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Tenacious D in Classico (John K)

Note: NSFW

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The Sounds "Painted By Numbers" dir. Markus Johnson

I like it.

Datarock - 'Fa Fa Fa'


These guys are supposedly part of the 'Nu Rave' movement that NME is talking about. If you ask me they sound like early-ish Talking Heads.

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YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO - Wait a Minute (Type2Error)

A still from the 'Wait a Minute' video by YCNI:M

The video for YCNI:M's collaboration with Bloc Party's Gordon Moakes. The video was directed by the bigbrains over at Type2Error.

WMV streams: Low Med High

DJ Champion "No Heaven" Dir. ?

get up, and get *down* mov here. (via cliptip)

HKICPA - "'Tute In Da House" - Dir. HKICPA

OK, it's time for an audit at Antville.

You Tubed video and the story

The Happy Hollows - "Vietnam" - Director Rylan Strader

Will The Happy Hollows escape the leering gaze of the ever present Camera Men? Will they ever be able to rock out in peace again? Will they ever stop being cooler than cool?

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Architecture in Helsinki - "Do The Whirlwind"-dir-Nima Nourizadeh

sorry for you tube...anyone have qt?,enjoy.

Tangiers - "A Winter's War" - Director Graydon Sheppard



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What Made Milwaukee Famous - Selling Yourself Short

Munk feat. James Murphy - Kick Out The Chairs

james murphy

This is the video to the song by Gomma artist Munk with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem on vocals.

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