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Björk - Where Is The Line?

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Directed by Gabríela.

Stumbled across this QuickTime video on BlogsNow. Don't know where the link originated since the official Björk site doesn't have one.

Bjork / Jonze "Triumph Of A Heart"

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The Making of Triumph Of A Heart...

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Bjork - "Triumph of a Heart"

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The video is directed by long time Björk collaborator Spike Jonze and was shot on location in Iceland.

Bjork: "It's In Our Hands" Dir. Spike Jonze

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"Night vision film never looked so beautiful. That's due in part to the endearing coyness of Icelandic songstress Björk, but it's Spike Jonze's fluid transitions and light touch that makes this video special. A harsh spotlight brings Björk from the darkness as she flits in and out of the light, the softness of the arborous environment intensifying the stark lighting and coloring. The effect is both creepy and arresting."

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I am not sure if this is on here yet or not, but its worth seeign again.

bjork in all her glory

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Bjork - Who Is It

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I know its just on the apple music store, but its so hot. For anyone without iTunes, I couldn't find it anywhere else yet. I'll keep looking. Some sort of remix going on her too. With the bells and what not.

Bjork - All Is Full Of Love.

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The video (about 20mb) can be viewed here.

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