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To all the regular posters to the best video site on the net. Would be great to know where evryone is at ... captainmarc22, waddup, jdub, lusk81, replay, ournameismud, langdonallger etc

shad, April 5, 2005 6:22:51 PM CEST

I can't wait to see who goes first...
some of them are dying to tell
but will they???

please don't, it will ruin everything good about this site

langdonallger, April 5, 2005 6:57:38 PM CEST

Haha, thanks for including my name. Shad is kind of right though, I'm pretty boring.

captainmarc22, April 5, 2005 7:28:39 PM CEST

wow I'm #1, above lusk81.

maybe I'll speak for a few people when I say in this biz you can't make enemies or alienate people, and thus an anonymous forum is the only way to get honest (harsh) critique.

in the biz, April 5, 2005 8:15:22 PM CEST

basically most of them are people who like to log onto this website and watch music videos and then write their comments on what is good and what is bad. They give you a fascinating insight into the lowest common denominator and what excites them.

sloppy12, April 5, 2005 11:12:06 PM CEST

Oh come on captainmarc22! Are you REALLY that important?

Are you really "in the biz"? I always pictured you as a spotty 15 year old.

jdub, April 5, 2005 11:37:24 PM CEST

you first goody.

On "in the biz's" comment. is unfortunate that this site is sometimes pretty juvenile. But sometimes the discussions are really great- it would be nice to keep it at that level.

captainmarc22, April 6, 2005 12:30:24 AM CEST

okay, apologies, for using the phrase "in the biz" - I concur, it's completely irritating.... just like the phrase "The Industry" -

sloppy, am I REALLY that important? No, I'm not. But I have worked w/ directors/bands in videos that have been posted here.

There's way too much ass-kissing required to work w/ certain people "IN THE BIZ" which is why antville is such a great outlet. I'd say let's keep it that way.

small time inc., April 6, 2005 1:31:26 AM CEST

I can't believe that people "in the biz" post on here. I think I just came in my pants!

Most comments on the site are fairly spot-on and here's me thinking that people "in the biz" didn't know their arse from their elbow....

I wish I was "in the biz". Boo hoo.

captainmarc22, April 6, 2005 1:46:04 AM CEST

that's small time inc's clever use of sarcasm. check out his website and then wait for him to trash-talk on one of his posts.

Any other "those who choose to remain anonymous" agree or am I just talking out of my elbow?

ai, April 6, 2005 1:58:54 AM CEST

staying anonymous is ok. But a forum based site would create more a sense of community and make more productive exchanges.

lusk81, April 6, 2005 5:10:34 AM CEST

Because I tend to get signaled out a lot and labeled a shellish stone thrower, I'll just let you guys know I'm with the boys over at UVPHACTORY.

In house editor. Sometime compositor/vfx artist.

The only other person I know on this site that holds residency somewhere is binkystick. Click his name, he's over at THE ROOM out west.

Now goody, who/where are you?

joec05, April 6, 2005 12:46:46 PM CEST

i agree with sloppy12......definatly a spotty 15 year old.

phat editor, April 6, 2005 1:31:00 PM CEST

LUSK 81: You are so "phat" you works in a "phactory"...hmm.

replay, April 6, 2005 2:07:38 PM CEST

i get so frustrated with comments like the one above, lusk81 has put up a post told you who he is, and all u can think of doing is posting up something a pointless as that, why?

sloppy12, April 6, 2005 2:18:13 PM CEST

yes i agree. it's all getting a bit bitchy now.

i take back what i said about captainmarc22 - he is NOT a spotty 15 year old. I am sure he is a very important person 'in the biz'.

(that said....... i think he is probably a 30 year old virgin who still lives with his mother and is as bitter as a very bitter lemon.)

waddup, April 6, 2005 4:02:57 PM CEST

Thanks for the mention in the original post, as I haven't been posting on here long, nor as much as i would like to, although I have been following the site for some time now. I live in the UK, I make video games. Sometimes I'm a dj. I'm all for freedom of speach and debating what you belive to be good/not good. It's the childish bickering, name calling and completely uselss comments that usually come along with it that I can't stand.

replay, April 6, 2005 4:09:28 PM CEST

hey waddup! what kinda dj are you? oh and i agree ont the childish bickering thing, totally does my head in plus i'm usually on the receiving end wich is fun!

waddup, April 6, 2005 4:24:37 PM CEST

Well, a LONG time ago, I put on brit pop nights. I now play at various friends nights from time to time playing pretty much what ever I feel like.. I actually get a kick out of your comments, sometimes they're so mean and to the point, I don't always agree, but I do appreciate the directness of your opinion.

replay, April 6, 2005 4:34:08 PM CEST

thanx, i dont intend to be rude when i comment, its just i feel that alot of people dont wish to listen to any other opinion than the most popular or common. so what style of music do u play now then?

waddup, April 6, 2005 5:09:43 PM CEST

I play the usual mash-up of indie, brit-pop, indie-pop, new wave, old wave, punk, post-punk, dance-punk, and any other genre that basically means the same thing but different. Some electronic. Not too much mainstream pop stuff, not because I'm a snob - like I usually get accused of, but because I generally don't like it.

captainmarc22, April 6, 2005 6:42:38 PM CEST

small time inc - you do graphics. Always in search of new clients. You're not exactly in the position to dis any potential director/prod. company/band. Why would anyone make a name like that for themselves?

sloppy: my mom said that you're you're not my friend.
and does dry humping count towards losing your virginity?

ssss1122, March 12, 2019 8:41:42 PM CET

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