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Britney Spears "piece of me" Dir: Wayne Isham

New Britney-Clip – "I’m Miss bad media karma, another day another drama” – believe it or not: I love this song. Found it only via HERE ->avi-links in the comments ...
(Am I right with the director? Does anyone have another link?)

dek, December 19, 2007 1:39:10 PM CET

I'm waiting impatiently for the first dude with enough lack of taste to make the obvious spoof out of this song...

bakedbean, December 19, 2007 4:10:44 PM CET


kevathens, December 19, 2007 4:14:47 PM CET

spreech: Yeah it's Isham. I like this a lot more than I expected.

robodrug, December 19, 2007 4:26:02 PM CET

Yes Mr BB Tragic in'it, clip's cool!

"OMG that Britney's shameless"

Here yah go courtesy of

link 37mb US version (rename to .avi)

link 37mb full UK (I assume) I couldn't see a difference tho' (rename to .avi)

dek, December 19, 2007 6:50:12 PM CET

"UK" version is not finished. YOu can see the green screen in the scenes where "US" has magazine covers. Different edit in some parts too.

robodrug, December 19, 2007 7:26:11 PM CET

I'll investigate further, didn't clock those edits thx dek!

spencefilms, December 19, 2007 8:09:10 PM CET

Yes it's Wayne (i'm his assisstant) quite a sureal shoot. We delivered masters of both American and International versions. Somehow Perez Hilton got his hands on an older cut of the unfinished international version and released that, but both versions are complete, just not sure whether international version has been released anywhere yet.
Addtl Credits.
Producer: Dana Marshall
DP: Crash
PD: David Courtemarche
FX: Ingenuity Engine
Editor: Nabil Mehci

true_fiction, December 20, 2007 6:09:34 PM CET

Good song, but the video could of been alot better

tocofan, December 20, 2007 7:37:31 PM CET

kind of halfbaked sidestory not going anywhere.
typical performance-video with senseless "let's pretend it's a story"-pictures sprayed over it.

but I still like the editing as well as the overall look and feel.

kevathens, August 16, 2008 5:29:51 AM CEST



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