance. The secret formula that makes him the LEGEND, both in his creativity and dynamism, are the periods of tranquility. By the end of the music video, JayQ The Legend finds himself alone on his adventure, yet to find the one beautiful woman who will join him on his lifelong,Magical journey.

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Ryan Chernin - Facetime

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Official music video "You Can't Hurt Me No More" buy it on iTunes:
Title track from feature film "APARTMENT 407"
Based on a true sex trafficking story.
My own story.
Find me on my social platforms here: (music) (film)

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Rina Sawayama - "Comme Des Garçons" (Like the Boys), Director: Eddie Whelan

Japanese-born British singer, songwriter and model. Born in Niigata, Japan Raised and resides in London.

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