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Koda Kumi - Shake it. - Dir?

Kumi gives Shakira a run fe her money A salacious dance like dis mus’a got Salome the head ov John the Baptist! Its steaming!

If ur wonderin' why there weren't no link to a low quality u2b file. Thats coz the clip's been pulled twice from the site

Weird Al's got a bit ov competition in the vid plug pullin' stakes!

Still nuffin' like a bit ov notoriety to enhance a video's prestige,

Direct mpeg 65mb

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--September 2006 Faves--

Post your personal favourites of antville's September 2006 here. Preferably new vids only. (Previously: August, July, June, April, March, February.)

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Koda Kumi - "Hot Stuff " - Director - Shigeaki Kubo

Fight Club dope They diss her as trashy Still Kumi is the hardest girl on da block She makes Lil Kim look like Xena’s satellite Gabrielle N' she’s probably done more than Eva Herzigova

in making the bra a item ov outer apparel

Large avi 180mb

small direct avi 27mb

rubbish u2b rez

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The Strokes - Reptilia (Director: Jake Scott)

Another awesome performance video by the NYC band, the Strokes. The direction of the video is great, too.

High Quality MOV:

Ben and Bruno (directed by Isaac Deitz)

There is a concept music video for the song "I have a new friend" by Ben and Bruno.

It's a very small band, but the video turned out great.

very simple and sweet.


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Sufjan Stevens - Majesty Snowbird

An entirely new song from Sufjan Stevens, performed live. Sufjan recently said that he was getting tired of his signature sound, and it shows in this video. He has gone in an completely different direction from anything he's done before, and it sounds reminiscent of Sigur Ros even.

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