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--January 2007 Faves--

Post your personal favourites of antville's January 2007 here. Preferably new vids only.
(Previous antville digests here.)

progosk, February 1, 2007 1:02:06 AM CET

personal top faves (in chronological order):

U2 "Window in the Skies" Dir. Gary Koepke
Spank Rock "Sweet Talk" ed. Tom Patterson
Kasabian "Me Plus One" Dir. Scott Lyon
Julie Doiron "Me And My Friend" Dir. Jon Claytor(?)
Unklejam "Love Ya" Dir. Paul Gore
Robbie Williams "She's Madonna" Dir. Johan Renck
Badly Drawn Boy "Journey From A To B" Dir. Huse Monfaradi
OOIOO "Umo" Dir. Shoji Goto
Peter Walker "Young Gravity" Dir. Laurent Briet
The Knife "Na Na Na" Dir. David Vegezzi/Dagmar Weaver
Clark "Herr Barr" Dir. Finbar Mallon
Clark "Herr Barr" Dir. James Healy
The Kills "Passion Is Accurate" Dir. Nic Marshall
Skye "Love Show" Dir. Paul Minor

other faves:

"Hardwish" Petra Mrzyk & Jean-Francois Moriceau
Mr Hudson & The Library "Too Late" Dir. Ben Ib
Pegz "What would Happen" Dir. Callum Cooper
Flip Kowlier "De Grotste Lul Van't Stad" Dir. Koen Mortier
... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead "Naked Sun" Dir. Cat Solen
Poo Poodles "Here Comes the Future" Dir. Jared Eberhardt
Bodyrox ft. Luciana "Yeah Yeah" Dir. Michael Baldwin
Whitest Boy Alive "Golden Cage" Dir. Mauro Vecchi
Clinic "If You Could Read Your Mind" Dir. Jason Evans
Clark "TED" Dir. 1st Avenue Machine
Los Abandoned "Van Nuys (Es Very Nice)" Dir. Ally Garrett & Helder Sun
Errors "Salut! France" Dir. Danny McConnell
Quasi "Peace & Love" Dir. Alex Garcia & Wayne Yip
The Willowz "Jubilee" Dir. Toben Seymour

freshly undead:

Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop "Well, Did You Evah!" Dir. Alex Cox

in a minor league of their own:

No More Kings "Sweep The Leg" Dir. William Zabka
Sammy Stephens "Flea Market Montgomery"

hassinator, February 1, 2007 1:10:32 AM CET

the willowz - jubilee - toben seymour - "every colour a celebrartion"

james healy/finbar mallon - herr barr

nic marshall - the kills

the knife - na na na

badly drawn boy - demis husos

sarah chatfield - lily allen - coming soon!

kevathens, February 1, 2007 1:38:06 AM CET

Nary a mention of..?

Piana "Something's Lost" dir Thomas Hilland
Kaiser Chiefs "Ruby" dir Stylewar
The Little Ones "Oh MJ" dir Terri Timely
The Guillemots "We're Here" dir Chris Cairns
Jamie T "Calm Down Dearest" dir Nima Nourizadeh

And for posterity:
Mika "Grace Kelly" dir. Sophie Muller

lusk81, February 1, 2007 5:33:47 AM CET

First Ave, Insects:



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