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Chromeo "Rage"

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last seen here with "Needy Girl"

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Chromeo - Needy Girl

tagged Chromeo

This video by Chromeo is F-R-E-S-H! Here's what I wrote for their little giveaway (all sincere though ;)

First we got the cheesy "getting the rig up" intro, all the synths hinting of good things coming! Then there's the white backdrop pouring down, and I can think of no better way of picturing the way this song transforms your perception for a little while. Instant gold plating that fades at the phonecall break, to return just as soon at the next beat of the box. And it would have been a great video ending here, but no! Next up - in a scratchy break โ€“ the breakdancing sequence. Not the current acrobatic style that's around every R'n'B video or whatever, but old school electro rock with a haircut that would have made Zapp & Roger proud! Chromeo manages to take all the unexploited pieces of eighties image, as of yet, and reassemble it into something beautiful. And danceable. The video makes you wanna the 80s...NOW!

Watch video. Available in Quicktime, Real, Flash and Windows media too Fans will want to check out the Electronic Press kit video and song download!


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