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New Music Video From Robotstar "MARS"

Here's the new music video for Robotstar from director Adario Strange entitled "MARS". The video follows a clever martian as he travels to earth and back again.

microbians, November 3, 2003 at 11:23:55 PM CET

Here is a problem of copyrights or may be I'm wrong?

Destination Earth

Year: 1956 Genre: Ephemeral Keywords: Economics;Oil industry;Advertising: Animation; Duration: 00:13:36 Color: Yes Sound: Yes Amount of Motion: n/a Language: English Sponsor: American Petroleum Institute Contributing Organization: Internet Archive

karenwashdc, November 4, 2003 at 4:02:18 AM CET

Microbians, You are incorrect when you make the above statement. I did a search on the Internet archive for the footage and it clearly says that the footage is under the Creative Commons license and is free for anyone to use as long as they don't "sell" the footage. So, as long as the group Robotstar doesn't actually sell the video, they are free to use it as they wish. When I went to the video's archive link that I found on my own (not your link) these are the rules that were attached to the footage: The Internet Archive hereby offer these public domain films from Prelinger Archives for free downloading and reuse.

You are warmly encouraged to download, use, and reproduce these films in whole or in part, in any medium or market throughout the world, for any purpose whatsoever except the following:

-You may not sell or sell access to the datafiles representing the films.

-You may give or transfer them to any other person, company, or organization, but the gift or transfer must be free of charge.

-You may not sell, represent, license, or charge for access to these films as stock footage.

At the end of the video I see that they put their own copyright notice, but legally they are copyrighting the combined artwork project that is their original music PLUS the edited video footage. So, no one can take their video edit PLUS their original music and do something with it. If they were just showing the footage without any edits and with the original audio, then the copyright they put on it would be wrong, but in this case it's not. They are legally within their rights. In fact, even if they did just show the unedited source footage with the original audio they could even put a message at the end of the video saying, "we own this footage, don't even THINK of using it!" and it would not matter. They are not legally libel for making any claims of ownership as long as they don't try to enforce any such claims, or try to profit directly from the video footage. In the case of what they ARE presenting, CD sales from the CD on which the video's song appears don't count as profiting from the source video footage. They are in the clear. I'm surprised more people don't use this kind of free-to-use footage to promote themselves, it's a great resource. Why do I know all this??? I work in D.C. at a very boring desk job where I have to know these things. All that said, I thought the way they edited the video and the accompanying music ROCKED! ;^)

drzwingle, November 5, 2003 at 3:53:27 AM CET


you lifted this cartoon off of the national archives and called it your own.

you suck.

i bet you even made money off of those people who worked so hard to put that great animation together.

i'm glad you take credit for other people's work.

go to hell.

ruthless41, November 5, 2003 at 5:22:12 AM CET

The video rocks. You guys are smoking crack. It's called PUBLIC DOMAIN WORKS genius. The national archives provide free footage for anyone to use. As long as you don't make a profit from the footage, you can do whatever you want with it. I went to their website and it they're not signed to a major label, so I think it's safe to say that they aren't making any cash from it. On the other hand, I went to micro and drz's sites...funny how the only critics here seem to be guys posting links back to their sites to promote their work. Karen said a mouthful, but no promotional link, so I trust her word (although what she's saying should be obvious to any simpleton). I think the group did a good job with the footage, and it's even inspired me to take a look at the public domain video archives and do some not for profit stuff my damnself.

kris66uk, November 5, 2003 at 5:49:59 AM CET

yeah, the video is tight, don't hate. the internet archive almost begs you to use their footage for free, so what's the beef? I don't see Robotstar charging you for looking at it. meanwhile, I reckon it's mr. drzwingle who sucks, and he's probably a troll like ruthless41 said. you go over to his site and you get to see bad shaky video of the rock group Ween performing at some club. hey mr. drzwingle, does Ween know you are broadcasting their image and exclusive NON-Public Domain performance over a secure network on your website??? I'm betting they don't. video taped club performances are still Ween's property, not yours. looks like another case of the pot calling the kettle black. bleeding trolls, gotta love'em.

dyei2, November 18, 2003 at 5:15:12 AM CET

everyone should check out

footage, November 18, 2003 at 7:42:55 AM CET

the footage comes from my archives, much of which is now available online for free through the internet archive. this is exactly why we put the footage up. no problem making something from the footage and selling it -- we just want the original datafiles to remain free. props to the makers -- rick


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