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Antville Music Video Awards 2013 - THE WINNERS

The winners!

After much debating, designing, nominating, voting, and loads of hyperlinking, here are the true magnificent winners of the Antville Music Video Awards 2013.


Pharrell Williams: «Happy» (dir. We Are From L.A.)

Also nominated:
Beach House: «Wishes» (dir. Eric Wareheim)
Darwin Deez: «You Can’t Be My Girl» (dir. Keith Schofield)
IS TROPICAL: «Dancing Anymore» (dir. Megaforce)
Phoenix: «Trying To Be Cool» (dir. CANADA)


Bonobo: «Cirrus» (dir. Cyriak)

Also nominated:
Jackson and His Computerband: «G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)» (dir. Mrzyk & Moriceau)
Keys N Krates: «Treat Me Right» (dir. Ohji Inoue)
Oneohtrix Point Never: «Problem Areas» (dir. Takeshi Murata)
Oneohtrix Point Never: «Still Life (Excerpt)» (dir. Nate Boyce)


Phoenix: «Trying To Be Cool» (dir. CANADA)

Also nominated:
Arcade Fire: «Afterlife» (dir. Spike Jonze)
Miley Cyrus: «Wrecking Ball» (dir. Terry Richardson)
Solange: «Lovers In The Parking Lot» (dir. Solange, Peter J. Brant and Emily Kai Bock)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: «Despair» (dir. Patrick Daughters)


Yeah Yeah Yeahs: «Sacrilege» (dir. Megaforce)

Also nominated:
Devendra Banhart: «Für Hildegard von Bingen» (dir. Isaiah Seret)
Foals: «Late Night» (dir. Nabil)
Indochine: «College Boy» (dir. Xavier Dolan)
MGMT: «Cool Song No. 2» (dir. Isaiah Seret)


Pharrell Williams: «Happy» (dir. We Are From L.A.)

Also nominated:
Arcade Fire: «Just a Reflektor» (dir. Vincent Morrisset)
Bob Dylan: «Like A Rolling Stone» (dir. Vania Heymann)
Light Light: «Kilo / Do Not Touch» (dir. Moniker)


Tyler the Creator: «Tamale» (dir. Wolf Haley)

Also nominated:
Death Grips: «Double Helix» (dir. Death Grips)
DJ Fresh vs. Diplo (ft. Dominique Young Unique): «Earthquake» (dir. Jonas & François)
Kanye West: «Black Skinhead» (dir. Nick Knight)
Kanye West: «Bound 2» (dir. Nick Knight)


Phoenix: «Trying To Be Cool» (chor. Tuixén Benet)

Also nominated:
Arcade Fire: «Afterlife» (chor. Jenny Shore Butler)
Beach House: «Wishes» (chor. ???)
Pharrell Williams: «Happy» (chor. Fatima Robinson)
Solange: «Lovers In The Parking Lot» (chor. Solange)


Gesaffelstein: «Pursuit» (A.D. Fleur & Manu)

Also nominated:
Beach House: «Wishes» (A.D. Melanie Mandi)
Indochine: «College Boy» (A.D. ???)
MGMT: «Cool Song No. 2» (A.D. Max Sweeney)
Phoenix: «Trying To Be Cool» (A.D. Laia Ateca)


Yeah Yeah Yeahs: «Sacrilege» (ed. Sophie Fourdrinoy)

Also nominated:
MGMT: «Your Life Is A Lie» (ed. Erik Laroi)
Phoenix: «Trying To Be Cool» (ed. Carlos Font)


MGMT: «Cool Song No. 2» (D.O.P. Bradford Young)

Also nominated:
Foals: «Late Night» (D.O.P. Matyas Erdely)
Phoenix: «Trying To Be Cool» (D.O.P. Oscar Faura)


Atoms for Peace: «Before Your Very Eyes» (V.FX. supervisor: R James Healy)

Also nominated:
Foals: «Late Night» (post. The Mill London)
Gesaffelstein: «Pursuit» (V.FX. Machine Molle & Mathematic)
IS TROPICAL: «Dancing Anymore» (post. Mathematic)
Metz: «Wasted» (post. Sammy Rawal and Scott Cudmore)


Oneohtrix Point Never

Also nominated:
Arcade Fire
Dizzee Rascal


Ian & Cooper

Also nominated:
André Chocron
Andrew Thomas Huang
Benjamin Berman
<a href="”>Death< Ian Pons Jewell
Jon Rafman
PE Joubert
Terry Richardson



Also nominated:
Eric Wareheim
Fleur & Manu
Isaiah Seret


Beach House: «Wishes» (dir. Eric Wareheim)

Also nominated:
Oneohtrix Point Never: “Still Life (Betamale)” (dir. Jon Rafman)
MGMT: «Cool Song No. 2» (dir. Isaiah Seret)
Phoenix: «Trying To Be Cool» (dir. CANADA)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: «Sacrilege» (dir. Megaforce)

Congratulations to the winners and to the antvillers who nominated and voted this year.

Wish you all a great 2014!

almotasim, December 30, 2013 1:53:28 AM CET

progosk: could you pin this one to the top of the blog for a week? Thanks.

antdude, December 30, 2013 3:07:12 PM CET

Also, please crop this. It takes too long to scroll down on the home page. ;(

Videoterapia, January 1, 2014 5:45:10 PM CET

Great!!! This is my list an we coincide a lot. Happy 2014!!!

budget, January 4, 2014 8:37:02 PM CET

Most revealing piece of data from this year's awards:

Of the 5 nominees for director of the year, Only Megaforce directed more than 2 music videos this year. And they did 3.

Has this ever happened before? Maybe I'm used to the mid-00's when a hot director would catch fire and do a new video every month (I'm thinking of Dougal, Patrick, Nima, etc). Even the nominees for best new director seem like they had relatively small bodies of work this year.

almotasim, January 6, 2014 12:40:17 PM CET

Well, Fleur & Manu, Cyriak, Isaiah Seret and CANADA made such striking videos that quality ruled over quantity in the nomination. When both criteria were matched, the voting was the most expressive of the lot: Megaforce best director entry was, by far, the most voted of all AMVA 2013 items.

Plus: a hot director can film other things than music videos. Take Andreas Nilsson for instance: he killed this year with his Van Damme / Volvo epic split commercial.

my name is legion, January 8, 2014 12:05:13 PM CET

i aint cast my vote, so its a bit late in the day but why hasnt gesaffelstein win video of the year? rhetorical question

kevathens, January 10, 2014 4:52:56 AM CET

Btw I'm not working on the awards, so if you want to do the 'winners (say hi)' featurettes..


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