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The Raconteurs "Level" : Dir. Sophie Muller

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smsd 3 - 'the feed' music- screen3 / visuals visual-hybrid

smsd 3 - 'the feed'

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smsd 1 'mr thomas is ill'

smsd 1 'mr thomas is ill' <a href="> <a href="''<

Rory Nunn 'Future Fading' dir. Visual-Hybrid

Please do have a watch. Visuals for folkster Rory Nunn's extremely powerful track 'future Fading'. I challenge anyone to pla this and not be moved. Visit Rory Nunn and for more of each.

Fatboy Slim - "Champion Sound" - Dir. Steve Glashier

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The Victory Media Network® (VMN), an urban-scale outdoor art gallery in the heart of Dallas, invites you to submit your MUSIC VIDEO for inclusion in its inaugural collection. VMN is seeking extraordinary motion arts including stunning visual storytelling, stylized live action, cutting-edge motion graphics, experimental animation, music videos and very short films. This collection will be the first body of artwork ever shown on Victory Plaza. Submissions must be received by November 15, 2006.

Victory Plaza is a groundbreaking new public venue for art. Amid the Plaza’s stunning new architecture are eleven state-of-the-art LED screens, eight of which travel on rails to create myriad video display possibilities. High-fidelity sound and extensive theatrical lighting will heighten the experience to an immersive level.

Over 120 artists from the US and 15 other countries have been accepted into Victory Arts to date. In addition, Jennifer Steinkamp, a prominent Los Angeles-based digital artist, will be premiering new work that incorporates the unique screen motion capabilities available at VMN.

If you would like to be a part of this first for motion arts, please see The Artists Space of our website, or email us at

Thank you for your interest in VMN!

The Streets - "Dry Your Eyes" - Dir. Johan Renck

Where was Johan Renck when Lily Allen needed him?

Mov, Win & Real (with thanks to Director File) You Tube

Demander - Hollis (dir. Norma V. Toraya)

Of eros, thanatos, and other skin diseases...

Or in a window.

Or, download this half HD clip (179 MB).

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