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(핫펠트) HA:TFELT Ft. (문별) Moonbyul - 'Happy Now', Short Film, Dir: Lee Se Hyung

kevathens, August 8, 2019 5:14:17 PM CEST

Robo, have you given some thought to writing a book

robodrug, August 10, 2019 1:12:54 AM CEST

Your not the first to suggest that mate
Its a nice fantasy I think however, closer to home is I could get down with six months with paint and canvas, to render ideas I sketch commuting on trains or doodling in meetings

I'd love to give serious thought and time and space to such a project :(

I always find myself bogged down with photo work esp the band/music dope coz its mainly done with available light, and is recorded onto .raw files means you have to adjust the colour and try to knock out the unwanted noise. Daylight shooting is a picnic compared to it

If only I had ten arms and twelve computers

That youtube interview came as a result of knowing the interviewer Joe Cook and his work as a drummer in two Birmingham Bands (Lobster and Ire Ish) He also has a big interest in 'the spoken word' which means he rubs shoulders with what I'd call more art focused people The kind of people who would devote energy and time into applying for and winning a grant or bursary for their project So this crew called the GAP seems to have won such a grant for their oral history project "Children in Movement" Ive no idea if the staffed office and exhibition space existed before the grant for CIM project but they must have had a bursary to buy recording equipment and expenses for training of young people to learn interview skills

I fitted the bill I done the interview in one take which meant committing several omissions that annoy me now. I guess what I should do is record my further comments along that trajectory


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