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kevathens, December 7, 2018 1:13:05 AM CET

Thinking of opening the place

kevathens, December 9, 2018 9:37:07 PM CET

on Fairytale of New York

robodrug, December 10, 2018 8:07:19 PM CET

I'm sorry but I find the argument and foray that has blown up this year over Shane McGowan's song that's been around for donkey's, a contrived and utterly ridiculous perceived offence!

The lyrics of this song are not an anthem to attack or ridicule anyone or the Gay community

The Article pointing out the perceived slur, was first published in a student rag "The Tab" (set up by a bunch of privileged Cambridge nobs) of whom Tom Haynes is the assistant editor.

The debate over the phrase in the lyrics was then disseminated and whipped up further by 'respectable' bourgeois news commentators in papers like the Independent (Must have been a short week for news, nothing going on in the Paris Yellow Jacket riots, nothing going on in Palestine, nothing going on in Yemen)?

Surprisingly the Guardian does not support censorship!

Should Haynes with his snowflake obsession with identity politics, which I find insane, not also start a campaign to take out the The Pet Shop boys chorus of "Sexy Northerner" as well?

"It's not all football and fags
No it's not all football and fags"

Despite the fact We in England, often call a cigarette a fag and its got nothing to do with being gay or gayness, however there are some who wouldn't let that stand in their way!

I believe its also a word used in a similar concept in Canada, I.e. Butt end of a cigrette, so are we to ban Steppenwolf's "Fag"?

During "The Troubles" (Northern Irish War 1968-98) many people were criticised for using the phrase "Your taking the Mickey", as it was considered by a flange of obsessive Lefties as a racist slur on Irish people. Yet there is no historical example in writing where this phrase was used as derogatory against the Irish, from research Ive done, it seems to originate in cockney rhyming slang

And to cut a long story short, you have if you care to read further, been told how the song was constructed by one of the authors, The whole idea of censorship is as ridiculous as the censored 2011 edition of "Huckelberry Finn"
Further you are never going to get English or Irish for that matter to forgo the word, 'cause to us on this side of the pond, fag and faggot in a derogatory context is an Americanism! Its not used in everyday real time insults, which are probably more the ilk of "Queer", "Homo", and "Tranny!

And just to end, exposing the ridiculousness of the whole concocted non story, I believe its been censored by good auld Auntie BBC since 2007

kevathens, December 10, 2018 9:53:50 PM CET

kevathens, December 10, 2018 10:00:54 PM CET

kevathens, December 10, 2018 10:52:35 PM CET


Those links are for clarity btw

kevathens, January 1, 2019 2:46:41 PM CET



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